The Best Free VPN

Each time a new TV show such as House of Cards or Daredevil is made available on the wildly popular Netflix streaming service, many non-US fans are disappointed because the shows aren’t available for streaming in their countries. They can’t obtain the series online because of geo-restrictions.

This would have been the scenario had there been no such things as Virtual Private Networks. VPN services let you alter your apparent location to another country. You’re connected to the internet via a VPN, pick a new IP address which is located in another country, and then you can enjoy access to geo-locked content, like Netflix, because their servers are fooled into thinking that you’re actually inside the country.

CyberGhost AustraliaSo, for example, even though Netflix isn’t available in Australia, you can still connect to a European or American server and access geo-locked TV shows to your heart’s content.

Why is a good VPN important for Australians?

A VPN gives you total access to online streaming websites, protects your data from prying eyes and lets you bypass location based restrictions in a few simple steps.

If you come across content which isn’t available in Australia in a manner similar to Netflix’s location restrictions, a VPN is the solution to bypass them. For lots of people, the VPN market can be quite overwhelming due to the wide variety of services and clients out there, which is why we’re going to pick the best free VPN Australia service for you to give a spin and discover the benefits of using a VPN for yourself. If you find the freevpn useful, you may even consider getting a paid subscription to avail the full features!

CyberGhost VPN is the best all-round free VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a private VPN client which is simple, and conceals your online actions from prying eyes, whilst also letting you fake your IP address so that you’re able to bypass location restrictions.

There are a number of VPN services out there which have free versions, as well as paid versions, but this is a VPN service whose free version is good enough to use for everyday purposes such as viewing Netflix shows! This is sufficient to call it the best free VPN Australia.
CyberGhost VPN
CyberGhost features 256-bit AES encryption over OpenVPN as their standard, even in the free version, and you can choose from 15 servers (the paid version has a more extensive list).

PPTP and L2TP are available for users who are willing to go through a cumbersome, yet well-explained, manual configuration process explained in their knowledgebase. You should stick with the OpenVPN protocol if you’re don’t want to set up a VPN manually.

CyberGhost is a Romanian company, so it is nicely placed to protect its user’s privacy. It keeps no private logs of user activity, therefore, has nothing to give to the authorities, even if they come asking for it. Even more impressive is how the company publishes a frequently updated and openly available transparency report which contains all the requests for disclosure it has received another reason it may be the best virtual private network.

While it may be based in Europe with just a few US servers, it is effective, with very few ads and a minor performance drop. The interface is slick and professional and the server selection is good. All this comes together to make it the best all-around free VPN service for Australians.