How to Unblock Extratorrents and Torrent Safely

No conversation about the world’s best torrenting sites can happen without mentioning ExtraTorrent. It had an active community, which ran into millions and attracted audiences from all around the globe.

ExtraTorrent because famous for delivering torrent files and magnetic links for lots of
movies, TV shows, software, anime and much more.

The site’s reputation didn’t go unnoticed and quickly caught the copyright owner’s attention. They urged governments of several countries to block ExtraTorrent, and Australia is one such country. Since then, the original ExtraTorrent website was shut down.

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However, you can still unlock ExtraTorrents using two methods, a VPN or ExtraTorrent proxy service. However, the one means is not as safe as you will see.

ExtraTorrent Banned

Australia has blocked access to a high number of unblocked torrent sites. These are effectively blocked once these restrictions are in place.

It is for this reason, users turn to use torrent proxies to get around this block, but doing this is not actually as safe as users are led to believe.

There is a huge list of file sharing websites that fall under this blockade by the government. Other popular sites such as Kickass Torrents also being on the list.
Because ExtraTorrents are down and inaccessible due to blocks, we will look at how we can bypass these restrictions and safely stop any ISP’s or governing bodies from spying on what users are doing online.

Using Proxies to Access ExtraTorrents

Many users first option to unblock ExtraTorrents is to use an ExtraTorrent proxy. These proxy services direct your access request to further websites via its own proxy servers, therefore, providing access to the site.

You can choose from a group of proxy sites to unblock ExtraTorrents. However, if you use a proxy server to unblock ExtraTorrents, you face a problem relating to Java scripts.

When using proxies and the site URL, they will give you the following message: “Please enable JavaScript to view the content of the site.”

Because of this problem, you can’t access a working ExtraTorrent proxy through the use of proxy services. (Read Is Discord Blocked In China)

Not only this, but using proxies to access ExtraTorrent does nothing to protect your internet connection; you only gain access to blocked torrent sites.

The powers will see you are visiting a proxy and piece together where it is you are going. There are many proxies or mirrors, which are blocked along with the popular torrent site.

VPN to unblock ExtraTorrent

How to Use a VPN to Access ExtraTorrent

A virtual private network or VPN is the best tool in use by torrents to download torrents. VPN’s generate encrypted tunnels from your system to the internet.

This changes your location by masking your real IP address, so even your ISP doesn’t know your online activity.

Users have the advantage of using VPN’s downloading torrents with their identity hidden as they download.

VPN’s ensure all internet activities are secure; this goes way beyond merely being a VPN for torrenting. When your internet traffic passes through these tunnels, it passes through military-grade encryption.

Online banking or shopping is secure, making it impossible for any hackers to steal your private information.

There are countless VPN’s users can choose from, but unfortunately, reliable ones are harder to find than finding an unblocked torrent site.

Many users also participate in streaming; some of these services also leave IP addresses visible because they use BitTorrent as the delivery system. These users may think they are safe, where they are not?

Unblock Extratorrents anonymously

A good VPN will allow users to download torrents, bypass geo-restrictions (US Netflix, BBC iPlayer) and stream safely and effectively.

There will be no leaking of IP addresses, and there will be no chance of the company handing over user data to the authorities.

Unfortunately, you can spend ages trying to find one which fits the bill, so, to save time, we have done all this work for you.

We recommend ExpressVPN, Australia be well catered for, and with optimised torrent servers, you not only find ExtraTorrents unblocked, but you get your file downloads fast.

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