How to Install Stremio (Kodi Alternative)

Kodi is a hugely popular media center that is compatible with a large number of devices.

However, because of the popularity of its third-party add-ons, there have been lots of attempts to get these add-ons shut down, and in many cases, the governing forces have been successful.

Now, a newish kid on the block is gaining attention in the media player world.

Stremio is very similar to Kodi, and although it isn’t that new, the company behind the Stremio app has just released the Beta 4 version.

Here we will look at the Stremio app and see how it copes with following in Kodi’s footsteps for users who want to watch free movies and TV shows.

Stremio video streamingWhat is Stremio?

Stremio is being designed with ease of use in mind. It is a cross between Kodi and Plex servers and allows users to organize all of the movies and TV shows they have stored on their computers.

The most significant feature of Stremio is its search feature. This can find all sources of any movies and series where it then lets you choose which one to watch.

The Stremio for Windows was the only app, but now the software supports macOS, Linux, iOS, and Stremio Android TV and other devices such as FireStick, etc.

Installing Stremio

It is effortless to install Stremio on Windows, and all you do is click on the Stremio download and let it do its business.

When you open the app, you will be asked to create an account by adding your email address and choosing a password or sign-up with Facebook.

It does this because your content is stored in the cloud. This is why you can start watching TV shows on one device and then continue watching them on another.

This cloud storage does have good points and bad points; yes, it delivers the convenience of watching Streemio content from anywhere, but the downside can be a little more concerning.

The Stremio cloud service will let the service know all of the users streaming history and any Stremio add-ons download or use that has taken place.

To make this worse, the technology that powers Stremio is based on Bit Torrent; this is closely related to torrent websites, so as soon as you use the app, your IP address is publicly broadcast.

From here, ISP’s and governing agencies can monitor and track what you are doing. This can lead to a letter from your ISP or agency for accessing copyright-protected video content.

One final area of concern is that Stremio states in their terms of service that they might pass on user data to third parties for direct marketing or profiling upon compliance.

This means you can’t remain anonymous unless you take further steps, first though, here is how to install Stremio on FireStick.

Stremio on FireStickeInstalling Stremio on FireStick with Downloader

  1. On your Fire TV device, go to the Settings and navigate to Device.
  2. Navigate to Developer Options.
  3. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.
  4. Navigate back to Home and select Search.
  5. In the search box, type Downloader.
  6. The search results are displayed under the Apps section.
  7. Select Downloader from the listed apps.
  8. Click the download button to get Downloader on your Amazon Fire Stick.
  9. After downloading, select the Open icon to start the app.
  10. Once opened, go to Browser and type in “,” and hit Go.
  11. The Stremio website will appear.
  12. Scroll down and click on the Other Downloads link.
  13. Click on the Stremio APK version.
  14. The app will automatically download.
  15. After download, the installation menu will appear. Click down and select install Stremio.
  16. When complete, tap on OPEN and launch the Stremio-app on your FireStick.

Using Stremio with Third-Party Add-ons

All the official add-ons take you to Netflix, so they all need a subscription, but there are now a few add-ons for Stremio appearing, which deliver movies, TV series, and much more like Kodi add-ons do.

It is simple to add these third-party add-ons, and all you need to do is the following:

  1. Head to the website (Here are all the official and unofficial Stremio add-ons).
  2. All you need to do is click the link for the add-on to install it.

When you head back to the Stremio app, you will see add-ons related to torrent sites.

RARBG, IBERIAN, Popcorn Time, and YTS being some that are available. Now you can access TV channels, movies, TV, and lots more free content.
When you use an add-on, you will see it breaks the quality of the streams down into quality, so you can choose high quality or a lower quality if you have a slower connection.

Because all of these add-ons are new to this service, you might find Stremio not working. This isn’t the app, but it is because there is no guarantee any of the streams are available even though you have installed them from the download link. (Read What Is Plex TV)

Stremio and VPNHow to Use Stremio Anonymously

Although Stremio attempts to make things very easy for the end-user, there are too many concerns with user data being passed on and the use of Bit Torrent not to do something about it.

Using Stremio anonymously and preventing receiving any nasty letters is highly advisable to use a VPN service.

Once you do this, no one can see your IP address even when using the Bit Torrent protocols. The best VPNs will run on all the devices and more which Stremio can be installed on.

Once you use a VPN, you can use all the third-party add-ons with the knowledge your connection is encrypted. (Learn How to Watch Wentworth Online Free)

From this point, you are free to stream content as much as you want and tap into all of the live TV channels some of the add-ons deliver.

The app is worth looking at as a Kodi alternative, but taking the crown as the top dog might be another story.