How to Watch Sky Sports on Kodi

Sky Sports is one of the best channels in the world for streaming the best sporting action.

With this in mind, it is no surprise to see huge numbers of sports fans wanting to watch Sky Sports on their Kodi application.

Many sports add-ons for Kodi focus on particular sports, but the Sky Sports add-on takes the content from their web portal so you can pick and choose the best sports you wish to watch.

Here we will run through how you can watch Sky Sports on Kodi.

Install Sky Sports on Kodi

Installing Sky Sports Add-on into Kodi

  • First, open your Kodi App.
  • Next, navigate to and open the system settings.
  • Next, navigate to the File Manager and select and click on Add source.
  • In the Empty Box, add the following URL and select and click on Done.
  • In the empty box below, enter any name example, “Live tv, ” and click on Done, followed by OK.
  • You will then be redirected, or you’ll need to navigate to the Home screen
  • Next select System and then next add-ons
  • Now you need to install the Sky Sports add-on from a zip file
  • Choose the live TV option
  • Next, you need to choose the Silent
  • Once done, select the option “install from repository” and choose Silent Hunter.
  • Now select the Video add-ons option and select Silent Hunter
  • Once you’ve chosen this, choose the install icon
  • Wait a while until you receive the notification add-on enabled message
  • Once received, navigate back to Kodi Home Screen
  • Select Videos, and then select Add-ons
  • Finally, click on search Silent Hunter.
  • Now you can access all Sky Sports channels in HD.

Sky Sports Streaming

Because Sky Sports is a third-party add-on, it isn’t directly associated with Kodi, and if you consider accessing content through this add-on, it is highly suggested you make full use of a VPN.

Sky Sports in AustraliaThere are a few reasons this is a good idea, and the first being the 2-year data retention Australian ISP’s are required to do.

This means they can see exactly which sites you’ve accessed even when using Kodi.

Now they can either restrict your access or throttle your bandwidth, making your sports experience not a very good one.

Once you have the Sky Sports streaming add-on installed, there might still be occasions when you cannot access the content. Most will be down to geo-locked content, which is another area where a good VPN will help. (Read Watch Sky Sports Online)

This can also be the same for the Sky Sports Live TV app, which will only allow content in your geo-location, and outside of this, you won’t be able to connect.

An Alternative Way to Watch Sky Sports on Kodi

Although there is the Sky Sports add-on, there is an alternative way to access UK Sky Sports content. This is by installing the UK Turk Playlist add-on, and as it is a UK based streaming add-on, it will need a good VPN to access it.

Using this add-on, you can watch all the popular channels all the way down to Sky Sports 3 live stream, among other content which isn’t sport related.

This add-on has 14 categories, so it is straightforward to see what’s on Sky Sports.

Which VPN is Best for Sky Sports

When you watch Sky Sports online free, you need access to the country, and then you need the fastest possible speeds for viewing Sky Sports 2 live stream without any stuttering or buffering?

Sky Sports and VPNIf you read our NordVPN review, it could look like a good option for accessing all these streaming sports. However, you will see it can suffer from slow speeds, and because of the physical location of Australia, there is only a 3-day trial, so a money-back guarantee doesn’t give much time to test the VPN thoroughly.

The company also passes payments through a US-based company, so it isn’t entirely outside the 5-eyes jurisdiction.

When you compare and ExpressVPN review, you will see this offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with no argument. They also deliver the best speeds from any country you access content from.

There is also a VPN app for a vast range of devices, so you will never be short of being able to watch your favourite sports at home or on the move.

This VPN also protects you from prying and spying eyes from ISP’s and agencies checking for illegal content being accessed.

Now you can protect yourself while having your feet up and stream Sky Sports in the very best quality.