Best Kodi Build

After completing the Kodi setup wizard on your favourite device, installing a pre-configured Kodi build is the best way to get you started.

It would help if you had add-ons to unleash the power of Kodi, and the third-party Kodi builds contain most of the best Kodi add-ons. These add-ons help you watch movies, TV shows, live sports and whatever you like to watch on the big screen.

In this guide, I will help you learn how to install Kodi builds and get the best setup for Kodi with the 2023 Kodi builds.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a software to play media files on your local storage, but that’s no more the primary use. Kodi became popular with its version 16 (Jarvis), and with Kodi 17, you get a more streamlined experience. Kodi is free to download on various PC, Mac, Android, iOS or gaming consoles.

And it also supports streaming to your TV via Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firesticks or android TV boxes.

There are boxes available with Kodi already installed on the – Kodi box. But if you don’t have one, you can turn your favourite streaming device into a hub for movies and TV shows with this Kodi build install guide.

Is Kodi legal?

It is a question with no straightforward answer. Some say it is, while for others, it’s not. But what you should know is that the Kodi and its official add-ons are legal.

They don’t give you access to content in the wrong ways, but you can never be sure about the third-party add-ons. For example, many of them provide paid TV channels free of cost; how?

There are illegal streaming sources involved, and to be safe, use a VPN while you use Kodi.

So, what’s the best?

The best VPN for Kodi not only keeps you safe from government surveillance but also offers to unblock geo-restricted content. When you connect to a VPN server, it encrypts the connection, and your data pass through the secure VPN server.

In the present day, ExpressVPN is performing exceptionally well. This is because it has a robust security system to hide your online activities and keep your streaming preferences private. But unfortunately, it also doesn’t save any activity logs.

Apart from encryption, a VPN server gives you a virtual IP address. So, if you connect to a server in the UK, you will get all the services available only to UK viewers. And ExpressVPN has servers in about 100 countries. (Read No Limits Wizard)

Thus, you also get past the geo-restriction imposed by the service providers with a VPN. And what’s more, ExpressVPN is available for many devices you can use Kodi on, and it is easy to set it up. So, you can watch geo-locked content with added privacy.

Installing Kodi builds

If you haven’t installed Kodi 17.6 yet, install it now. The popular Kodi add ons, and the best Kodi builds work great for this version.

Apart from getting many add-ons in a click, installing a Kodi build is a great way to customise your Kodi interface. They have themes and settings to make your Kodi experience trouble-free.

Many also have a clean interface to quickly get you to your preferred items. However, some builds are better suited for low-power devices like Fire TV stick and android TV box and a cleaner interface. Like add-ons, Kodi builds found in their respective repositories.

Kodi repo is like a storage space, which holds the .zip file of add-ons, builds, and wizards for you to download.

To install and use a build, you need to install the repo and then download the wizard from the repo. Think of a wizard as a Kodi build installer. It downloads the selected build from the repo and simplifies the installation process. (Learn to Stream EPL Free)

And here is the list of best Kodi builds (and where to find them) –

Misfit Mods Lite

People use Kodi to watch free TV shows, movies, and stream live sports, and this build from the Misfit Mod team is a perfect place to start with.

Misfit Mods LiteThere are plenty of Kodi sports add-ons and movie add-ons with tons of free content worldwide. In addition, there are add-ons like UK Turks’ Playlist, Bob Unleashed, SkyNet, Mobdro, and StreamHub.

The developer also has other builds available, but the Misfit Mods Lite is excellent for Fire TV boxes, android boxes, and other low-end devices. You can download it from Here is the installation procedure.

  1. Enter the System menu of Kodi and select “Add Source.”
  2. Enter the above URL as the source: http://
  3. For “Name of the source”, use something like “Misfit Mods” to recognise
  4. Click “OK” and go back to the menu.
  5. Select “Add-ons”, choose the package installer option, and select “Install from zip file” from the options.
  6. The “Misfit Mods” is on the list (name of the source). Click on it.
  7. Select the .zip for the Misfit Mods repo, and a notification pops up when the installation is complete.

When the repo’s installation is complete, install the wizard and then the build.

  1. Skip the first four steps above and select “Install from repository” from the options.
  2. Choose the Misfitmods repo, go to Program add-ons>> Misfitmods Wizard, and install it. You will get a notification when the installation finishes.
  3. Go back to your home screen, then Programs >> Misfitmods wizard >> Misfitmods Builds and choose the Lite version.
  4. Downloading a build may take some time, depending on your internet speed, and then the installation starts automatically.
  5. Wait for the installation to finish and exit Kodi. (Force close if Kodi freezes for quite some time).

Now when you start Kodi, you will get a whole new look. Explore Misfit Mods Kodi build and see for yourself why it’s one of the best. Other builds can be installed in the same way, and the only change in the process is the source of the Kodi build – the URL of the repo.

Before making any new installation on Kodi, you must allow installation from unknown sources.

  1. Go to the Settings from the menu of Kodi.
  2. Go to System Settings >> Add-ons.
  3. You will see “Unknown Sources” toggle it to ON. Then, it displays a warning of its effect and asks for your confirmation. Well, confirm it.

You have to do it only once. However, the steps can be slightly different depending on your Kodi version.


Despite it being a recent launch, the Titanium build quickly made its way to the top. You can watch movies, live TV shows, live sports events (and replays and highlights), music, YouTube and kids programmes. The Confluence skin gives it a clean and minimal user interface, and the build receives consistent updates.

TitaniumYou also can watch the many UK and US TV channels (if you have their subscription). You will need a VPN to unlock their content.

The build offers add-ons like Genesis Reborn, Project Cypher, Phoenix, Covenant, CCloud, Goodfellas, Neptune Rising, Titan and UK Turks’ Playlist, to name a few. Download it from the Supreme Builds repository –

After installation of the Supreme Builds Wizard, go to Program add-ons>> Supreme Builds Wizard >> Supreme Builds >> Titanium Build. Then, select “Standard Install” and confirm the installation. Please wait for it to complete, and now enjoy your new Kodi software.

No Limits Magic

Users love the No Limits Magic build because of the list of add-ons it encompasses. Along with the easy-to-use interface of the Aeon Nox 5 skin, the Kodi No Limits Magic build makes it an all-in-one entertainment centre. Get an enhanced streaming experience with the add-ons like Covenant, Elysium, Bob Unleashed, Bennu, Stream Army and UK Turks’ Playlists.

No Limits MagicYou can now stream sports, movies, TV shows and live UK and US channels for free. However, you do need a VPN to unblock the region-locked streams. Check the – to download the repo and get it installed. Then go to Program add-ons>> No Limits Wizard and choose one of the No Limits Magic versions to install.

Fire TV Guru

The Kodi Fire TV Guru build is best suited for Amazon Fire devices. But with the clean layout of Xonfire skin, it’s an excellent choice for other devices too. In addition, the build comes with add-ons like Quantum, Bob Unleashed, Falcon Sports, Globe TV, Covenant, NBC Sports, NFL Games, Elysium, and Picasso.

Fire TV GuruThere are different sections for TV shows, Sports, Live TV, Music and even maintenance activities for Kodi. You can download it from and then go to Program add-ons>> Fire TV Wizard >> Fire TV Guru to install the build on any of your devices.

Kryptikz ZT

What makes Kryptikz stand out is the availability of Asian content with its add-ons.

Kryptikz ZTLike other builds, Kryptikz has TV, Movies, Sports, System services, and a Kids Zone. In addition, it has numerous updated add-ons like UK Turks’ Playlists, Exodus, Neptune Rising, Openload Movies, Supremacy, Maverick TV, WolkPack and Pyramid.

You can watch Chinese martial arts or get through hours of Bollywood and Indian cinema content on Kryptikz. Along with some fantastic content, it also has a strong visual appeal and is available to download at Download and then install the ZT wizard and install Kryptikz ZT, among other builds available.

Cosmic Saints 4K

One of the recent updated Kodi builds the Cosmic Saints with a lot of 4K movie content. The movies are available in various categories and genres. It uses the Aeon Nox 5 skin and movies, music, sports, kids, live TV, and a system category. (Read Best Kodi Build For Android)

Cosmic Saints 4KApart from the long list of add-ons this build has, the latest update has brought Elysium and Poseidon. Download and install the Cosmic Saints wizard from this URL: Then go to Programs Add-ons >> Cosmic Saints Wizard >> Builds. Select the 4K to build and go for the “Standard Install.” Confirm and then wait for the installation to complete.

CellarDoor TV

CellarDoor TVAnother regular updated Kodi build the CellarDoor TV build. It has a comprehensive catalogue of movies and TV shows, and the interface somewhat resembles Netflix. You get the movie details and the film (of course), and for TV shows, you can get all its episodes in a single place. In addition, it has add-ons like Elysium and SkyNet, Covenant, Picasso, and Wolfpack.

There also is a Kids Zone, among other categories. Download the wizard at and install. Then go to Program Add-ons >> CellarDoorTV Wizard >> CDTV Builds and install one for your device.

Pulse CCM

Pulse CCM also has categories like TV Shows, Movies, Music, Kids, Sports, Live TV and system settings on the menu. It has many add-ons, and the list has top third-party add-ons like Covenant, Picasso, and Gurzil. (Read How To Install More Skins On Kodi)

Pulse CCMThe Xonfluence skin used gives this build a clean, minimal look. Also, the developers update it at regular intervals.

Install it from the Ares wizard available at Ares has many other Kodi builds, so browse the builds list and select Pulse to install. By the way, Ares wizard also has settings for Kodi fresh starts.

Why do you need a Fresh Start?

You need to make a fresh start when replacing your previous Kodi build with a new one. After using Kodi for some time, a lot of information piles up within the app. These bits can mess up the new installation at times. A fresh start is also helpful when Kodi becomes full of old, outdated add-ons.

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Ares Wizard, as said above, has some settings to backup, clear logs, and erase Kodi data. Use it to wipe previous data of the Kodi build and do a clean installation of a new build. It will ensure none of the earlier settings conflict with the settings in the latest build. And here’s how to fresh start Kodi –

  1. Download and install Ares wizard from
  2. Launch Ares Wizard and go to “Extras.”
  3. Select the option to Erase Data/Fresh Start. Confirm and wait.

Upon completion, Kodi will restart, and you will see the original, official version of Kodi. All the installed add-ons and the previous build will be gone. And you are ready to make new changes now.

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