How Much Is A Subscription To Netflix

Ever since the early 2000s, Netflix has ruled the streaming wars, and it continues to do so. Unless the competition steps up their game, there is nothing, which can touch the streaming company at present.

If you happen to be one of the millions who don’t subscribe, you may wonder how much it is, and what does it have to offer to make it worth the effort to subscribe.

You need to know are how many people can watch at any given time, and is there a free trial you can use to check out all the features?

Here, you can find out all you need to know; about how much are streaming plans on Netflix, and does it have all your favourite TV shows and movies?

Netflix Subscription

How Much are the Plans on Netflix?

When you begin looking at Netflix Australia pricing, you have three plans available like they offer in most other regions such as the basic, standard and premium.

Here’s a breakdown of how much does Netflix account cost for Netflix plans Australia

  • Basic Plan: Being the cheapest Netflix cost at $9.99. You can expect it to offer less. However, it doesn’t mean you can access less; it is the number of streams and the quality that suffer. You have access to one stream, and you can only view in standard definition (SD)
  • Standard Plan: $13.99 per month
  • Premium Plan: $19.99 per month

One thing you may notice, that unlike many other regions, Netflix no longer offers a free trial for new subscribers in Australia.

It is worth noting; there are still nearly 3 million Americans, who get Blu Ray movies on discs through their letterbox with movie rental.

What is the Difference between Netflix Standard and Premium?

You may think that a $6 jump in the Netflix per month cost is substantial. However, there is a good reason that Netflix makes this price hike when you compare the Standard plan and the premium plan.

For the cost of Netflix subscription and your AUD $13.99 per month, you get a bump up in resolution to HD (high definition). To top this, you have the chance to watch two screens at the same time.

Once you look at what you get for AUD $19.99 per month, you have a jump in resolution to HD and Ultra HD (4k). With this, you also have the chance of four screens or different devices at the same time for each account.

All plans have access to the same movies and TV shows, and it is down to screens you can watch and quality that varies between the plans. You can also download your movies to view offline.

Netflix is compatible with Phones, Blu ray players, tablets, computers, Smart TV’s, game consoles, set-top boxes and many more devices.

How Can I Get Netflix for Free?

Although there are plenty of rights reserved on certain TV shows and movies, you can watch Netflix from any country on one account, regardless of where you signed up for it.

There is no free trial for Australia any longer, so you can make full use of a VPN, to not only spoof your location and access American Netflix.

You can take advantage, sign up in another region, and obtain your free month.

You then have access to lots more content, and as an aside, your ISP won’t throttle your connection when binge-watching on Netflix.

How to Watch American Netflix in Australia

If you can sign up for a premium VPN, you can make Netflix a viable option of streaming service. Besides, you do need a VPN that can bypass the draconian geo-restrictions Netflix has in place for watching other libraries from a different region.

In the basic form, here are straightforward steps to watch American Netflix in Australia or other regions library. It may be possible to sign up in another country if you have the payment option sorted. Gift cards can be a great solution.

  1. Sign up for your chosen VPN provider
  2. Install and open the VPN client
  3. Manually select a US-based server.
  4. Wait for the VPN service to connect to the server.
  5. The connect button turns green once you connect
  6. Open your Netflix app or the Netflix home page.
  7. Log in with your regular details.

If you can’t gain access, the best VPN providers usually offer 24/7 customer support with live chat. Ask support for help to obtain US Netflix access.

When choosing an Australian VPN, you will need to compare VPN services to make sure they cater to remote regions and can bypass Netflix restrictions.

Additionally, they need to offer fast speeds for Ultra HD streaming, as Netflix does take up some serious bandwidth on the top plans. Be sure to check how much does Netflix cost in other regions and how you can sign up there.

How Much Is A Subscription To Netflix