How to Watch Glitch Season 3 Online

Glitch is a hit Aussie show created by Tony Ayres and Louise Fox, and associate producer Emma Freeman. It follows the events of the dead coming back to life, and one of them the wife of James Hayes, the local cop.

The sci fi show follows a different path for the dead that came back and the new characters along the way.

Right from the first season, fans have been hooked, and now they want to find out the final climax of the series.

In our guide, you can see from the Glitch season 3 release date of August 25, 2019; the six episodes keep fans guessing right until the end.

By the end, you find all you need about how to watch the third season of Glitch and the ‘Risen,’ and also the first two seasons.

Watch Glitch Season 3 Online

Glitch Cast

  • Patrick Brammall – James Hayes
  • Genevieve O’Reilly – Elishia McKellar
  • Emma Booth – Kate Willis
  • Emily Barclay – Sarah Hayes
  • Ned Dennehy – Paddy Fitzgerald
  • Sean Keenan – Charlie Thompson
  • Hannah Monson – Kirstie Darrow
  • Aaron L. McGrath – Beau Cooper
  • John Leary – Chris Rennox
  • Rodger Corser – John Doe
  • Andrew McFarlane – Vic Eastly
  • Luke Arnold – Owen Nilsson
  • Rob Collins – Phil
  • Pernilla August – Nicola Heysen
  • Harry Tseng – Tam Chi Wai
  • Jessica Faulkner – Belle Donohue

Where is Yoorana in Australia?

Yoorana is a fictional Victorian country town. The location in Australia where this great show was partially filmed was Castlemaine in Victoria, which sits around 75 miles from Melbourne.

An online map, you could see it says most of Yoorana would take up the west side of Castlemaine for the filming, although in the show, it may have felt like a larger area.

How Many Episodes of Glitch are There?

At the time of the end of the 3rd season, there are 18 episodes in total. Season 1, season 2, and season 3 all offer 6 episodes.

In the latter parts of the show, if you were to review the whole season. There were new risen arriving, yet by then, the story was already set for the TV show, and there was little reason for the appearance of these new dead people.

You will find Tam Chi Wa died in some riots back in the 1800s, though he was murdered by young Paddy.

Before this, Chi and Belle brought talk of prophets and angels at the time. Much of this could have led to Belle really being killed by her parental characters because of her independent thinking.

From the beginning, Phil and Sarah were over keen on trying to kill all the risen, the reason being they are all risen to focus their attempts at killing her and the remaining risen.

Everything is out of balance, and the chain of events has begun.

What Happened to James in Glitch Season 3?

Many people think Glitch season 3 lost its way, although it was probably the direction it was taking from the very beginning.

It began after Kirstie and Charlie receive a tempting offer from Norgard. Meanwhile, Kate questions Phil of his true motives. James and William go ahead with their new plan.

James is lined up to become an enforcer and really restore order to the chain of events that unfolded up until that time.
However, he needs to deal with the death of Sarah a second time.

All the way, he was destined to be a hero, even if it took him to die to achieve this mythical status. Out of all the characters, James sets out to save the world, no matter how much he resisted.

Many a review think that season three was not as pivotal as season one, yet it did take season 2 to piece them together. William and James are under suspicion of Kate, although by them, it could be too late.

Stream Final Glitch Episodes

Is Season 3 of Glitch the Last?

Like many shows that people like, they want shows to carry on as they are drawn to some of the characters.

Sadly, we won’t get a season 4 of Glitch as the third season was the final one. However, as the show says, not everything will stay buried.

Final Glitch Episodes

  1. Mum – New risen emerge
  2. Quintessence – William discovers his true purpose
  3. First Times – Charlie meets a new love interest
  4. Perfectly Safe – Kate interrogates Phil
  5. The Enemy – Chris’ relationship with his brother is tested
  6. Little Gidding – Chris confronts James over his plan

Fans can watch Glitch online for the last and final season. Besides this, it can be far easier than you would expect to watch every episode of the entire series in all its glory.

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How to Watch Glitch Season 3 Online