The 9 Best Torrent Websites for Australians

Although it’s a matter of choice, some torrent sites have always been on top of everyone’s preference list, give or take two places especially in the torrent scene. With sites shutting down and new ones coming to the focus, let’s see which of them have made it to the list of top torrent sites for 2018.

Best Torrent Websites for Australians
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1) The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (abbreviated as TPB) is the king of torrents once again and also the oldest relevant site. It has been around in one form or another for a long time, and after coming back from the dead, it is currently available in its original .org domain.


RARBG is not so good looking but is popular among the video lovers (video pirates). It’s full of quality, high-resolution torrents. It has been in a low profile since its start in 2008, until recently.


Frequently thought of like the new version of YIFY, users know YTS.AG for its vast collection of movie torrents. With a neat and clean interface along with high-quality contents, it has gained a good reputation.

4) Torrentz2

This site was launched after the voluntary shutdown of the original Torrentz2 is the Google of torrent indexing sites, and it searches for torrents across dozen other sites.

5) TorrentProject

It works the same as, i.e., it crawls other torrent sites and indexes the torrents. TorrentProject has around 10 million torrents indexed and is a favourite of many.


EZTV is a release group, and although the collection is not huge you can find quality torrents especially TV shows on EZTV.AG. It updates its content on a daily basis and hence, the popularity.

7) IsoHunt

Beginning in 2003, this site too has gone through a lot of changes and is a trendy one. IsoHunt is known to have loads of pirated contents.

8) TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk is a pretty popular torrent and has “verified” indicators for torrents along with user ratings.

9) Sky Torrents

A pretty clean interface along with a huge database makes Sky Torrents quite popular and in the tops’ list.

Use a VPN to Access Torrent Sites

best VPN for torrentsTorrenting itself isn’t illegal but downloading copyrighted materials over this P2P service is. The BitTorrent protocol used is one of the means to share any file (torrent files), and there are a plenty of legal torrenting services.

But millions of people use these sites for illegal movie torrenting. And the increase in the number of copyright claims has forced the government to block access to these sites.

The most popular sites like TPB, RARBG, and YTS has already been blocked for Australian users among others. There certainly would be more action soon and thus using a VPN – Virtual Private Network – seems just about right. It would serve two purpose – giving you unrestricted access to the blocked sites and second, with your real IP hidden, downloading torrents anonymously.

There is a host of VPNs which have torrent-friendly services, but ExpressVPN has come out to be one of the best VPN to Access Torrent SitesVPN for P2P file sharing. And the reason lies in their quality of service. They have faster average speeds, and the 256-bit encryption provides a high level of security.

The availability of VPN clients for all the major platforms, a zero log policy, and a kill switch (to prevent IP leaks if VPN fails) makes it stand out and thus the best VPN for torrents. It has performed well in unblocking sites, and the speed is pretty good if you need to use the streaming services.

Australia’s Data Retention Law

The passing of the “Metadata Retention Bill” this year grants the government, the power to spy on its citizens.

Metadata is the background technical information of a communication and the Australian metadata laws require the telecommunication companies to keep six different types of metadata; for two years. The areas included are:

• Any identifying information about the subscribers such as the names, addresses, phone numbers or IP Australia’s Data Retention Lawaddresses.
• The source of any communications which includes phone numbers, email addresses or IP addresses.
• The destination of any communications which includes phone numbers, email addresses or IP addresses.
• The date time and duration of any communications
• The types of communications and internet services used.
• The physical location of the communication.

Although the VPN service providers may keep metadata logs, many don’t keep any logs and also may not fall under the jurisdiction of Australia.

So, if you want to hide your digital footprints, start using a VPN soon. In case you are wondering, ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands.

Safety Tips

Activate the kill switch. It will kill the internet activity if the VPN gets disconnected. And do remember; connect to the VPN before running the torrent downloader client and always use a torrent-friendly server.

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