How to Add Plex To Kodi?

Kodi is an open-source media player that can deliver a vast range of content to user’s devices using addons.

One of the latest names that offer something similar is the Plex Media Server. Created at roughly the same time as Plex OS, XBMC offers much the same yet offers a difference to make compelling use of.

You can ask, what is Plex TV? Most simply, it is here how it differs slightly from Kodi. Plex TV offers a simple client-server media player produced by Plex, Inc.


The latest Plex Media Server organizes video, audio, and more from your collections and online services, then streams to players.

The TV side has access to live TV from AMC, free movies, and it works on a wide range of devices from Windows, Apple, Android and more.

However, you can have Plex for Kodi, and there are reasons for doing this. You can learn the right way to add the latest Kodi Plex addons from the official Plex add-on and others in our guide. You can also find why using Plex on Kodi needs a VPN. (Find the Top VPN Australia)

Do I Need Plex If I Have Kodi?

The most significant benefit of using the Plex Kodi addon is that you won’t have to leave Kodi to access videos from your Plex library.

While most devices can run both Kodi and Plex, switching from one app to another to watch a show is cumbersome, especially if you’re using a set-top box or a mobile device.

Plex and Kodi have advantages and disadvantages. Plex’s smartphone connectivity, for example, is much superior. You won’t have to pick between the two media streaming apps if you combine them.

Here you can find how to install Plex on Kodi the official way using the official Kodi addons.

Make sure you have a Plex server running before you start. Any Plex server linked to your account can run using the Plex Kodi addon.

You will need to allow remote access and configuration on a different network to your Kodi computer. You can do all this with a free Plex account instead of a premium one. (Read 5 Best Plex Plugins)

Installing Plex Kodi addon

As the Plex Kodi addon is in the main Kodi repository, it’s straightforward to install the addon.

  1. Start Kodi and head to the Addons menu on the home screen. By default, it’s at the bottom left.
  2. Click the Download menu entry.
  3. Scroll and select the Video add-ons menu option to open the addons browser.
  4. Scroll in your video add ons to find the Plex menu item. Select to open the install screen.
  5. Click the Install button to the lower-right corner.
  6. You will be redirected to the addon browser, and your Plex icon changes to show installation has started.
  7. Your Plex icon changes a check when the installation finishes.
  8. Once done, exit the addon browser and return to Kodi’s main screen to launch the Plex Kodi addon.
  9. You can launch the Plex Kodi addon from the Addons menu.

Before you can start streaming media from your Plex server to your Kodi computer, you’ll need to configure the Plex Kodi addon. Before you can search your media libraries for files to play, you must first set up and connect your Plex account.

Select the Plex Kodi addon for Setup from the Addons menu within Kodi.

  1. Click to launch the addon.
  2. Select the Sign-in button to associate your Plex account with your device.
  3. Note the code displayed on your screen.
  4. Open your web browser and head to
  5. Log into Plex.
  6. Type the code given by the Plex Kodi addon. Click the Link button and link your device to your account.
  7. You’ll see a green check when your device is linked properly.
  8. Open Kodi to see your Plex content displayed on the screen.

Streaming with the Plex Kodi Addon

Streaming with the Plex Kodi addon is simple, as Plex’s library browser is like Kodi’s. You can change the library, browse, and play content. All Plex metadata displays properly, and the Plex Kodi addon supports playlists, searching, and suggestions.

Select a show with multiple seasons, and you can manage seasons and episodes automatically. You’ll find the addon uses a full video playback menu and can shuffle or loop a playlist. The Plex Kodi addon also offers an episode browser and tags unwatched videos.

The Plex settings menu pops up rather than Kodi’s when in playback. Besides minor changes, watching videos using the Plex Kodi addon is like watching videos from your library in Kodi.

How Do I Add to Plex?

Plex and Kodi together offer a fantastic experience to stream. A user can share videos and music from local storage to multiple users using the Plex media server.

Kodi offers a customizable interface, great navigation, and excellent content playback. When you download the PlexKodiConnect add-on, you’ll benefit from the best of both.

Also, you don’t need to exit Kodi to watch your Plex collection, not to mention Kodi performs better as a client than the Plex app. (Learn How to Watch Sky Sports on Kodi)

Here are the steps to install PlexKodiConnect:

  1. Download the following ZIP file at this address:
  2. Start Kodi
  3. Select the Settings icon
  4. Select System settings and Hover over Add-ons
  5. Select Unknown sources to enable
  6. Navigate to the Kodi home page
  7. Select Add-ons
  8. Select the Add-on browser icon
  9. Select Install from zip file
  10. Locate the ZIP file you downloaded and select it
  11. Click Install from the repository
  12. Select PlexKodiConnect addons
  13. Select Video add-ons
  14. Select PlexKodiConnect
  15. Select Install and wait for the Add-on installed message
  16. After the add-on is installed, click PlexKodiConnect
  17. Remember the code from the pop-up
  18. In your browser, go to
  19. Enter code and click Link


Add a movie in Plex

You can connect movies and TV shows to your media library with Plex Media Manager. Place a movie in a folder on your computer to connect it to Plex. You’ll need to build a library if you don’t already have one. It’s easy to add a library; place the movie in the folder you mentioned when installing Plex, and it will search the folder for changes and add the new movie.

  1. Click the ‘+’ sign at the Plex home page
  2. Select Movies in the Add Library window
  3. Name the library, choose your language, then hit Next
  4. Navigate to your movie folder, then click Add Library

As with any Kodi add-on, when using the Kodi Plex add-on, use a VPN. Even if you don’t have any copyright-protected movies to stream from your network, it can be vital. Copyright trolls and ISPs can see you’re using Kodi and Plex. Staying safe and anonymous when watching free videos on any device is vital.

A VPN can also stop any geo-restrictions that may occur when accessing free movies or accessing streaming libraries. A VPN stops anyone from seeing the movies you have on your network if you stream to a remote location. (Read Best Free VPNs)

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