Does PIA Work with Netflix?

Private Internet Access made a stand back in 2016 when Netflix stated they were to crack down on VPNs for accessing overseas libraries.

The VPN provider said they wouldn’t try to fight these restrictions and bypass them to access geo-blocked content.

It appeared that PIA’s days of binge-watching Netflix were over. Private Internet Access, however, could be used to stream Netflix despite their new policy claims. How are things different, and is there still Private Internet Access, Netflix link that allows access?


In this guide, you can learn all you want about does PIA work with Netflix or not? By the end, you’ll find out that PIA promotes itself as online privacy and protection solution more than Private internet access work with Netflix. (Learn How to Watch Netflix American in Australia)

Which VPN Works with Netflix?

PIA works with Netflix in certain areas, although there is a history of problems, thus making it an unreliable choice.

PIA is one of the most advanced VPN providers globally that comes with a great reputation thanks to its exceptional service and features. However, it fell in the rankings when Netflix blacklisted their servers, making it impossible to unblock them.

Here’s how to watch Netflix with Private Internet Access in 2021

  1. Sign-up for PIA, choose a plan that suits your needs (Read our PIA Review)
  2. Download and Install the desktop client or device app
  3. Open the app and sign in
  4. Connect to a working Netflix server
  5. Now open the Netflix website or app and start streaming Netflix.

Try again if you get the dreaded “Whoops, something went wrong…” streaming error message despite connecting to a location that is supposed to work. You likely connected to a PIA server that has already had its IP addresses blacklisted.

While this is much the same as any other VPN, such as Express VPN and Nord, for bypassing Netflix blocks, you’ll find there are only certain PIA servers that unblock Netflix, such as Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Washington DC. Sometimes, even these may not be reliable.

Should you need Netflix access more than a zero logs policy and high levels of security, then it is recommended to check out the likes of Express and Nord by using their 30-day money-back guarantee.

Many Netflix users wonder if they can use a free VPN to unblock Netflix. Unfortunately, using free VPNs won’t work on many grounds.

Why doesn’t PIA work with Netflix?

PIA is more of a privacy-focused VPN, which isn’t suitable for unblocking Netflix. It doesn’t offer dedicated streaming servers like ExpressVPN, even though it has over 3,000 VPN servers in 34 countries.

Private Internet Access could circumvent Netflix’s geo-restrictions initially, but its VPN blocker detected IPs and disabled the PIA Silicon Valley servers, thus the problems PIA users now have.

Streamers use a VPN for watching Netflix libraries outside of the US, yet it may not be possible using PIA.

Since PIA is an unreliable Netflix VPN provider, alternatives are required to access Netflix. ExpressVPN or NordVPN are reliable choices for Netflix streaming, according to our recommendations.

These two VPNs are world-leading premium VPNs for Netflix. Besides this, they can bypass geo-restrictions for Disney Plus, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more from around the world.

Both these VPNs have thousands of VPN servers in their resume and cover many countries. Servers are optimized for streaming, and they both offer the fastest download speeds of many VPN providers.


Security and Privacy

The best VPNs need to offer more than just video access; they should encrypt traffic with AES-256 encryption and ensure no data leaks.

A kill switch should be standard as any IP leak can alert Netflix a VPN is in use, or you are outside the USA. The kill-switch prevents essential data from leaking from the secure VPN tunnel. Should the VPN fail on your internet connection when streaming, your VPN secures your device.

Faster Speeds

Even though a VPN can slow internet speeds, premium VPNs do all they can to make this trade-off as small as possible. This is truer for remote regions such as Australia, where many VPNs struggle to offer support.

Data Logging

Premium VPNs won’t record or track user’s online activity and offer a strict no-logs policy.

What VPN Can Netflix Not Detected?

In going through many VPNs to see which work with Netflix, we found certain VPNs claiming to work with Netflix, although they don’t. Here are some paid-for and free VPNs that can’t back up their claims.

  • UFO VPN: Exposed for logging customer’s activity.
  • Hola VPN: The free VPN doesn’t unblock Netflix and has been found to steal user bandwidth.
  • Unlocator: No secure no-logs policy, so it doesn’t offer any security or privacy. (Read our Unlocator Reviews)
  • Trust.Zone While security-focused, it can’t bypass geo-blocks.
  • HMA: Used to unblock Netflix, but no more.
  • OperaVPN: You can’t select a specific server location, so it is limited and more for security.
  • Windscribe: WindFlix servers are supposed to work with Netflix, yet unreliable in use.
  • SecureVPN This VPN raised several red flags that made me suspect it’s not a legitimate VPN at all. Its website redirects to a website for another VPN, which is odd. Since I can’t verify it’s safe, I would not recommend SecureVPN for use with Netflix.
  • Kaspersky Secure Connection: A large brand, yet it can’t unblock any streaming services.

Is Pia Good for Streaming?

With popular streaming sites like Netflix constantly cracking down on VPN use, there’s no guarantee that most VPNs will be able to access geo-blocked streaming content.

We had mixed results with PIA, and some US servers tested were able to access US Netflix content without being blocked by the dreaded proxy error.

PIA Speeds

PIA has a large network of servers across many countries. Speeds should be high with so many servers, yet PIA’s performance varies based on where you are located and the server locations you use. Australia to the USA for a PIA Netflix working connection can see speeds of around 10 Mbps.

PIA states on the website they offer full P2P support, and torrenting is allowed across all servers. A good zero-logs policy and the kill switch means your VPN connection is better for safe torrenting than streaming. (Read ExpressVPN Vs NordVPN)

It has apps for Windows, macOS, and mobile devices, so you can find the VPN services that cover you well enough in some areas to keep your device IP address out of sight.

Does Pia Work with Hulu?

Private Internet Access is not the first choice for streaming Hulu from the USA. Using a VPN connection from PIA for Hulu was much the same as wanting to watch Netflix.

During testing, it took lots of cache clearing, restarting our device, and trying many of the US servers to get a connection to Hulu and stream without glitches. Note this varied day-to-day, and what works on one may not work on another.

When you want a VPN working with Netflix, if you look at the NordVPN & ExpressVPN vs. PIA comparison, they have fantastic customer support that can help tell users which servers are working with Netflix libraries.

If you find PIA not working, you won’t find as much help as there is no claim of Private Internet Access, Netflix access.

The best VPN service will have at least one VPN server that offers a location that can reliably hide its IP address and stream Netflix.

Using a VPN can always have such issues, yet if you have a VPN that delivers the speed and gives you full support, you won’t be lacking, unlike the PIA Netflix confusion.Does PIA Work with Netflix (2)