How to Watch Star Trek Discovery Online Free

Star Trek Discovery is an all-new series that was developed for the CBS All Access streaming service.

With Season two just beginning, there are fans all around the globe who are wondering how they can watch Star Trek online.

For lovers of the show and Star Trek, the only way to watch is if you subscribe, but unfortunately, the service is geo-blocked for viewers in the USA.

Before taking a look at how we can get around this, and the places you can watch Star Trek Discovery Season Two online for free, we will look at the cast and its creators.

Star Trek Discovery all new series

Star Trek Discovery

This great show was first shown in September 2017. Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman created it. Since the first show, a few spinoffs were in the works like Short Treks and even an animated series.

It is set ten years before the enterprise and the original series, and now it goes into detail about the Klingon Empire and their war with the United Federation of Planets. The voyages of the USS Discovery are filled with plenty of colourful characters.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham: She was the first officer on another ship and was often called ‘Number One’ She is human but raised in the Vulcan culture and traditions.

Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike: He was in charge of the Discovery and took temporary command over the USS Discovery. He is a by-the-book officer but a good person nonetheless.

Doug Jones as Saru: he was a science officer on the Shenzhou and played a Kelpien.

Ethan Peck as Spock in season two.

Other actors and characters ready to take on a new mission are Ash, Tyler, James Frain, Michelle Yeoh, and Philippa Georgiou.

With great episodes like ‘Vis Pacem Para Bellum,’ it is easy to see why fans were waiting for the season 2 premiere in January. And although this might have been missed, you can catch up with this and season 2 episode 2: New Eden.

With all this going on, the Star Trek series is being aired, and viewers have no way to grab hold of the episodes, and watching the Season 2 trailer isn’t enough to satisfy.

We will look at how fans can watch Captain Pike and his crew take on the Klingons for free.

Star Trek Discovery on Hulu

Where to Watch Star Trek Discovery

Many users are asking, ‘is Star Trek Discovery on Hulu?’ the answer is yes, but this is also geo-blocked to viewers inside the USA.

Luckily, the Hulu Star Trek Discovery workaround is the same as the others, and the good thing is, Hulu has a free trial, so you can take advantage and watch some of the new episodes for free.

Before seeing how to sign up for Hulu streaming service, the workaround involves using a VPN, and a VPN is required for all of the workarounds. (Learn Why Your Torrent Download Isn’t Working)

It was intended to get CBS on Kodi, but many third-party add-ons have been hit with takedown orders by CBS.

Star Trek Discovery CBS on Kodi

Signing up for Hulu:

1. Change the VPN to a US server (drop-down menu)
2. Head to the Hulu website
3. Click on the start free trial button
4. Select plan – If paying by bank debit card, the transaction will appear to be from the US. You can also use a Payoneer prepaid cash card.
5. Fill in your details – if it asks for an address, enter one from the internet.
6. You can then download the Hulu Plus app for your device. Download and install.

The free trial isn’t for long, so be sure to cancel before you pay.

Amazon Prime is another way to watch Star Trek for free, this has a 30-day free trial, and signing up is as easy as it is on Hulu. Be sure to set your VPN to the United States or it will default to Australia and won’t work.

With this, there is also the chance to watch many other shows and movies, but you will be faced with ads by signing up for the cheaper option.

Watch CBS All Access using VPN

Using a VPN to Watch CBS All Access

Users might wonder how does VPN work to allow access to watch CBS. It is easy, and a VPN masks a user’s connection.

By doing this, it is possible to choose a server that is based in America, so all connections appear as if you are in the USA.

The workaround to bypass all of these geo-restrictions is by setting the VPN client to the USA, and once you do this, you can start the CBS All Access sign up procedure.

This asks for name, password, email address, and US Zipcode, which you can find on the internet. CBS does come with a free trial, but this is only for one week before you get charged.

Once you have completed this, you will have access to this CBS service.

We now have two choices of VPN you can choose from. NordVPN is a good option and can easily make you look like you are in the USA.

It delivers top-end security and is better than many other completion in the VPN marketplace; ExpressVPN at pips it to the most in most areas.

ExpressVPN delivers the best speeds to Australia from the US, and continually bypasses geo-restrictions with ease. Security and encryption are on par with Nord, and you have the ability to install this VPN on your router.

The advantage with this is you can install CBS All Access on FireStick, and when you use it, the VPN on your router will make it appear like your Australian home is in America.

This is far more comfortable to watch the Discovery flying through space from the comfort of your couch than needing to watch online with your computer, or one of the other mobile devices this VPN has software for.