Why Is Netflix Australia So Limited

Netflix operates in nearly every country worldwide, yet many of these fall short when you compare them against the US Netflix catalogue.

It may be understandable for some specific countries, yet you would think Australia would be close by. However, you can find a distinct lack when it comes to content.

You can also see why so many Australians turn to the US Netflix catalogue and use streaming VPN’s to gain access to the overseas library.

Netflix Australia

In the rest of this guide, you can find out why does Australian Netflix have less.

Also, some of the more popular Netflix Australia catalogue TV shows and movies are available and can use a Netflix library by using a Netflix unblocker.

No matter which way you look at it, you will understand by the end that you can access any streaming services or Netflix versions from different countries in the world. (Read Alternatives To Netflix)

Is Netflix Popular in Australia

Netflix is massively popular for most users and serves up more than enough content to keep subscribers happy.

However, for the die-hard movies and TV show buffs, they may want that bit extra. There were recently talks of live sport streaming onto the streaming platform, although Netflix Chief Reed Hastings put that talk to bed last week or earlier, as they are not interested in news or sports streaming.

While the streaming service offers much more rights reserved content than any other streaming service in North America and any other country. (Read Netflix Per Month Cost)

It wasn’t long ago that Netflix subscribers wanted to contact us as the service showed old content and re-hashes of old movies and third-party TV shows.

The question is, can it go back to the point of number one compared to free to air TV and increase market share? (Read Breaking Bad Netflix Australia)

Why is Netflix So Limited?

You can find a couple of comments why Netflix appears to have fewer shows and movies than they used to. Even in the US, the number of films and shows will show a decline.

Because of this, and because of broadcasting rights, these numbers filter to other markets. Furthermore, there is a steady rise in competing streaming services from third parties or those linked to regular TV networks. (Read Is Friends On Netflix Australia)

You can find such shows as Friends is on Stan, where it used to be on Netflix. Besides this, there is a surge in the popularity of reality TV, and as we saw, Netflix has little interest in hosting any live shows.

TV streaming is also more readily accessible, and such networks are showing better quality TV series.

What is On US Netflix that Isn’t in Australia?

Once you begin to look at how big is Australia compared to the USA, you can see the gap has closed from years ago, yet there is a significant difference.

Here are some examples of things you may like to watch online, yet you won’t find them on Netflix. com/au in Aus.

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • NCIS and Criminal Minds
  • Breaking Bad, Supernatural
  • New Girl and The Walking Dead
  • Bad Blood, Beauty and the Beast
  • Ben 10, Better Call Saul, Broadchurch

While you may, these and movies are just not available on Australian Netflix, and you can’t watch them in the country; you can find them on other pay-TV services.

On Stan, you can get many of these shows and films free, and the likes of 9.now. com and 10.play mean you have access to lots more than you could a while ago. With these services, you may not have the range of movies, yet the terms of use are easier to live with, and you can save a subscription. (Read How to Watch Better Call Saul in Australia)

Netflix Australia compared to the USA

Does Netflix Australia Have Less Content?

Years ago, there used to be a far more significant margin than there used to be. Although they can change daily as movies and TV content are added and pulled, here are some recent figures.

Aussie Netflix

  • TV – 1,150
  • Movies – 3,340

With this, you have a total of 4,490, while US Netflix has a total of 5,095.

  • US TV shows – 1,225
  • US Movies – 3,870

Even though the share of series and films may not be such a massive difference, many seek the US shows rather than watch from Australian Netflix.

Here, you can see how to get Netflix American in Australia, which is far easier than you think. You will, however, miss out on the free trial, which they decided to drop.

To get access to the US Netflix, you need a premium VPN, and there are not many around that enable reliable access.

You can scour the internet for the best VPN review or comments and choose your company instead of using the amount of money as your decision-making criteria. Check a review and use the 30-days money-back guarantee to find which meets your needs.

The best company will deliver the best streaming speeds to Australia and New Zealand, and this alone is tough for many VPN providers.

Signing up for one is very easy, and you can save money by signing up for extended periods once you are4 certain you have the right one.

Premium VPN’s will offer a secure privacy policy and make your online activities much safer. You can use them to access any catalogue you desire by merely choosing the Netflix region from the client app’s drop-down list. (Read Top Movies On Stan)

It is a matter of connecting and heading to the main website or using the app. It wasn’t many years ago when VPN’s were just used in an office environment.

But now, they are the number one tool to have the chance to make available movies and TV shows you like on any streaming platform that will show it for any number of days. (Read Best Australian Movies On Netflix)

Why Is Netflix Australia So Limited