How To Watch FA Cup In Australia

The FA Cup is known as the world’s oldest football tournament held in 1871 & 1872.

It offers the best soccer action as any UK club from the English football league can enter, and it has some real David and Goliath stories. Now, since we have had the third round, things are heating up.

While it does end up the same few teams, battle it out for glory, and in the last couple of decades, there have only been two teams outside the top handful of Premier League teams to have won it. (Learn How to Watch Premier League in Australia)

Portsmouth in 2008 and Wigan in 2013 caused upsets to the run of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool who are expected to take home the crown.

In our guide, you can learn all you need to watch the FA Cup in Australia.

Watch FA Cup In Australia

Which Channel is Showing the FA Cup?

There is no free to air channel in Australia that is broadcasting any football matches live in Australia. The closest you get is the deal that is in place is that ESPN currently owns the rights to broadcast the FA Cup in Australia.

If you were in the United Kingdom, you could tune into the BBC or use the BBC iPlayer to watch some FA Cup rounds or the final.

In the USA, soccer fans have access to all the matches on ESPN+, and football fans in New Zealand would need to sign up to Sky to watch the FA Cup action.

FA Cup Format

It is the third round of the FA Cup where Premier League teams and those from the Championship sides enter the tournament.

You find 64 matches in the third round, which are decided by a random draw, and first teams drawn have the chance to play at home.

After this round, the 32 winners enter the fourth round, and from that 16 winning teams proceed to the fifth round. Following are the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. You watch all the final three matches are held at the world-famous Wembley Stadium.

Arsenal lifted in the previous year’s final defeating Chelsea. Worthy fourth round games have Man United playing Liverpool, while Chelsea tackles Luton Town and Tottenham travel to Wycombe.

Can You Watch FA Cup on Optus Sport?

While Optus Sport has a raft of football to satisfy any soccer fans, the FA Cup stream isn’t in their listing. Fans will need to watch FA Cup Australia using one of the different options.

Where to Watch FA Cup

How Can I Stream the FA Cup?

Where can I watch FA Cup free is a common question. One of the best ways to stream the FA Cup is using a VPN and signing up for a free account with the BBC. You then have select games to watch for no cost.

However, in the UK the matches are shared between the BBC and BT Sport, a paid-for service.

Closer to home and you can stream with Kayo Sports. Kayo Sports is one of the best sports packages you can get that doesn’t cost the earth.

This pay-tv sporting service lets you stream loads of quality sport – including the Australian NRL and AFL football competitions.

The service costs $25 per month for the basic package or $35 per month for premium. Kayo Sports is contract-free with a 14-day Free Trial.

Teams in the hat for the sixth round are:

The sixth-round club’s ties will take place over the weekend of Saturday 20 March. (Read Rai International TV Guide Australia)

Clubs in the hat are as follows; now, most of the big teams are out.

  1. Bournemouth
  2. Manchester United
  3. Sheffield United or Bristol City
  4. Wolverhampton Wanderers or Southampton
  5. Barnsley or Chelsea
  6. Everton or Tottenham Hotspur
  7. Swansea City or Man City
  8. Leicester City or Brighton & Hove Albion

Two other options are to stream FA Cup via Foxtel Now. Foxtel Now is the pay-tv streaming service. It does mean you need to subscribe to a Foxtel Essentials pack and the Foxtel Sport pack, with a total cost of $54 per month.

New subscribers can make use of the 10-day free trial.

Fetch TV is the final option in the country, and including access to VPN and streaming available games to see if Manchester City can take the honours.

For streaming, you need the Vibe channel pack that costs $6 per month; however, it will depend if you purchased a Fetch Box if you access the service via a broadband supplier.

How Can I Watch the FA Cup Tonight?

There are many options available such as Kayo to watch football content for the FA cup, not all of them offer every matches from the tournament. It looks like we are getting to the stages where there are not many teams left in the running and nearing the tournament’s upper level. It could be that the best options are to ditch the home-grown services and subscribe to a VPN package.

Coverage of the FA Cup with the BBC iPlayer can be the best option. It is free and easy to create an account.

To create an account, pick the best streaming VPN for Australia and install on your device. Run the app and change the server to one inside the UK.

Once connected, you can head to the BBC home page. Add in some minor details and a UK postcode that you can get from the internet. Once you have your confirmation email, you are good to go and watch the later stages of the FA Cup without needing to sign up for ESPN, Fetch or Foxtel.

Even though West Ham and Arsenal are already out, you can settle down to watch the last match of the FA Cup using the 30-day money-back guarantee of your VPN before you decide to commit to a plan.

How To Watch FA Cup In Australia