How to Watch 123movies Online in Australia

OK, what’s 123Movies? Well, if you ever wanted to watch free movies online, you must have come across 123movies com. 123Movies is a heaven for those who want to see full movies, TV shows, and various documentaries.

This streaming site has a vast database of videos and allows you to watch movies online for free.

123movies free movies online

It does have a collection to boast off but doesn’t host the content. It embeds TV shows and movies online to its site from various sources. The material is arranged well into categories, and when you want to watch movies or your TV favourites, you can find them easily.

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Is 123movies legal?

So much is available for free, and you have the right to doubt if it’s legal. And yes, as you fear, the 123movies online 123movies how to unblocksite is not legitimate. The answer to legality, though, falls in the grey area and can be different for countries.

But the site gets blocked as it promotes piracy. The ISPs have the right to prevent access to any services which support pirated content.

After several of its domains were blocked, 123Movies now works under the hood of GoMovies. In general, streaming content isn’t illegal; only uploading or downloading the pirated ones is.

But to stay away from any legal complications, you better be anonymous. And one of the best ways is to use a VPN service.

123Movies and VPN

Whether you want to unblock 123Movies or want to have a private browsing experience, connecting to a VPN is an easy way. VPNs encrypt the connection and tunnel the traffic through a different server away from your location.

None of your activity links back to you, and you can browse 123Movies with anonymity. More about VPNs and how they work is available in previous articles.

123movies and VPNYou can get a paid VPN Australia, free ones, by the way, are also available. However, you should rely on a paid VPN for better streaming speeds, like Windscribe VPN, which gives satisfactory speed and even a data allowance of 10GB per month.

The paid services do not have such caps on data usage. You need to create an account and log into it to use their service. It has easy-to-use software for all the popular operating systems.

The interface of Windscribe is simple, and there aren’t many settings to fumble with. Another free and easy-to-use VPN service is Tunnelbear. You can check both the Windscribe reviews and the Tunnelbear reviews in our detailed guide.

In case you don’t find them good, you should go for a paid service like ExpressVPN. After subscribing to its service, you can connect to one of the many servers available.

Users worldwide rely on it when they need privacy, and it is one of the best VPN providers Australia has.

Is 123Movies safe?

After your VPN is up and running, you are now safe to access 123Movies without anyone knowing about it.

If you connect to a US server, the traffic traces somewhere in the US and not to you. With the connection encrypted, your ISP can’t know you are watching shows on 123Movies.

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But how safe is all this fantastic content available there? As nothing is available on their servers, there have been reports of malware detected. There are other safety issues such as:

  1. Mirrors123movies in Australia

    Due to the blocks placed by the government, 123Movies has changed its original domain quite a lot. Many mirror sites crop up whenever a domain gets blocked and claim themselves to be the original one. These same looking sites can be harmful and host malicious content. So, it’s better to do some googling around before you dive into a new website.

  2. Virus and Malware

    As 123Movies hosts nothing, you can’t be sure what the third-party streams offer. While you are enjoying, an infected file might be downloading in the background. A trusted anti-malware on your system is a must.

  3. Pop-up ads

    Another demerit of any free site is the unlimited number of pop-up windows. The websites need money for the expenses, and the ads provide it to them. These pop-up ads aren’t always harmful but can be annoying and eat up some of your time. Activate your browser’s pop-up blocker, and you are all good. (Read Australian Films On Netflix)

  4. Redirection links

    Then some links send you to websites potentially unsafe, and you may start downloading files without knowing what their actual use is. It would help if you kept checking the open browser windows.
    Now that you know the VPN way to access 123Movies (or GoMovies) and the safety issues related to the website, enjoy. B a bit alert, and you can have a fantastic experience.

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