How to Watch Broadchurch Online in Australia

Broadchurch, the three-season crime drama from the UK, is quite popular worldwide. It first aired on the British iTV network in 2013, and the third season, which aired in 2017, is the final season.

One of the common questions fans ask is, “Where is Broadchurch set?”

Broadchurch is a fictional seaside town southwest of England. Detectives Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller work together to find out the murderer of a young boy.

Watch Broadchurch Online in Australia

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The plot showcases the effects a murder has on a small local community and the suspicion that arises among them as the investigation continues.

The storyline and the powerful performance by the cast have kept the viewers intact. The picturesque coastal region of Dorset, the real-life Broadchurch location, also has a role to play.

Although Broadchurch is fictional, the locations are not. Most of the filming was done along the Jurassic Coast, and the cliffs and the golden sands provide a fantastic backdrop to the show.

The series provides a glimpse of the beautiful landscape of the town Bridport and West Bay and also the seaside town of Clevedon in Somerset.

How can I watch Broadchurch?

Among those who want to watch online Broadchurch episodes, the UK peoples are lucky. They can catch up and watch the latest British TV series on iTV Hub, the on-demand service run by iTV. Along with PC and mobile, the Hub is also available on gaming consoles. (Here’s how to watch iTV in Australia)

You can also stream movies, sports events and other programs from the catalogue of iTV. The service, although free, Broadchurch season 3requires you to register an account with a valid UK postcode. Because of the TV licensing regulations, the service is available only to viewers in the UK.

With the global success the series has got, it is also available on popular streaming services.

If you have missed the live episodes of Broadchurch season 3, watch online on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes. Netflix would air the latest episodes by the end of 2017, and you can then watch Broadchurch season 3 online with your active subscription.

These services also have their own limitations, and many times programs aren’t available outside the US.

Watch Broadchurch in Australia

To watch Broadchurch, the best option is to connect to a VPN. These VPNs are a great way to stream content not available for your location.

Getting the network up and running is easy. It is a non-technical job, and all you need is to download their app for your device and log into your account.

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Once set up, you can connect to a server in the UK if you want access to iTV Hub. If you want to catch up with Broadchurch on American Netflix, switch to a US server. A VPN masks your current IP address with the address of that country. This lets you access those resources without restrictions. (Read Netflix USA In Aus)

The top VPN app is bound to be ExpressVPN. Although a pricey affair, ExpressVPN is known for its connection speed. Apart from security, this is one thing that you really need in a VPN for streaming purposes – read our full ExpressVPN review.