7 EZTV Alternatives (EZTV Torrents)

For accessing your favourite multimedia content, be it movies, music, TV shows, among many other types you can think of. There is nothing that compares to the downloading of torrents.

If you are a fan of torrents and want to fulfil your viewing cravings, then streaming will be the last resource. With torrents, you physically have something to watch again and again.

However, the latest online privacy threats negatively affect torrent sites, and none more so than EZTV’s reputation. EZTV was a torrent website distribution group.

working EZTV alternatives

It was specialising in delivering pirate copies of the latest trending movies, TV shows and more.

However, it has become a recent causality, and users are raising concerns around the torrenting world. They shut EZTV site in 2014, but it returned under two new domains EZTV. It and EZTV.ch.

Now, even these later domains are not accessible. Since then, the site again changed to EZTV.ag, but even this current domain remains inaccessible.

This leaves users with no way to access EZTV movies, or any EZTV download location apart from copycat sites or unsecured EZTV proxy sites.

We will guide you through the best working EZTV alternatives for 2023. We will also show you how you can use the most popular torrent sites, anonymously.

With this, you will see how you can avoid problems like geo-restrictions, censorship, spying ISP’s and others.

Critics say EZTV alternatives are a security risk, so torrent users must use these sites at their own risk.

The Best EZTV Alternatives

Torrent lovers will need to rely on the best VPN for torrenting. Countless legal problems can arise, such as copyright trolls, and the receiving of copyright infringement and DMCA notices. To stop this, ISP’s are keeping data in Australia for 2-years at present.

Here is the list of torrent sites that are working EZTV alternatives:

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is another of the best torrent sites you can visit right now. It faced its problems, but since then, it has gone back to being one of the largest torrent sites in 2019.

It has millions of visitors every day.

Pirate Bay has a simple search bar where you type in what you want, and within seconds, the torrent search engine will present you with your favourite torrent links.

PB has one of the largest databases of torrent links and is one of the best EZTV alternatives any user can consider. There is a mass of torrent availability on various genres.


RARBG is another top torrent site that allows you to find fast torrent tracker links in no time. RARBG has been running since 2008, and since then, it has an excellent reputation for the high-quality torrents it delivers. The site is easy to use and has up-to-date additions.

Users can find torrents in different categories such as music, TV shows, movies and others. The RARBG interface looks outdated, but it’s simple and works perfectly.

Unfortunately, with popularity, it means it is definitely on the radar. As a result, they block RARBG in many countries, including Portugal, Bulgaria, Denmark and the UK.

3. Kickass Torrents

The authorities of the United States in 2017 shut down the popular torrent site, Kickass-Torrents. It was the largest torrent site in the world at the time and quickly took over from the PB

After police shut down the original KAT site, a group of staff launched the Katcr.co forum. In the hope, the KickassTorrents download sites could return to their former glory.

With that move came a new site KickAss site. The team launched a new torrent website, which looks identical to the original Kickass site.

It hosts a vast amount of torrent files and magnet links for torrent movies, TV show, music, software and games among much more.

It delivers the same great experience and is comparable to any EZTV website alternative.

1337x alternative for EZTV

4. 1337x

1337X is one of the best torrent sites on the web that is still running and is one of the best torrent sites to replace EZTV. Here you can download your TV shows quickly.

Users can search torrents in various genres like movies, documentaries, music and more with no problems.

1337X so far has not been affected by the clampdown on torrent sites. The 1337X interface is clean and well-organised, thanks to the recent rework to improve the design and eliminate some security risks.

It is now one of the more popular torrent search engines in the world. Such is the popularity that Google hides it from search results.

5. Torlock

Torlock is a new name torrent site and is on the list of torrent sites known for its massive torrent content database.

Torlock aims to become one of the best EZTV alternatives and is adding new features and niches at a speedy pace.

It makes it easy to download a wide variety of torrents that meet all your needs. The torrent download site offers music, games, software, current TV series, and movies free.

This site only has access to verified torrents. The interface is easy to use and looks fantastic. To stop this, Torlock shows the most downloaded torrent files directly on the homepage.

6. TorrentDownloads

This website began in 2007 and is as simple to use as its name suggests. It survives along with a few others despite countless attempts by the law to close it down

This website equally focuses on books, TV Series, Software and movies. The most significant downside being the website serves many ads. Most of them are annoying, and you cannot avoid them, even when using ad-blockers.

However, they still recommend using ad-blockers because it prevents a fair percentage.

TorrentDownloads.me is another popular torrent site because it keeps everything in order. If other crawlers fail, this will be the best chance to find some old software rarely used.

You can even come up with little-known e-books you have been searching for to read again.

TorrentDownloads.me isn’t a low profile site and is blocked in many countries.

7. YTS

YTS is another of the top movie torrent sites on the list. It is well known for an extensive collection of movies and television shows with all the latest releases.

The great thing with YTS is that it lists torrents different torrent sites. They can see it as a torrent search where it shares the torrent files it finds.

YTS.AG focuses mainly on movies, and since it doesn’t offer other categories. You will need to choose other sites for games, music or TV shows.

It comes with great design and various titles, which makes it ideal for movie enthusiasts. Torrents files are easy on your bandwidth, which is one of the main advantages of going for this site.

EZTV download using VPN

Torrenting Anonymously with a VPN

All the above sites deliver an EZTV download option; however, they all require a VPN.

This is because as soon as you start downloading any torrent, your IP address is open for anyone to see.

Your ISP or any agency tasked with tracking down torrenters will see where this is, and can leave users open for copyright infringement notices appearing through their letterbox.

Not only this, with data retention in Australia set at 2-years, you can torrent now, and down the road, you can still be seen to visiting one of these sites.

Even the use of proxy sites are under the radar, so they do nothing for your protection. Besides, it is hard to say what malicious tactics some of these sites use.

There are plenty of VPN’s in the world, but to deliver the best protection for torrenting and the best downloads speeds to Australia, there are not that many.

NordVPN is a popular provider, but recent NordVPN reviews are not as shiny as they were a while ago. While it could be easy to recommend them, their downloads speed to this region is somewhat sketchy.

While it offers many benefits that are way above most of the competition, it doesn’t quite match the recommendation of VPN.

ExpressVPN is by far the number one choice for downloading torrents in Australia and many other countries.

It easily bypasses geo-restrictions, so finding unblocked torrents from sites you usually could not access is as easy as changing the app’s country.

Users are free to test this for one month because this VPN provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. It isn’t a cut down service, and you can use the full range of features.

You get military-grade encryption, so not even your ISP will see which torrent site you visit, and you will not be receiving any infringement notices.

To cap that, this VPN provider has optimised servers for torrenting so that you will receive the best download speeds possible.

You can carry on and look at all features to see where it excels, but there is one thing for sure: this is the best VPN for torrents in Australia or any other country around the world.