Best Australian Films On Netflix

Netflix is a global monster, and there are so many people clamouring to watch U.S. Netflix.

Rather than jump through hoops and worrying about your American Netflix DNS codes (You don’t need to worry with a VPN), you can find some great Netflix Australian movies that have either passed you by, or you forgot they are worthy of a second viewing.

Here you can find out the best Australian movies on Netflix from Australia, the best Netflix Australian series, and TV shows.

As a bonus, you can learn how easy it is how to change Netflix region, so you do not need to bother messing with Amazon Prime for your movie experience. (Read Best Australian Netflix Movies)

Australian Films On Netflix

What Movies are on Netflix?

If you are after some new Australian movies, then you best begin with what Finder from Hive Empire Pty Ltd started with.

Red Dog

Released in 2011 and starring Josh Lucas, Luke Ford, Rohan Nichol, and Rachael Taylor.

Koko played the red cloud kelpie in this classic. It brought together a community, and you really get the sense of a man’s best friend as he was searching for his master. Just be sure to get the hankies out as you watch one of the most emotional movies on Netflix.

Mad Max

If there is one movie that does not take any introduction, it is Mad Max. It has to be one of the best movies on Netflix Australia, and rightly so. Netflix Australia would not be the same without Mel Gibson tearing up the screen. It is like a true classic and deserves a place in any Netflix library. (Learn How to Watch Breaking Bad Online Free)

Mad Max: Fury Road

From 2015, Fury Road is like a long-overdue new reboot of the Mad Max franchise. While not so many Aussie actors, the stars do a fantastic job in the retelling of the original.
Another movie from the Max series that deserves a place on Netflix Australia. (Read Best Netflix Alternatives)


Throw in a couple of Aussie lovebirds in the form of Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, and you have an Australian movie Netflix just has to have. Set before WWII, the English toff who inherits a ranch and makes a pact with Jackman to help protect her property. (Read Netflix Australia Catalogue)

Paper Planes

Eleven-year-old Dylan finds he has a knack for making paper planes. Much of the ability came about after losing his mother in a vehicle accident. Climbing up to international standards of making his planes, you get to see an old-fashioned family film on Netflix in Australia.

Other Australian movies worth a mention are:

  • Wolf Creek – horror
  • The Hunter – Willem Dafoe
  • Muriel’s Wedding – Funny
  • Oranges and Sunshine
  • Strangerland
  • Kenny – mockumentary about the larger than life like local plumber Kenny

Netflix in Australia

What Movies are on Netflix Australia, But Not Australian?

You cannot fill an entire library with Australian movies. Everyone needs some variety.

The Good Liar

What’s not to like about Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Helen Mirren uniting in a banger of a movie. Conman and dating site, can he pull off his most daring con to date?

Mary Queen of Scot

A real beauty of a film, to grace Netflix in Australia. Saoirse Ronan brings Mary to life alongside Harley Quinn star Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth I who battle their wits against each other.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E

This is a real watcher on Australian Netflix with Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo. A great retelling of the old TV series and well worth a look.

Project Power

Jamie Foxx stars in this recent movie about pills, which deliver extreme power for five minutes. The question is what happens when you take the pills. No one knows until they do.

Netflix What to Watch

Australia Netflix would not be the same without a list of series you can watch. Here are some of the best old and new TV shows you can get to watch after movies Netflix has worn you out.

Glitch – 2015

Small town Aussie cop who keeps finding those low-level problems. If kids stealing durries from the servo were not bad enough, then being called out in the middle of the night to find six people have risen from the dead. (Learn How to Watch Glitch Online)

Patrick Brammall, Genevieve O’Reilly, Emma Booth, and Emily Barclay, star in the hit show from 2015.

Tidelands – Netflix Original

Back in 2018 came Tidelands. A former criminal returns to her hometown, which happens to be a small fishing village. With bodies washing on the beach, there is a secret being hidden, and the half-human half-siren inhabitants have some weird showings in this Aussie show.

Jack Irish

Who does not love to watch anything that has Guy Pierce in it? Jack Irish is the tale of on and off debt collector who has a tragic past dragging along with him. Sticking his nose in where it is not wanted, and the crusader from Melbourne is out to solve any case going.

It only had two season outings, and it was worth so much more.


Two women, in the way of Lola and Chelsea, find themselves caught up in a criminal conspiracy. They are setting off on the run across Australia with a boot full of stolen loot. Suspenseful binge-watching has never been so exciting and rewarding. (Read Netflix Search By Country)

A great show from 2016 that leaves you hanging with more than enough cliff-hangers to keep you guessing.

Please Like Me

You will find this series is a few years old, although still relevant. This show starring Josh Thomas, Debra Lawrance, David Roberts, and Judi Farr may have slipped by you. Thomas came up with the show, which follows the character who goes through more than a handful of challenges as he makes his way into adulthood.

It is charming, funny, and quirky, so there are not many dull moments as you sit back to watch this charming series. (Read Netflix Australia Pricing)

Pine Gap

Quite a short series as TV shows goes on Netflix with six episodes. However, don’t they always say quality over quantity?

Pine Gap follows a team of Australian and American intelligence analysts who make up joint forces security. While it isn’t earth-shattering, it comes in with enough to be a worthwhile companion when the characters actually grow on you rather than the ones you grow to hate from the new longer TV shows you get to see.

What to Watch on Netflix

It is not as much as what to watch; it is how to watch what you want on Netflix. If there is a new movie, you may go to site and find it has not reached the Aussie shores and maybe months away.

It is here that you need to resort to American Netflix, yet you have no idea how to get past the dreaded Netflix site error.

You quickly find Netflix stops anyone from watching content from another catalogue unless they are in that country.

However, once you begin to learn about premium streaming VPN’s and how they can still bypass all the harsh geo-restrictions Netflix lays down.

Then you have a choice of where to watch Netflix from. Netflix makes it pretty easy compared to other streaming services, so if you don’t have a Netflix subscription, now is the time to do so.

You will, unfortunately, lose the 30-day free trial they so kindly stopped in Australia, so unless you can sign up inside another country, you may need to forfeit the trial.

  1. Signing up is as easy as adding your email address and hitting Get Started
  2. Hit continue and then add a password
  3. See the plans: $9.99, $13.99, or for H.D. and four screens; it is $19.99
  4. Add your payment, and you are all good to go

While you can watch all the Australian movies you want, you will get stuck trying to access any other library.

Here a VPN comes to save the day, although you do need a premium VPN to work.

  1. Pick the world’s number one VPN
  2. Head to the website and add your email
  3. Pick your plan and make your payment
  4. Install the client app on your device
  5. Open the software and change the country to the United States
  6. Open your browser or the Netflix app

You should now see a lot fewer Australian movies on Netflix home page, and it will be full of Americans.

You now have the best of both worlds for your streaming experience. You will also find things that work in reverse. If you are overseas and you want to watch some Australian movies, then connect your VPN to a server down under, and you can watch content from back home as if you were sitting in the outback.

Best Australian films on Netflix