5 Safest & Best Putlocker Alternatives

Putlocker began profiling itself as one of the world’s most visited websites from 2012 onwards and hit a peak of 1.6 million visitors daily.

Like many free streaming sites, it faced the final curtain after a drawn-out battle between the site and copyright owners and all the rights reserved.

Since that time, it appears that the site has changed names several times. Numerous users looking to cut the cord have sought alternatives to Putlocker so they can continue to access the same movies and TV shows on their devices.

Therefore, what to do when your regular choice of top quality free movie streaming is no longer working?

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Quick Guide to the Safest and Best Putlocker Alternatives

  1. 123movies – Binge-watch all your favourites with one of the best Putlocker alternatives
  2. SolarMovie – A great way to watch series online at any time, catch up on all the favourites.
  3. PopcornFlix – For all the current movies and shows this is the site for you.
  4. F Movies – Is like many sites like putlocker but with super-fast streaming and is easy to use.
  5. Yes Movies – A simple to use and easy to navigate website makes this putlocker alternative a top choice.

Remember, before you continue, however convenient free streaming sites may be, they present several risks to privacy and security.

Many sites have pitfalls, and hackers are out there to trap users searching for free movies. It can be to steal user data or money, not to mention all the copyright trolls and ISP’s who retain user data of online activities.

The best means of protection is using a premium VPN. Here you can learn more about what happened to Putlocker, the best Putlocker movies alternatives, and the best ways to protect yourself from threats when using these alternatives to Putlocker for all your favourite movies and TV shows.

Has Putlockers been shut down?

Putlocker first became known in 2011 in the UK, and since then there was many Putlocker reviews. It grew in popularity after Mega Upload shut down.

While attracting millions of daily visitors, it was blocked in 2016 by a High Court Order in the UK.

It was here there was a temporary closure of the site, and at that time, it was among the top 250 most popular sites by visitors around the Globe.

Putlocker was reported by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) as a significant threat to online piracy.

In 2017, the Federal Court of Australia ordered ISP’s to block access to 42 sites, and Putlocker and Los Movies being among them.

Although some sites are using the Putlocker name, many are scam sites, and it is hard to know if the original Putlocker still exists or not. However, it does appear that the original Putlocker died several years ago.

Is Putlocker Safe?

No streaming site can be said to be safe. For this reason, any visitor ought to use a VPN before they think about using one. Fraudsters and hackers use these sites to catch the unknowing visitors where they can inject malware, use targeted ads that lead to suspicious links.

Add to this; the real Putlockers may well be dead and buried; most sites carry the name because of its popularity. You will also find the original Putlockers not working, so you do need to be careful.

Is Putlockers Legal in Australia?

No, Putlockers isn’t legal, even if it was still alive for movie streaming. It was on the list of sites to be blocked by ISP’s, from the federal court order in August 2017 of Justice John Nicholas. Los Movies, Yesmovies, and many others included.

Best Putlocker Alternatives

Any worthy Putlocker alternative needs to be quick to offer a superior user interface and have continually updated movie catalogues.

The alternatives we have in this section meet all the criteria and are safe compared to the Putlocker imitation websites.

Here are the top five Putlocker alternatives where you can stream endless movies and TV shows free. Just remember to use a VPN before accessing any of these sites to stay safe and protected from prying eyes, and bypass any government lockouts.


1. 123movies

123Movies is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker and is bound to get you addicted in no time.

It offers over 100,000 titles from the massive index of movies and shows. 123Movies has a well-organized, streamlined, minimalist interface, which is easy to navigate. It offers a vast collection of Western content, Asian dramas, and anime. You can also find TV series and popular songs.

Despite the extensive collection, the website offers regular updates that you can stream at any time. You can filter shows and movies alphabetically, by year, and by the number of views. There is no registration and fewer ads than on other streaming sites.


2. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a big thing in terms of Putlocker alternatives and has done so in a short time. It is often considered the best streaming website or one-stop-shop for all free online movie streams.

It offers an excellent catalogue of TV shows and movies of all genres. The design is first class, and the distractions on the screen are limited. SolarMovie allows you to search for videos by country and many other forms of content filtering.

As soon as you open the site, you will see trending movies, high-rated movies, and movies with the most views. You don’t need to sign in, but when you sign in to SolarMovie, you can create playlists for your favourites and most-wanted movies that might not be available.

All content is tagged, and even though most of it is in HD, you can still find CAM copies of recent releases.


3. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix refers to itself to be a place where people can watch movies and not spend money. However, it does not offer TV series. The goal is to provide visitors access to the newest movies in excellent quality and fast download speeds for lack of buffering.

Popcornflix features everything ranging from action through comedy to science fiction and romantic movies, with all films featured in their native language.

When in doubt, what to watch, use the long list of categories located at the bottom to explore the massive catalogue of movies to a single genre.

When you decide which film you want to watch, click it and wait for the player to start loading.

Lastly, click on the large Play button in the middle of the player to watch your movie.

F Movies

4. F Movies

One of the big favourites among many streaming sites is Fmovies. They post the latest movies and TV shows much faster to this site than their competitors.

As most websites listed here, Fmovies lets you sort by categories to find what you are looking for. You can view movies by genre, release date, country, most-watched, and anime.

You can send a request to find a movie not currently in the Library. Fmovies has several mirror sites, but when you use one of its former URLs, it automatically redirects you to the active site.

Yes Movies

5. Yes Movies

Yesmovies satisfies all the requirements for an excellent free streaming site. As the site is not only confined to Blu-ray rips, the site frequently ranks among the first online streaming sites to launch a new blockbuster movie.

Provided you can tolerate lower resolution and blurring; you will be able to catch a long-awaited movie before it goes to the cinemas.

It also features appealing web design and decent choices for filtering content. The homepage concentrates on a search bar, although you can change to the browsing view for sorting by category or IMDb ratings.

Yesmovies is a fantastic site for binge-watchers that can never quit after only one episode. TV shows will be listed by seasons, so you can select any full episode you wish to watch with one click.

Why Use A VPN For Online Streaming

If you’re streaming from Putlocker alternatives, you will find lots of content protected by copyright. Ultimately, you can risk facing legal action. Besides the threat of copyright trolls, free streaming sites are forever taken down, and change domains quickly.

Accessing these can be dangerous, even if the site used to be safe, there’s no guarantee it will be still.

Free streaming sites don’t host content, and just index links to third parties. Here are more threats as you have no idea where the content comes from.
Free streaming are also usually full of intrusive pop-ups and ads. You should never click these yet people do, and they can find they have a pop-up that infects their computer with a virus.

Best VPNs for Streaming TV Shows and Movies

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1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a favourite in Australia as it is the best streaming VPN available. It offers speed, security, and fantastic global server coverage.

With access to over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, you can watch all your streaming movies no matter where they come. It is more than capable of delivering 4K HD videos without buffering.

ExpressVPN not only bypasses all blocked streaming sites of Australian ISPs but also provides access to Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and many others. Any user who has a problem can take advantage of the excellent 24/7 live chat customer support.

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While this VPN is at the forefront of streaming, it also offers the best security with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, and no leaks. It also offers five simultaneous connections on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, and many others.

If you’re using a Putlocker alternative, you can also install it on routers to protect your entire home.

You can take full advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee and test all features and performance. You’ll find that you have the best VPN for streaming any Putlocker alternative from the list or any other you can find. (Read Full Review)

Surfshark Streaming VPN

2. Surfshark

Surfshark offers an excellent mix of speed and safety, packed into an affordable package.

Although it still has a small VPN server network with only 1,700 servers, it copes well with delivering fast streaming speeds to any alternative Putlocker location. The company also works with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and many other providers.

Users have unlimited connections, and it runs on a variety of devices, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, along with countless others.

Surfshark uses the best encryption, although it chooses IKEv2 over OpenVPN as its default. It also features obfuscated servers, the NoBorders mode, and the Camouflage function.

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It also has the CleanWeb ad blocker, tracker prevention, and malware prevention. Headquartered in the BVI and with a “zero log” policy, it is one of the best VPNs for streaming, or to keep yourself safe and protected.

Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee to see how streaming the best movies works for your security. (Read Full Review)

And Finally…

Once you begin looking at websites like Putlocker on the internet, you will see sites like Putlocker that appear the same.

It can be tempting to click on these and watch your favourite movies and TV shows, although you need to take precautions when you do.

The VPN’s here are the very best to offer safe and secure access to movie streaming sites or to watch TV live from other streaming services.

Both are very similar, yet the one in the number one position offers the better history of protection from any alternative to Putlocker movie websites that tries to infect your device as you watch movies online.

Is Putlocker Safe The 5 Best Putlocker Alternatives

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