5 Best Plex Plugins

If you are an occasional user, then Plex will practically work directly from the box. All you need to do is spending some time learning to configure Plex and then adding your shows and movies.

However, after you have used Plex for a while, you may find that some features are missing or that you want some extra functionality. In addition, that’s where third-party Plex plug-ins come in.

Plex features incredible functionality with an extensive library of Plex channels, movies, songs, and TV shows.

Plex Plugins

It enables you to stream your content straight to your TV sets or Amazon Fire devices from a library located on a standalone server, your personal computer being server.

Your Plex media server can do more than stream content for you. It has plugins, which can enhance your entire viewing experience. It uses plugins in the same way you use Kodi add-ons.

Here you can see the best Plex add-ons. How to install them, and how to keep them safe.

What is Plex

Plex is among the top media streaming apps you can find. It operates a bit like Kodi, yet the way it functions is very different.

It allows you to take your computing device and turn it into a server, then from here; you can access any content you wish to watch.

Plex will take any remotely stored content and stream it to your location; in many cases, it will be a device connected to a TV.

Another difference you will find is you need to provide your own video content, so if you have countless DVDs or Blu Ray rips, you can make these accessible to anyone you grant access to.

Plex takes things up a notch and does some hard work by organizing all your content on your behalf. Once it’s up and running, it has an excellent user interface that is clean and easy to use, no matter your device.

Shows are placed into seasons, and you have all the title cards, and before long, you can have an interface that resembles Netflix.

You can use it for free, but there is also a paid-for option. Here, you use a Pass from Plex that costs $40 per year or $120 for a lifetime pass.

If using the free version, you will need to pay an activation fee for the platform of $5. (Read How To Add Plex To Kodi)

In most cases, the free tier is more than enough, yet depending on users and the amount of media streaming you do, the paid-for option may be a decent option.

It is the source of content that is contended. If you rip Blu Rays, this isn’t technically legal. You can also record TV from Plex with the TV DVR, and again not technically legal, yet it isn’t something individuals will be punished over.

Either way, you are best to invest in a VPN to keep all your content encrypted, and no one can see what you are viewing (more about VPN’s later).

Here are some of the best add-ons you can use to help with your collections on Plex.

1. Trakt Scrobbler

Trakt Scrobbler is considered one of the richest unofficial Plex plugins.

This plugin assists users in monitoring the progress of TV programs and channels as they stream content, or can say it synchronizes all of the user’s records, such as their history, show ratings, playback progress, and keeping a copy of a user’s Trakt.tv profile.

The plugin isn’t available direct on Plex, and it does need downloading from web tools.

It performs similarly to today’s recommendation systems, keeps records of all programs and series watched by viewers, and can suggest the most popular programs and series.

It offers correct results, although, in some instances, it can deliver an error if many users are using it simultaneously as servers face heavy loads and are unable to cope.

2. SubZero

Frequently we see movies in other languages, and subtitles are necessary. The SubZero plugin is an excellent Plex subtitle plugin.

You will find an integrated subtitle manager in Plex, and although it hasn’t had updates for a while, it still works as it should. However, there are occasions when subtitles don’t show, though this may be the source more than the plugins fault.

Subzero will search around ten alternate sites that host subtitles and use their APIs to deliver the best subtitle for the TV shows and movies you are getting ready to watch.

In addition, the plugin keeps searching for new content subtitles in the background and on your server. This means you’ll have subtitles preloaded and don’t need them to load as you start your video.

3. Plex-Sync

An additional useful Plex plug-in is Plex-Sync, which is indispensable for Plex servers. This syncs content across multiple servers, which in turn means it, will synchronize the watch time, clock/vision status through different Plex servers for various TV shows, movies, and various other media.

Plex-sync leverages the IDs for different media libraries to synchronize the watch status through the Plex servers you choose with the help of the Command Line Interface.

To skip the inconvenience of manually synchronizing the content on other Plex servers, you can use Cron instead. A top plugin for Plex if you want

4. Organizer

There may be several best Plex channels running at the same time. Managing and tracking them at the same time is not easy. Organizer allows you to set up “tabs” for individual servers where all can be administered separately from each other without any hassle.

To manage the Plex servers, you can add multiple users from the configuration. Settings and themes for the interface can be applied if the default skin feels boring. You will find this one of the best Plex plugins for managing multiple streams.

Furthermore, you can also access the management of your Plex server from the mobile as well, from any part of the world. You could also alternate this plugin with Plex Export, another best Plex plugin that allows others to see severe content without access.

5. Transmogrify

While there are thousands of films worth watching, deciding on your own is no easy task. Get help from the Transmogrify Plex Plugin by viewing the web-based IMDb and Rotten Tomato’s review pages, with ratings and reviews.

You also have your Plex library full of TV shows and documentaries, which is on the server.

In addition, you can upload trailers to the movies you are about to watch, available from YouTube. Furthermore, the content and details pages are also accessible for the film when using this best plugin for controlling Plex unofficial channels.

Nevertheless, whenever you are undecided on which movie, show, or popular Plex channel to watch, you can use the random movie/TV show picker and let the plugin select it for you.

Like Prime Video and Netflix, cast members have an actor profile for the films, TV shows, and features.

A Chrome extension for Transmogrify is available for the use of a Plex web/ client-server. You can activate it according to your taste.

Side Loading Plex Plugins

With Plex ending support for the best plugins and unofficial Plex channels. It left users stumped, although it is easy to sideload the best Plex plugins if you wish from an unsupported AppStore.

Here are the steps needed to install your best free plugins without getting them from an app store.

  1. Download the plugin or file folder. If it is in Zip format, you need to extract it from your computer.
  2. Search for the ‘.bundle’ file in the extracted folder
  3. Copy the ‘.bundle’ file over to your Plugins folder on your home Plex server.
  4. Be aware that not every plugin can be installed in this manner.

VPN for Plex

Best VPNs for Plex

While you don’t need a Plex Pass and pay to get the best out of Plex, you need a VPN service when you use the Plex app.

Plex apps will be under scrutiny by copyright trolls, governments, and ISP’s checking for copyright infringement.

To keep yourself safe and anyone who access your Plex, you need encryption from a VPN. Any smart homeowner will have the best VPN for Plex on their router, so all connections are out of sight.

There are people out to get you when you access any unofficial Plex channels, and a VPN can prevent this without spoiling your streaming experience.

A premium VPN can make sure all connections for all Plex users are secure and out of sight no matter what device you use and what location you are in.

Besides this, VPN’s can make all your connections hidden and boost the security of your home network.

As with any media centre that relies on plugins, you never know how legitimate the source is, particularly when they deliver free movies or TV shows right to your device.

5 Best Plex Plugins