How to Watch Wentworth Online Free in Australia

Trying to keep up with Wentworth, but don’t have the funds for Foxtel? Fortunately, Australia is not the only country interested in Wentworth.

There is a significant following in the UK, too—a country which doesn’t put all the best content on expensive, private channels. Only sometimes. Sports channel services are an exception. But we’re not here to talk about that. We want to talk about Wentworth.


watch wentworth today

The following information will tell you how to access UK television online so that you can tune in for your daily dose of Wentworth.

So, Foxtel wants to sell you a hundred package channel that you won’t ever need. The UK has its setbacks, but at least Channel 5 there offers a Wentworth watch online service. Channel 5 usually airs new episodes on its scheduled programming.

However, they also upload episodes onto their website for later viewing. So if you miss an episode (or even a scene), this service will keep you up to date. This is supposed to be for UK viewers, of course. Luckily, if you have access to high-speed Internet (and this article), you will able to bypass that small detail.

How to Appear to Be a UK viewer

Wentworth Channel 5What you need is a VPN. That’s a virtual private network. One of the 21st century’s greatest gifts to online streaming and unblocking of content everywhere. The beauty of the VPN is that it lets you work through another IP address.

Other geolocation changing services do not do that. They just mess around at the router level. A VPN will keep you anonymous for your online viewing. Oh, and did I mention that it really does change your online geo-location? As far as is concerned, you could be watching from your apartment bedroom in Kent. Or London.

Or wherever it is that you would like to be watching from. And as a ‘local viewer,’ you’ll have full access to Channel 5’s uploaded Wentworth content and more.

Looking for a Wentworth season 2 watch online option? Channel 5 has you covered. So long as you’re protected and operating via VPN, that is.

Which VPN?

expressvpn for WentworthThere are many to choose from, but I will recommend a fail-safe. ExpressVPN. Check out for more details, but this product is the best VPN download, in my opinion. It is easy to use. Simple to setup.

And a quality service the whole way through. A guaranteed way to change your online address, with the safety of being anonymous as you do it.

Want to take a look inside Wentworth prison? Watch online with the protection of ExpressVPN and enjoy all of the action from the safety of your home—wherever you actually are.