How to Get American Netflix in Australia

Having a Netflix subscription, you can access content from almost every country in the world, except for a few.

One thing that differs is the number of shows and films in the catalogue that are available for your viewing pleasure.

In some regions, the Netflix library is limited, and while the Australian library is not as small as some are, there is a big difference from that of Netflix in the US.

Stream American Netflix in Australia

Netflix America has some of the most stringent regulations for users outside of one country trying to access another library, namely the US library.

The simplest and most reliable way is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). These VPNs tunnel Internet traffic through encrypted tunnels to existing servers in other countries. They mask your IP address and change it to one of the desired countries.

All this offers the great geo-restricted unlock as well as the best way to protect your data and enhance your online security.

Once you have secured a VPN from our recommendations, obtaining access to the Netflix library you want is quite simple.

How to Watch American Netflix in Australia

Here is the breakdown of accessing US Netflix; the Americans can do the same for other libraries by just changing the VPN server to another.

One thing new subscribers may realise is that Netflix offers a one-month free trial. You can tie this up with the 30 days refund on most VPN’s and access the service free.

Step 1: Choosing Your VPN Provider

You need a proven VPN provider, or you will quickly receive an error message. Select one of our recommendations from which these instructions are based. (We recommend ExpressVPN for Netflix)

Step 2: Install Your VPN Client Software

Here are the necessary steps for signing up to a VPN. While they are similar, some VPN’s may differ slightly.

  1. Navigate to the recommended VPN website (We recommended ExpressVPN for Netflix)
  2. Click the button labelled “Subscribe or Get VPN”
  3. Select your plan (These vary from monthly, six months, annually, two years or three years)
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Pay using credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin or other methods
  6. Receive your confirmation email with download links
  7. Install the VPN on your device (Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, or manual configuration on routers and other devices)
  8. Use the 30-day money-back guarantee to test all the features.
  9. Once you install the client, log in using your email and passcode received in your email.

Step 3: Connect to Another Server

You can use Quick connect, but selecting the USA; you need manually select the server. Once inside your VPN client, use these steps to change your region.

  1. Select the server list in your app.
  2. Search for your desired location or country to connect. (This is the location of the Netflix content to watch)
  3. Select a server in the country you are connecting to (You can choose by city level in some premium VPN apps).
  4. Wait for the VPN service to connect to the server. Most VPN’s come with a kill switch to stop all connections, thus halting any IP leaks).
  5. The connect button turns green once you connect (it can differ, but most VPN’s turn green).

Step 4: Log into the New Netflix Region

  1. Once connected, the Netflix app should now think you’re in a different country.
  2. Open the Netflix app or web page, then log in with your regular details.
  3. If you find you can’t still gain access, the best VPN provider’s offer 24/7 customer support with live chat. You can quickly chat with these and find out the servers, which are working for Netflix access.

Best VPNs American Netflix in Australia

Netflix places a general ban on VPN users accessing its service, although as you can see from the sign-up process, it makes it easy in other ways. However, it isn’t a matter of picking any VPN to gain access. (Read our Netflix Proxy Error Guide)

Not all of them can bypass the secret restrictions Netflix imposes. IP address blacklisting is just the beginning of what they do to stop VPN’s working. Here are the very best of Netflix VPN’s that are still working.

ExpressVPN for American Netflix in Australia

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the number one VPN that still works with Netflix. You will find that it makes it easy to connect to the Netflix library with several stable servers across the US. They can also access many other streaming services such as iPlayer and Amazon prime.

The connections are the best Netflix streaming speeds to support 4K HD streaming; this is without lag or any considerable buffer.

They optimise all servers for streaming and run TrustedServer Technology. Here they run on RAM and not on slow hard disks. Therefore, you can access Netflix, and get around any error; the network extends over 3,000 servers in 160 locations in over 94 countries.

Get ExpressVPN and SAVE 49%

You can have five simultaneous connections on the most considerable selection of devices, including PC, macOS, iOS and Android, Linux, and routers. In addition to browser extensions, you can apply the MediaStreamer function for use on devices that come without an app.

In addition to streaming, you will find ExpressVPN one of the most protected VPN’s for online privacy. It protects connections with AES 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, DNS and IPv6 leak protection.

They are based on BVI (outside 14 eyes) and adhere to a zero registration policy. Customer support is the best in 24/7 live chat trading and has a 30-day money-back guarantee to allow you to see Netflix for a month.

NordVPN for American Netflix in Australia

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the few VPNs that regularly works with Netflix. You can access many of Netflix’s global catalogues and the US, and you can choose from one of the many US-based servers to avert errors.

The network extends over 5,100 servers and circumvents restrictions, using SmartPlay technology, which incorporates a VPN and a proxy.

All the operations are automatic in picking the ideal server; however, the customer support is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with live chat when it wavers as you are about to watch a Netflix TV series.

Besides the extension that covers streaming with the top speeds for HD, VPN is one of the securest that can be adopted. The headquarters are out of any 14 eyes in Panama; they have a zero log policy. With this, there are more security qualities than you will usually require.

Get NordVPN and SAVE 70%

They are using AES 256-bit encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, and dual kill switches. It also supports six device connections on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, Linux, and others.

Browser extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to test all features. (Read our review)

CyberGhost for American Netflix in Australia

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost makes it a breeze to unblock Netflix in only a couple of clicks.

The stream section in the application lists servers, so they unblock rather than just their location. Their network covers over 6200 servers around the globe.

Netflix is very clearly displayed on the top, and by clicking it, it will connect you to the VPN and even open Netflix on your behalf.

CyberGhost also provides high speeds, top security, a no-logging policy, and fast customer support. There are applications available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Get Cyberghost and SAVE 79%

They are using AES 256-bit encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, and dual kill switches. They also support seven device connections on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, Linux, and others. Browser extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox.

It also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee to test all features.


Can I use free VPNs to unblock Netflix?

No, it’s not possible and not reliable. A free VPN is not worth the effort; they offer slow services and often have data caps. Free VPN services see users as the product and usually collect user data and private information to sell or use it to target their ads.

What American Netflix has that Australia doesn’t?

While the numbers and content can change from week to week, US Netflix has around 500 movies and TV shows more than Australia. Here are some excellent examples of what you can miss in Australia Netflix.

When you put this into numbers, the US has around 1,844 TV shows and 4,035 movies. Australia comes in with 1,734 TV shows and about 3,600 movies.

How do I change my region on Netflix?

  1. Create a Netflix account if you have not done so already.
  2. Sign up and download, then install, one of our VPN recommendations.
  3. Log on to your VPN and connect to a server in the desired country.
  4. Navigate to the Netflix website. It should automatically redirect you to the site where your VPN server is located.
  5. Sign in to Netflix.

What Country is Netflix Cheapest?

In 2020, the crown of the cheapest Netflix country has gone to Turkey. Previously it was India.

And Finally…

Netflix has a lot to offer, and once you begin using the best VPN for your Netflix account and Australia, it can be easy to access what is supposed to be the most stringent streaming service to crack.

While many VPN’s give up trying to carry on bypassing restrictions, it makes competition at the top a little less cluttered, but no easier.

Even the best face issues now and again, but like with the three VPN’s here, they do all they can to keep users secure and also offer watching US Netflix in Australia a good selling point.

How to Get American Netflix in Australia

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