How to Watch NFL in Australia

The 2017-18 season of the National Football League, the American professional league has already kicked off this September.

The game started with the New England Patriots taking on the Kansas City Chiefs and another 30 teams are going to compete against each other for the next 16 weeks.

Watch NFL in Australia

Watch NFL live in Australia

Foxtel and Network Seven have the rights to broadcast 3 matches every week. Foxtel’s ESPN will also show the NFL RedZone, the weekly football wrap-up. But this is nowhere near the total number of matches to be played.

There is going to be 16 matches every week and a total of 256 matches this season and this figure doesn’t include the playoffs.

NFL live in AustraliaSo, leave your cable and go online. The best way to watch NFL online is the NFL Game Pass. This is the NFL’s own streaming service for international users.

With the NFL Game Pass, you can stream all the matches live in HD and get the NFL live scores for all 256 matches. There also is no fear of match blackouts. In case, you have missed any of them you can watch the replays later on demand.

You get the live stream of the NFL channel 24/7. With constant updates, you can keep up with the NFL Pick Watch and make your decisions accordingly.

With the Game Pass, you also get access to the RedZone as well as ‘condensed’ 40-minutes view of all the matches, ad-free.

Sign up for the Game Pass

With the NFL Game Pass, you get the full experience of this American league in Australia, inclusive of matches in the NFL playoff schedule. You get 7-day free trial but to enjoy all the benefits you need to pay for it.

The price is little over USD 200 for the entire season to watch the sports stream. With this payment, you also unlock access to matches from previous seasons all the way back to 2009. You can search for a specific moment in those archives by filtering the matches by team or player.

There also is this feature, Coaches Film. With the Coaches Film, you get exclusive camera views, those used by the broadcasters and the pros to gain better insight into the game.

Then you can also download your favourite game on your Android or iOS device to view it offline. It is also available for Microsoft devices and TV boxes. The streaming quality, though, depends on the device as well as the internet speed.

Use a VPN to watch NFL

The use of a Virtual Private Network is to have remote access to resources. A VPN server replaces the IP address of VPN to watch NFLthe device with a local IP address.

In this way, you can use services from that particular location. The best VPN software is ExpressVPN Australia netizens use.

But why to use a VPN? NFL Game Pass has different pricing for different countries, and you may get a cheaper deal when accessing from a different country, for example, Brazil. Interesting, isn’t it?

Not only this, but a VPN server also encrypts the traffic providing you with a more private experience.

At this moment, wishing you luck for a good deal!

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