Is Putlocker Safe to Use in Australia?

When it comes to free movies and TV shows, Putlocker is one of the first choices for the users. Putlocker free movies and TV shows are the favourites not only in Australia but also around the world.

The site caters to a range of users by offering movies and TV shows across various genre. You will find the classic hits as well as new releases in the Putlockers movies catalogue.

Putlocker in Australia

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What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a site which indexes movies and TV shows. It sources videos from different sources and links you to it. The content is arranged alphabetically, by year of release and also genre.

The categories available include videos from action to comedy and crime to romance. There is a separate category for the latest releases to make your work quick.

However, if you can’t find the movie you want, you can search and filter the results to get the content quick. When you want to watch videos online with Putlocker, all you need is the name.

But if you can’t remember it, you can also search with the name of the director or the starring cast. And the best thing is that all the Putlockers TV shows and movies are available for free.

Is Putlocker legal?

As Putlocker provides copyrighted content for free, it’s a no-brainer that Putlocker uses unlawful means.

The sources that it indexes promote piracy, and so does Putlocker. There are some laws which see only downloading as illegal, yet Putlocker is more or less illegal.

And this is the reason why ISPs blocked the website. Putlocker however, kept changing domains and worked under new names.

It worked as, and also, but the government kept blocking access to them. And among this hide and seek, many Putlocker proxy and mirror sites emerged.

The current working Putlocker website is

How safe is Putlocker?

Although there are some security problems associated with Putlocker, with a bit of caution, Putlocker is safe to use.

No, I don’t mean to say the pirated links contain viruses but there are other things to consider.

Putlocker is safe to useSince Putlocker is distributing content for free, it needs other ways of earning. And like other websites, Putlocker shows popups and has redirection links. While pop-ups aren’t always harmful, having too many of them open in the background, eats up a lot of system resources.

These popup windows show ads which takes you to third-party websites and turning your ad-blocker on will come in handy.

Next thing to be concerned of, is the presence of redirection links. These redirection links can be in the form of fake streaming links, and take you to external websites, just like popups do.

Although most of the popups and forced redirections do nothing except annoying, some may ask you to download additional software to watch the videos.

Apart from the mirror sites (which may or may not be as helpful as Putlocker), those were some of the safety concerns associated with using Putlocker. But with little awareness, you can use Putlocker safely anytime.

Get a Putlocker VPN

How does a VPN help? Although a VPN won’t help in avoiding the dangers associated with popup ads and redirection links, it can keep you safe from mirror sites.

The website can be accessible from Australia, all you need is to connect to a VPN server.

Putlocker and VPN

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They are one of the best ways to get access to a blocked website. When the connection to the server is successful, it hides the real IP address, and the device receives the address used by the server.

So, when you connect to a server in a country where Putlocker is working, you can watch movies and TV shows again.

One of the VPN service providers is ExpressVPN. It has servers in over a hundred countries around the world and can give you unrestricted access to Putlocker easily.

When you use ExpressVPN, the server also hides the data used by your device over the network.

ExpressVPN has secure servers that encrypt and tunnel all the data transfers. A VPN thus keeps your browsing activity safe from anyone trying to keep an eye on the network.

Even your ISP can only see your device communicating through a VPN, but not the data in those digital packets.

Now that you know how to access Putlocker without facing legal consequences, get online and start watching Putlocker movies again.

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