SurfEasy Review

SurfEasy, as the name implies, is a simple to use VPN based in Canada, which aims to provide protection to the everyday computer user. In spite of their lack of extensive servers, they cover the majority of the world’s regions and let you make five simultaneous connections to their VPN service at a time.


Pricing and plans

As far as pricing is concerned, SurfEasy provides 3 separate packages. Obviously, like most other providers signing up for a yearly subscription entitles you to big discount. SurfEasy’s Starter VPN package is free, their mobile VPN package costs $2.99 and their Total VPN package costs $4.99 – we’d recommend the total VPN package for everyday use since it provides the greatest degree of accessibility and the maximum simultaneous connectivity. The pricing for this VPN provider may be lower than the market standard, but this doesn’t affect the quality of their service.

We were also pleasantly surprised by the fact that SurfEasy lets you pay via the Bitcoin payment platform.

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Performance and features

SurfEasy has two features off the ground that we wholeheartedly approve of – one of their board providers comes from the EFF, and they’ve got a strong partnership with AVG.

Their regular standard of security, low cost (yet great value) as well as their fast speeds makes SurfEasy an excellent choice for average internet users and it is their own wish to provide everyday users with tools and information which lets them enjoy increased personal protection. Unfortunately, this also means that they conduct minor data logging and forbid the use of P2P (torrents).

SurfEasy has servers in 6 countries and, as mentioned before, you can make five simultaneous connections to their service. While running their VPN client through our gauntlet of tests, we found that they have excellent speeds, no DNS leaks, and no issues with IP allocation. One minor issue we ran into, though was that when we attempted an upload test on, the test would crash – however, this was probably because it was triggering a malware/spyware bot.

Other platforms

Since they let you make five separate connections at the same time, it isn’t surprising that SurfEasy provides cross platform support. Their applications run on every major platform and have a look of consistency and professionalism.

Take their Android app, for instance, we tested it and discovered that this application ran without a hitch and gave the same kind of performance as SurfEasy’s desktop client!

Pros and Cons of SurfEasy VPN Service

Here’s what we liked about this VPN service

  • Its free
  • The speed is good
  • They let you make five connections at the same time
  • Cross platform performance is topnotch
  • Low cost, but excellent value
  • Nice customer service [/thrive_text_block]

Here is what we found less than likable

  • They control your bandwidth
  • Ticket support is a bit sluggish
  • P2P connections are forbidden


All in all, we found SurfEasy true to their word – an excellent, breezy VPN service for the everyday internet surfer that goes easy on the pocket while providing sturdy performance. If, like many other Australians, you’re concerned about government eavesdropping and the internet policing, you’re better off looking for another VPN provider that provides more security and P2P support.


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