Stream Sports Online

Many sports, especially the significant events have been snapped up by cable or satellite broadcasters.

This can make it much more difficult for regular viewers who don’t have these subscriptions to watch their favourite sports.

Now, with the introduction of the high-speed internet, there is no real need for cable connections, or paying for TV subscriptions.

Streaming Sports Online

There is also the fact, not all cable, TV or satellite channels broadcast every sports viewer might be interested in.

With broadcasting rights, there is plenty of content becomes geo-blocked, and this is even the case if you pay.

Benefits of Streaming Sports Online

Australian sports fans should thank all the geeks who basically made viewing streaming online possible. Here are five of the top benefits you can reap from streaming sports online.

  1. Watching Sports From Far Away – Accessibility is the key here, and being able to choose from almost any sports which are broadcast around the globe, they can be watched from any region in the world. When you use the right tools for online streaming, you can be presented with a list of sports which are being aired on the opposite side of the globe.
  2. Watch Games from Anywhere – There are now apps which can be played on a vast array of devices, couple this to the number of capable devices increasing, and you can stream your sports from anywhere. This can include smart TV’s, computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones.
  3. Save Money – nearly every household now has an internet connection, and as this is being paid for, it might as well be used to the full extent, and streaming live sports, no matter what your desired choice, there can be no additional cost in many occasions.
  4. Simplicity – No user needs to be a computer whizz to stream sports when you use a VPN to connect, it is no different to signing into your social media and clicking on a streaming sports page to watch your content.
  5. Never Miss the Action – Every sports fan can watch whatever they wish with no worry about missing any of the action. Every second is recorded with no editing going on as with pre-recorded highlights.

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Best Sports Streaming Sites

When it comes to sports streaming, there are two choices, viewers can opt for the many streaming sites which offer the same as free-to-air channels such as the BBC or there is the darker route and the unofficial live streams which are encroaching on copyright infringement.

Here are the best of both for you to check out.

Best Paid Sports Streaming Sites

Best Paid

  1. Fox+ – this is an entirely new streaming service from Fox Networks Group, starting in Asia it allows viewers to watch sports and shows at the same time as their US counterparts. Fox+ brings events such as MLB Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Golf and Nascar, the UFC among many others.
  2. Sky Sports – One of the biggest names in streaming broadcasting. Sky Sports are the official broadcaster for a vast number of worldwide high ranking sports such as Formula 1 and many top class soccer matches. (Read our guide to get Sky Sports)
  3. – Although is generally accessed through other third-party broadcasting channels, they do have their own BT sports app which allows you to watch English Premier League, boxing and rugby.

These don’t include the dedicated streaming services such as or etc.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Best Free

  1. BBC iPlayer – With a simple sign-up, you can watch Match of the day, tennis or for the real die-hard Aussie sports fans there is always cricket among plenty of other sports.
  2. Channel 4 All 4 – Channel 4 has a wide variety of sport available, They host the F1 in the UK with many another motorsport such as the GT3 where all the top V8 supercars race head to head, or the higher powered supercars which are the dream of every racer. McLaren, Aston Martin to Ferrari, they are all there.
  3. NBC Sports – Streaming the best stateside sports, NBC covers it all, from the NFL to IndyCar, golf, sailing and skating and many other high profile sports.
  4. beIN – All in all beIN sports has a whopping 59 channels to choose from, and this extends way beyond free sports streaming. All sports though are in HD and include basketball, football, tennis, athletics and motorsport among a host of others.
  5. CBC Sports – This Canadian streaming service has many sports not found on others, with the NHL, skiing, volleyball, CFL and cycling. CBC Sports has more than enough to keep every sports fan content.
  6. Hotstar – Do you like cricket? Hotstar could be for you, learn how to watch IPL live streaming free

Bypass the Geoblock using VPN

Bypass the Geo-block and Get Unlimited Sport

Even with all of the above free sport streaming sites, it can be difficult to connect because of publishing rites.

Many streams are geo-blocked so they are only available in their home region, or regions where the broadcasters think there is enough money to be made. (Read Skysports Australia)

To bypass all these restrictions and watch whatever sport you desire, you can make full use of a VPN (virtual private network).

These VPN’s spoof your location, so even in Australia, when you sign up to any of the free live streaming sports, the site will think you are in another country.

Many VPN’s allow you to select different servers, this will enable you to connect via a services home region, but not all have an extensive global network to provide enough speed.

Using a VPN Service can unblock a World of Sport!

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The top 10 VPN providers go way past this and make it easy to switch servers in the matter of a couple of clicks, no matter what device you are using.

These VPN’s continually strive to bypass, and geo-restrictions which are in place, being able to watch sports online has never been easier or safer. Now your ISp isn’t able to see what you are accessing, and your connection won’t be throttled due to streaming.

And Finally

Being able to watch sports live has been difficult over the last few years, companies such as SKY have bought the rights to many sporting franchises, and without viewers having cable or satellite subscriptions it has been nearly impossible to watch their favourite sports or teams.

For Australian viewers, a sports stream is a godsend and opens up all possibilities, and a wealth of content.

For many of the sites listed above which are free, a VPN can change how you watch live sports, and how you think of viewing online content in general. (Find Free NRL Streaming Sites)

Stream Sports Online

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