How to Delete Pinterest Account Forever

Pinterest’s appeal is in visually oriented content and is made up of photos and illustrations.Pinterest Account

And all of them are public unless you have a private board on your Pinterest account to pin on. Whatever you pin, re-pin or like are by default, available for the world to see.

Apart from this, like many other social networks, Pinterest too shows you personalized ads.

For this purpose, it stores user data and their browsing behaviour off-Pinterest. Like other social media websites, Pinterest too survives on ads, and the advertisers want the data collected by Pinterest.

Privacy in Pinterest

There are a few options to make your account more private.

• Hide your account from search engines – Your profile won’t show up in search engine results. Follow these steps:Privacy in Pinterest

i) Log-in to your profile.
ii) Go to “Settings.”
iii) Switch “Search Privacy” to Yes.

• Hide your pins from other people – Your account cannot be hidden, but you can protect your pins by using secret boards. To create secret boards, turn the “Secret” toggle ON while creating boards. You can also turn your public boards into hidden ones.

When Secret Boards go public

The one who creates a secret board can make it public without the approval of other collaborators. Thus don’t pin anything that you don’t want to be public. When a secret board becomes public:

• The collaborators, if any, are visible to everyone.
• All pins and comments will be visible and searchable.
• New pins on the former secret board would now be available to the public.

How to delete pins on Pinterest

There are moments when you want to remove a pin from one of your boards. Well, the process is as simple as 1-2-3:

• Go to the board that contains the particular pin.
• Hover over the pin and click on the “Pencil.”
• Click “Delete” and confirm the deletion.

How to delete your Pinterest account

With so many things public, the privacy of users is always at stake, and one may want to cancel the Pinterest account and walk away. To deactivate your account:

Delete Pinterest Account Forever

i) Log-in to your profile.
ii) Go to “Settings.”
iii) Click “Deactivate Account” available at the bottom of the “Account Basics” section.
iv) Follow the instructions and confirm the deactivation.

Upon deactivation, the profile and the boards are no longer live and won’t be visible to anyone. Deleting the Pinterest account follows the same procedure; with a twist. Here it goes:

i) Log-in to your profile.
ii) Go to “Settings.”
iii) Click “Deactivate Account” available at the bottom of the “Account Basics” section.
iv) Click “Permanently close my account” at the bottom of the options.
v) Follow the instructions and confirm.
vi) You will receive an email. Click “Yes, close account” and confirm its closure.

It would take 14 days to delete the account; the profile, however, is deactivated immediately.

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