Unlocator Review

A quick review about bypassing geo-restricted sites and online services, Smart DNS allows you to enjoy multiple services or subscription for free such as Hulu, History, Amazon Premium, ABC, comedy central, HBO Go/Now and other on the top channel that US region has including the full American Netflix catalogue.

However, open Smart DNS can risk your access due to security and privacy protocols that are not secured.


unlocator for australiansSmart DNS will display your IP (Internet Protocols) over the World Wide Web and would notify your Internet Service Provider and other client websites that you were able to bypass the region restrictions. Your account with your Internet Service Provider may put into suspension or ban (depends on the offense that your ISP was able to identify).

On the other hand, VPN has the same objective as Smart DNS, however, if you are big on security and privacy, then a VPN is for you. Due to its private “tunnel” and a secure channel, you are safe from any monitoring. Getting a VPN service is the right and safe decision, however, it is more costly than the Smart DNS.


What does Unlocator DNS do? It can do both Smart DNS and VPN features. Not to mention the bypassing of region restriction, but it also can secure your location or your IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Does Unlocator work with Netflix? It does more than that. Since it does both Smart DNS and VPN, you can enjoy multiple services for free such as; Hulu, History, Amazon Premium, ABC, comedy central and other on top channels that US region has.

Is Unlocator safe? A big yes! When you do Smart DNS, it is cheaper than VPN, but then it gives out your Internet Protocol address. But for the Unlocator DNS, it has the same feature with VPN that secures your location as well as your privacy. And it is low price comparing to the regular VPN. It’s like you’re getting VPN but at a lesser price. I’d say the discounted amount is more than half of the Express VPN.

Prices for Unlocator are as follows:unlocator-to-Bypass-Location-Restrictions

One month is $4.95 (recurring every month)

Six months is $27.50 (recurring every month)

12 months is $49.95 ((recurring every 12 months)

Perfect for gaming

Love gaming? PSN and Xbox live typically has region restrictions in connecting to multiplayer gaming. Trying to connect from Australia to US servers is a pain in the head. Also, other players would like to buy contents in a different region using their same account so they can get it cheaper, but region lock always does that.

Some of the players rely on Smart DNS to getting it done, but as they play online, they get the DDoS attack. Why is that? That’s because their IP address is exposed. In gaming, I suggest you better secure your account, as well as your IP address location thru Unlocator.

Streaming and downloading movies for free in third party websites

Internet Service Provider in various regions are very strict in downloading and streaming contents for free due to Copyright, but you can still enjoy the service thru Unlocator. You can do this, by changing your IP address to a region where ISP doesn’t care about going to these free downloading and streaming sites.

Although a lot cheaper than the average VPN service, we still recommend a VPN provider over this, if you a curious try a top free VPN from our review list.

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