Usenet Vs Torrents for Downloading – Which is better?

So, Usenet, what is it? How is it different from torrents? How can you get it? And most important of all, is it worth getting?

In this article, I will try to answer some questions that you might have regarding UseNet’s and torrents as mentioned above, and by the end, hopefully, you will know enough to make an informed decision.


Now, Usenet is not a new thing, they have been around for decades and were mostly used by universities and such similar institutions to exchange information and data and talk about different topics like in forums.

That used to be it due to the bandwidth limitations but as the internet progressed and we got access to more and more speeds and bandwidth, the uses of UseNet’s also increased exponentially. People started sharing movies and shows and basically anything that can be shared over the internet.



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What is a Usenet?

Usenet Australia is basically private networks of communities that you can access by making an account with a Usenet provider, after that you can do whatever you want, post on forums, message people, download media files etc.
Downloading is done via a Usenet client which connects to the Usenet provider. You then choose the media files you want to download and the download starts at the full capacity of your internet connection from a free Usenet server.

Now there are advantages and disadvantages to both Usenet and torrenting services.


  • Usenet provides complete anonymity to its users. Your ISP can not see what you’re downloading, instead, all they can see is that you are connecting to a Usenet network and downloading “something”. This is due to the SSL encrypted connection which you can opt for.
  • Privacy! What you download and post is between you and your Usenet service provider, and most of the times they don’t track that either.
  • No uploading required. This is a one-way connection. You do not need to share or “seed” any of your downloads (not that many of you do anyway).
  • There is no concept of seeders or leechers. Any files that you download will be downloaded at the highest and full speed your connection is capable of handling. You do not need to spend hours looking for a good file with a lot of seeders so you get better speed.


  • It is not free. Like all good things in life, if you want something worth having, you gotta pay for it. In this case, it’s a monthly fee of anywhere from 7$ to 10$ depending on your Usenet service provider. And in the long term, it’s worth every penny. No more waiting around for a file with a decent number of seeders and hoping that you’ll get somewhat normal speed. Just select a file and get on with it. It’s truly hassle

What about Torrents?

what-is-torrentNow we come to torrents. I’m sure you know what they are, but if you don’t, I’ll explain a bit. Torrents are files you download from other people’s computers, basically peer-to-peer networks.

There is no server that you can just choose and get good speed.

Each torrent file will have a certain number of numbers of seeders and leechers. Seeders are the people who are uploading the data they have already downloaded, for other people, and leechers are the downloaders.

80% of the time you will see files with more leechers than seeders, and that’s why either you will get bad speed through the download, or you might get good speed at the start and near the end it completely goes dead. So now not only have you wasted precious bandwidth, but also a lot of time.

And if that was not enough, in the recent years the governments have gotten really strict with anti-piracy laws and started implementing them harshly.

So, if you are caught downloading Australia torrents, you could be fined, sometimes several thousand dollars, or worse.

leechers-seedersTorrents also are not secure. Anyone can see what you are downloading and where from.

And unless you’re pretty tech savvy, chances are you’ve already gotten several viruses from downloading some under the counter files. Chances of that happening are almost non-existent in usenet.

Plus, many of the sites have been closed down, and when they do pop back up again, they are a mere shadow of their former selves. Pirate bay torrent is the best example of that.

Now what you can do to alleviate this problem is get a VPN. But then again, you will have to pay monthly service fee’s and the download speed is at least 10-20% reduced when using a VPN.

So, the answer to the question “Is it worth getting”, is a definite Yes! UseNets are a much safer, faster and overall a better way to download files.

You might be wondering what’s the best usenet service provider, and there are quite a few of the, but some of the best usenet provider’s are Newshosting, Eweka and Astraweb.