CyberGhost VPN Review – The Best VPN in Australia?

With solid security and a simple to use client, CyberGhost VPN is made even more attractive by its no-nonsense free versions which is nearly as good as some of the competition’s paid plans.

They’ve got a multitude of countries and servers to select from, and also a strong commitment to transparency and privacy, making them a solid VPN solution, particularly for those who wish try out a Virtual Private Network for the very first time.
CyberGhost Australia

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As a Windows user, you can download and launch the client from their website directly, which will install both the client, as well as OpenVPN’s TAP-Win32 adapter onto your computer. It is noteworthy that you can use this service straight away without having to create an account.

CyberGhost best free vpn

The account is only needed for the paid version so that you can manage more than one device and acces PPTP, IPSec and OpenVPN settings, but isn’t mandatory for the free version.

CyberGhost generates a username and password for the user on the fly, meaning that they will always have a unique and strong password to begin with. They can always change their username/password later on to make it something easier to remember for them.

CyberGhost VPN is serious about their privacy. They promise on their website not to long any of their user’s activities. In the setting menu (which is the gear icon in the upper right corner of the interface), you’ll find a ‘Privacy Control’ setting which allows you to specify the header information which browsers will give to websites while on their page. You can remove details pertaining to the browser version and language, as well as the operating system.  

You can also deny requests from tracking websites, and block social plugins such as the Google+ ‘Plus One’ button so your internet activity isn’t relayed to 3rd party websites.

With CyberGhost 5, they’ve also done away with the last version’s somewhat comical look and confusing options, in favor of a more serious and professional tone.

Performance was solid and there weren’t any considerable lags or issues to note, even while using the free version. Since they’re a European company, it wasn’t a shock that the performance is better on European servers, but the servers in the US still yielded good performance.

It was apparent, from the incredible boosts in up and down speeds, that a number of these servers were employing some sort of bandwidth compression.

To be honest, the level of performance from the free proxy server alone was enough to rival some of the paid packages offered by competitors. CyberGhost VPN torrenting support is restricted to premium users however.

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If you’re searching for a free VPN provider, CyberGhost VPN is the best one you’ll find, hands down. If you require a simple tool for your Windows computer, this is precisely the thing for you.

The advertisements which try to sell the paid version to you can be a bit annoying, but there isn’t any need to go for the premium version, unless you need to use the VPN on Linux or Mac device, or to download torrents.

The performance is dependable and the software runs unobtrusively in the background.

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