5 Reasons to Delete Facebook Today

Even with being the largest and most well-known social media page on the planet doesn’t mean Facebook holds its users with respect and has their concern at heart.

If anyone has spotted the news and the new scandal of Facebook using or passing on your information without consent to a company called Cambridge Analytica.

Reasons to Delete FacebookEven if FB was unaware user data had been collected and used in political campaigns, it should be in a position to ensure a user’s privacy.

If this occurrence was a one-off, it could be somewhat forgiven. However, it isn’t, and it keeps happening time and time again.

To protect yourself from a company’s misgivings and to lift a massive weight from your shoulders over privacy concerns. Ask yourself “Should I delete Facebook?”

Here are 5 reasons why you should delete Facebook:

1. Privacy CompromiseData Privacy

We have seen in the opening about the latest privacy compromise with Facebook. There are other areas such as your password and other personal data.

Everything you post and share could quickly come back to haunt you at some point in your future life. With tags and likes on every post, there is no knowing where your information ends up. Or to whom?

2. Addiction to FB

Deep down everyone knows that they are somewhat addicted to FB, and it is an utter waste of time. Users connect with people they don’t know and associate them as friends.

Then there are the hours spent reading updates which are trivial and have no sense or purpose apart from spreading fake news.

If you find yourself one of these people, it’s about time you thought about getting rid of Facebook. It is easy to think you are missing out on something or someone.

3. Personal Inadequacy and Anxiety

Before you ever considered “should I deactivate Facebook.” I bet most of the time friends who were chatted with, or from other peoples posts, you thought they have a better life than me?

If you find yourself thinking that way. You should most definitely consider “should I delete Facebook?” These thoughts of inadequacy will spiral out of control, and you will feel you are less than all the other users on FB.

On top of this, there is the anxiety of ignoring, rejecting or accepting friend requests. If you accept all it means is you’ll be bombarded with more trivia questions, chain-mail quizzes, and other nonsensical posts.

4. Facebook Owns Your Data

Facebook collects your dataIf you spent the time to read the small print, it’s made clear that Facebook has full rights to your intellectual property. All of your updates and photo’s you post become the property of FB from the second you click send. Even if you delete them.

There’s a good chance FB has them stashed away in a large file marked X ready for the next company to come along and use your information.

If you find you’ve decided and wanted to know how to quit Facebook, you will see it can at first be harder than expected. Deactivating your account still leaves temptation.

5. Facebook Compiling and Stashing

When data is collected by FB or by third parties whose apps run on FB, they are able to see your geographical location.

A reputable VPN provider can minimize this risk and at the same time protect you from other apps or services caching your IP address.

It is highly advisable to check out the ExpressVPN reviews to find the one VPN service which gives the most protection and is guaranteed to offer an excellent service from Australia.

Over time users thought threats were from hackers, Governments and ISP’s who would have thought the applications we use were to become one of the biggest threats to online privacy.

How to Get Rid of Facebook

With Facebook using user data for its own benefit. Either through third parties or for use by its own hand we canhow to delete facebook see they are not safe. There is then the concern of data we don’t assume is observed, such as our IP address.

If that is given away, that can pinpoint a user through the eyes of their ISP to a location, or it can be used to target that user with pop up ads and all manner of other internet nasties.

For any Australian who takes their privacy seriously and have considered giving FB a wide birth. You can make sure FB and anyone else is unable to see your IP address by use of a secure Australia VPN service provider.

If you’ve decided to stop using this social media monopoly. Here’s how to delete Facebook.

  • Click top right of any Facebook page.
  • Select the Settings.
  • Select and click general in the left column.
  • Choose manage your account.
  • Scroll down to click Deactivate your account.

Note: It can take up to 90 days for all of your information and pictures to be removed. Even then some will still show once your account has been deleted.


Peter McBryde father and husband is Australia's premier VPN and Smart DNS expert. His extensive experience in information technology helps many people everyday online use the latest tech tools around.

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