HideMyAss Review

HideMyAss is one of the most famous VPN service providers in the market – thanks to the quality of their service as well as the freebies they offer.
But HMA Pro VPN is based in the UK and have had major privacy concerns in the past, so you should consider other clients as well, particularly the ones that don’t log data and/or are compatible with torrent clients.

What are the benefits of HMA Pro VPN?

Pricing & Plans

Like the majority of other VPN software providers, Hide My Ass comes in 3 separate packages – one month, six months and twelve months respectively, all of which have the same service but with incremental discounts. Although it is one of the more expensive service providers, it is definitely worth the money.

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There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee (think of it as a hidemyass VPN free trial if you will), which lets you try out the service to see if it suits you – and if it doesn’t, you can have your money back.


They have got 591 servers in a total of 69 countries – which translates into possibly more than 73000 IP addresses – and this number is growing consistently. The company’s offering the three most common encryption methods, L2TP, LLTP and OpenVPN, and lets switch between them (depends on the device as well).

Hide My Ass VPN service for Australians

They also support all major OS’s and permit two simultaneous connections (a somewhat uncommon feature) so that you can use two of your devices simultaneously. They have also got plenty of free services, offered via their website.

Security & Privacy

From a technical perspective, HMA supports all main encryption protocols, PTPP, L2TP and OpenVPN, and utilizes 256-bit encryption for all but the first one, which uses 128 bit encryption. They also offer free services on top of that which shows how dedicated they are to anonymity and security over the internet.

However, due to them being based in the UK, they have to keep partial logs of their traffic, and during the 2011 LulzSec fiasco, were forced to hand them over to the government due to pressure from the US government and Sony posse.

There have been no other known cases of them buckling under pressure which means they’re fine for most users, but for those who absolute anonymity, there are other fish in the sea.


The support team is very friendly and is available throughout most of the week (not 24/7 though) and will answer any queries you might have – they even record their mistakes. They’ve also got an active support as well as community website which means you won’t have any problem setting up their service.

Note that there is a similarly named service, called hide me VPN, which is totally separate from HideMyAss, and you should not confuse hide me VPN reviews for reviews of HideMyAss.

Wrap Up

To conclude Hide My Ass has clearly put a lot of effort into their enterprise. Their Windows client is excellent and comes with plenty of useful features which improve customer experience. While their mobile client may be lagging, they’re working on improving it rapidly.

And with their freebies thrown in, they’re definitely a big yes as far as a great VPN service is concerned (as long as you’re not super-paranoid about privacy that is).

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