Astrill VPN Review

Astrill provides a thorough range of VPN options, which range from personal VPN, which will be the focus of this review, to dedicated VPN routers, as well as business solutions. They take their service seriously, and everything about them reveals quality and utility.

Documentation and support are top-notch as well, so this is a service for both techies and novices alike. The performance is amazing, making it an easy recommendation for those looking for a robust VPN provider.

Is Astrill the best VPN in Australia?

There’s the tiny issue of some of the features being too distracting for novices, but other than that, this is an excellent VPN service, which should be on your shortlist. The 7-day Astrill free trial means you can try out this service, with no risk.


All packages offered by Astrill come with unlimited data transfer and bandwidth. They differ from other VPN providers in that they offer add-ons, which increase the cost of the basic plan e.g. router capabilities and VPN sharing.

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Ultra-fast VPN servers in 50+ countries

There is also the fact that the minimum subscription period is three months, which is significantly more than the one-month minimum offered by other providers. But there’s also a seven-day free trial, which you aren’t told about until you’ve reached the sign-up stage.

An annual subscription will cost you $69.95, which is average for VPN services like this, but the add-on cost could increase it beyond this minimum threshold. If you want to lower the cost, you can try one of the many Astrill VPN coupon codes available online!

However, their support for BitTorrent and P2P usage over their VPN service deserves a mention of its own, since many other service providers don’t allow that.

Astrill has got a live chat option on their website, which is responsive and knowledgeable according to our tests. Besides the live support, there are also support phone numbers, and email address as well as Skype account, which is quite rare among the competition. They also have a ‘Contact Us’ page as well as the promise of offering ‘remote assistance.’

They provide in-depth information about their service so it isn’t difficult to determine the technical aspects of their service’s working. Besides the normal L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN support, Astrill also utilizes SSTP, OpenWeb, and Cisco IPSec, with 256 bit SSL encryption.

They have confirmed that they do not maintain any logs, which is excellent news for those who want a VPN with no privacy concerns whatsoever.

Astrill have confirmed that they do not maintain any logs, which is great news for those who want a VPN with no privacy concerns whatsoever.


Astrill VPN is a genuine top-notch service, and it is apparent how much they’ve polished their product, from the client software to the documentation. This is complemented by their excellent performance, which was obvious when we tested their service, even on Mac devices, leaving no doubt about their reliability.

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Ultra-fast VPN servers in 50+ countries

Total newcomers with basic requirements may want to go on another excellent VPN provider with fewer bells and whistles. The mobile L2TP performance was “OK-ish” as well, so those who want a VPN to use primarily on mobile devices should also look elsewhere. For all others though, this service deserves their serious consideration.

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