How Do You Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently?

In 2020, Instagram is host to over 1 billion active monthly users. From its humble origins just 6 (nearly 7) years ago, Instagram has quickly become one of the most dominant social media apps in history. And why not? It’s just a safe, friendly photo-sharing platform for you and your friends. Right?

In essence, yes—that is what it is supposed to be. And if you are very careful about what and how you post, it can remain to be something like that.

Delete your Instagram account permanently
However, it’s easy to forget just how far these platforms can reach. Just how many, from anywhere in the world, can view your content. So, let’s say, you just posted about that fantastic BBQ you hosted recently.

Did you include a geo-tag? Is your home/street/suburb in clear view from the photo? This might be an obvious thing, but people are quick to forget. That is all very private information, of which you may not necessarily want any random stranger knowing.

What if my profile is set to private?

Setting your account to private means that only your followers can see what you post. And for people to follow you, they need to send a request. This is an excellent way to filter and be sure of who can see what you post. But how secure is it?

With free-to-download apps like InstaSpy and similar services, the answer is not very. While you’ve done the right thing in trying to keep your account strictly for your followers, it isn’t up to you.

By downloading an application such as InstaSpy, people can view your profile without being a follower. This is not to discourage you from setting your profile to private; you definitely should! It just means that even with this precaution in place, if someone is determined enough, they will most likely find a way if you want to cancel an Instagram account.

Can you deactivate Instagram accounts?

deactivate Instagram from appYes, you can. Although, deactivating your account will not be deleting any of your content. It’s more like a suspension—a standard tool for people who don’t want to be distracted by social media during a busy period, for example. Once you deactivate an account, you can simply log back in and resume from where you left it.

How to deactivate Instagram from app

Unfortunately, you cannot deactivate your account from the app. But it isn’t difficult. You’ll simply need to access your account via a browser.

1. Log into your account at
2. Click the icon in the top right corner of the page (looks like a default profile image), then select ‘Edit Profile.’
3. At the bottom of this page, choose the option ‘Temporarily disable my account.’
4. You will then be prompted to offer a reason for why you are disabling your account. If you do not want to give a reason, select the ‘Something else’ option. Enter your password again to confirm.
5. Finally, click on the ‘temporarily disable account’ button for a job well done.

How to permanently delete Instagram profiles

If you are not looking to return to the same account, then you will want to remove the account entirely. Do not delete Instagram profilesconfuse this with deleting Instagram, the application. This will not do anything to delete your account.

Instagram has ensured that people do not lose access to their accounts unless they intend to. That also means people need to know how to delete the account.

The option to delete Instagram profiles will not only remove your uploaded images and content. It will delete all of your activity within the app.

Removing comments, photo tags along with everything linked to your account. Fortunately, this option is extensive—Instagram deletes the account and your activity for good.

One thing to note: if you do delete your account, you will not be able to make another account with the same login although using a private VPN can mask your IP if do want a new account.

Not even the same email address. So be sure that you do not intend to return with same details, before attempting the following.

1. This time, the easiest way is to go to via a web browser.
2. Select ‘Managing Your Account’
3. Then ‘Delete Your Account’
4. You’ll be met with two drop down options. Select the ‘How do I Delete my account’ arrow.
5. There you will find more information about deleting your account. Then select the link highlighted in blue, ‘the Delete your account page.’
6. Log in to your account
7. Choose the reason you would like to delete your account. Again, choose ‘something else’ if you do not want to give a reason.
8. Re-enter your password.
9. Then tap the ‘permanently delete my account’ option, and confirm in the pop-up window with the prompt ‘OK.’