What is the Cheapest Way to Watch NFL

Although the first month of the NFL season was cancelled, things are back, and the teams are going at it full bore.

With stadiums still on lockdown, it leaves streaming as the best option to keep up on the action. While it may appear challenging to find an NFL live stream, you can find that free sports streaming is possible with some of the legitimate streaming services and a little ingenuity.

There is more than enough ways to watch NFL live. Here you can find more information on how to stay up to date with Monday night football, NFL RedZone and many other NFL games from the NFL network.

Most ways need you to get a VPN for full-season access to watch the NFL.

Free NFL Streaming

Can I Stream NFL Games for Free?

One of the easiest ways you can find for free NFL streaming is to download the Yahoo Sports app.

You may not have the chance to pick any team or game you like, yet it does show a choice of upcoming games you can get on your mobile.

The app runs on iOS and Android, and all you need to do is use a VPN so you can enable location services and make your phone or tablet and the service to think you are in the USA.

It offers live local and primetime games throughout the 2020 season.

Can You Watch NFL Games on the NFL App for Free?

With the NFL App, you can get live TV coverage of free live local and Primetime Games, Thursday night football, Highlights, Breaking News and more.

With a Game Pass subscription, it allows you to watch replays of all games of the season.

Once you install the app, you have features that comprise New Game Center with live scoring, NFL Network 24/7/365 with authentication.

Game Pass access as well as access to NFL RedZone, the NFL shop and more.

Where Can I Watch All NFL Games for Free?

You can find many streaming services offer various parts of the NFL, yet not all offer the NFL Network that enables you to watch every game.

YouTube TV is one of the only streaming platforms to have the NFL Network as part of its base network coverage. Besides this, they have CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC.

While it isn’t free ($65 per month) it does offer a 14-day free trial for new subscribers who are quick. You can also pick from premium add-ons, and for NFL you can include NFL RedZone and Fox College Sports as some of the football additions. (Read Hulu In Australia)

All games shown are those in your local TV market, so if there is the chance of a blackout, you just need a VPN that can change your location at the city level.

You can find many other streaming platforms which offer free trials, without the N.F.L Network, but lots of different ways to watch NFL stream live of Monday Night Football, Thursday night football and games from the weekend.

  • Hulu with Live TV – $54.99 per month – includes ESPN, NBC, CBS All Access, and Fox – access to all local games. 7 – day free trial. (Read Can you get Hulu in Australia?)
  • Sling TV – with Sling Blue, you have Fox and NBC, Orange offers ESPN. $30 per month with 3 days free.
  • Fubo TV – Shows all local games on CBS All Access, Fox, NBC, and ESPN for $64.99- and 7-day free trial.

All these services enable instant access to the Fox Sports Go app.

Best VPN to Watch NFL Games on your Computer for Free

How Can I Watch NFL Games on My Computer for Free?

If you want to watch as many NFL games as possible on your PC, you have one fantastic option.

NFL Game Pass serves up lots of football action. You have access to all 250+ games live, all the playoffs, Thursday Night Football, and you can get NFL Network 24/7.

In addition, you also have live NFL RedZone and Super Bowl LV (Super Bowl 2021) when it arrives. (Read Private Internet Access Netflix)

On-demand offers much more, and you have all this with a 7-day free trial.

If you subscribe to the NFL Gamepass, it is $149 per year, and it is the only way you have full access to every drop of American football action.

One of the best things about the NFL Game Pass is that you can sign up for the international version that lets you access all the games without blackouts.

While the cost appears relatively high, it works out much cheaper in the end if you just want football. However, you will find one other option in the form of CBS All Access.

At just $6.99 per month, there is a massive difference compared to the Game Pass. While CBS allows subscribers to stream games online, they need to be authenticated as having All Access via a pay-TV service. (Read CBS Australia)

Watching the NFL with a VPN

If you want to Access any of the above platforms to take advantage of the free trials to test which offers the best in the way of NFL action, you need a premium streaming VPN subscription.

With these, you can bypass any restrictions set by these services. Even for anyone inside the USA, they can make full use of a VPN to obtain cheaper football without blackouts and the Game Pass.

Furthermore, a VPN delivers the fastest streaming speeds and prevents your ISP from slowing your connection through their throttling. Also, you can use a VPN to keep all your online activities safe and secure.

No matter how you get access, your NFL experience will be enhanced using a VPN. You can also take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee the top VPN providers offer and really watch NFL free.

What is the Cheapest Way to watch NFL