How to Watch New Girl Online Season 1

Running from 2011 and New Girl season 1 to 2108, New Girl was one of the largest smash TV shows for Fox. It brought the quirky humour of the stars, Zooey Deschanel, as she moves in with three guys, who may not like her in the beginning.

What began in New Girl season 1 with a bad break up for Jess, soon turned into a barrel of laughs as she intertwined with here new three friends in the form of Nick, Schmidt and Winston.

For fans in Australia, it may appear challenging to find the show on regular streaming platforms, yet help is at hand. After a quick look at the cast and show, you can find out all you need about how to watch New Girl online free.

Watch New Girl Online Season 1

What is New Girl?

The New Girl in the story is jess, who went through an embarrassing break up. Schmidt, Nick and Winston are after a person to share the loft they live in. Schoolteacher Jess moves in with three guys and is taken under the guy’s wings as they try to coax her out of her breakup.

With all manner of escapades along the way, such as when Schmidt tries to decipher the mixed signals he is getting from Kim, his boss, and Nick’s planned proposal to Jess.

Along with Jess, Nick and Winston, the four spent 146 episodes together until the end of the final season. From New Girl Season 1 in 2001, all the way to New Girl Season 7 in 2018 when there were some fond farewells as the day came where they all moved out from the loft.

Of all the TV shows, New Girl was one that fans grew to like, and now they may need to go back to watch full episodes, to like the show all over again.

Can I Watch New Girl on Netflix?

Around the world, you can watch New Girl on Netflix; however, you will not find it on Netflix Australia. (Learn how to watch US Netflix in Australia)

Why is New Girl Not on Netflix Anymore?

One of the policies of Netflix is to stream movies and TV shows that are not available on any other streaming service. Hence, if a show were on Hulu in the US, then it would be pulled from US Netflix.

It is one reason; you see shows on Netflix libraries outside the USA. Because many of the streaming platforms do not operate in the likes of Australia or the UK, for example, then Netflix still holds the rights.

The reason you will not find New Girl on Australia Netflix is that the show is maybe somewhere else.

Where Can I Watch New Girl Canada?

Here is an excellent example of how things change on Netflix. The show was pulled from Canadian Netflix in 2019, and then 12-months later every episode was added back to the streaming giant.

With a different day, Netflix may do what they feel like depending on how the wind blows.

Where Can I Watch all Seasons of New Girl?

If Netflix does not have any New Girl episodes, then you may think you need a VPN to access another streaming platform, or head to Netflix Canada to find New Girl, watch online.

However, you do not need a VPN, although it is worth investing in one for online privacy and security, as well as accessing other shows you like you can’t find in Aus.

To watch every episode of New Girl, you can find it much closer to home. SBS On Demand obtained the rights to stream every New Girl season.

One of the great things with SBS ON Demand is it is free for any Australian inside the country to watch with an internet connection. It is straightforward to create an account, and then you can watch what you like when you want.

SBS On Demand lets you follow every trial and tribulation of Jess and her quirky attitude, free until the end of September 2020 when some of the episodes come to an end. Perhaps you may need that VPN service after all if you cannot watch every episode by then.

How to Watch New Girl Online season 1


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