Best Shows On SBS On Demand

You can find many guides covering the best TV shows and movies on services such as Netflix, Stan and Binge. However, if you don’t have and are not interested in a subscription, you can find something for your viewing pleasure on SBS On Demand.

The Australian TV network presents many TV shows and movies to watch, free of charge. With a rotation, it doesn’t get stale, and there are always new additions.

One other great thing with this is, if you happen to be out of the country, you can use a premium VPN and access the most popular TV series from back home no matter where you are.

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Here we have the best shows available on SBS on-demand TV at this moment. Many are must watch, and you should check them out before the shows available to stream changes and a new list will pop-up.

SBS On Demand TV Shows

Best TV Series Available on SBS on Demand

Here is the current crop of the best TV shows available on SBS to stream. You can find a mix of SBS on demand drama, comedy, crime and much more to keep you happy on the television.

The New Pope

An instant hit and available on SBS on Demand is one of the top tv shows full of Italian decadence. For fans, there are many trailer shots of Jude Law on the beach in his trunks.

The New Pope was a rapid hit with audiences and followed up to the Cannes Jury Prize-winning “The Young Pope.” As you can guess from the title, there is a new season, and John Malkovich portrays the new pope. (Learn How to Download SBS on Demand)

In season 2 of the New Pope, Pius XIII or Jude Law remains in a coma. Cardinals and the Vatican begin searching for his successor and find the aristocrat Sir John Brannox (John Malkovich). It doesn’t take long for the new pope to realise replacing Pius XIII isn’t easy.

As in season 1, season 2 is available on SBS on-demand TV has fantastic acting as you’d expect from Jude and Being John Malcovich; he delivers nothing less than perfection.

Party of Five

Here is a new SBS series adaptation of Party of Five. It has stars such as Brandon Larracuente, Emily Tosta and Niko Guardado, all starring as the Acosta children’s family.

The original drama made cult television, and the much-loved show followed the Salinger family’s lives and loves. All this was in the following times after an accident killed their parents.

It revolves around five Mexican-American siblings forced to deal with the repercussions of ICE agents raiding their family’s restaurant. All episodes are available on SBS to stream free.


Here you find a young woman who has her memoirs on which the comedy is based. Lindy West was such a woman and known for her caustic, witty columns comprising gender and body positivity.

In the SBS TV series, Shrill is based on Annie, a plus-size woman who is an up-and-coming journalist struggling to deal with twenty-something existence. Throw in a video game addicted boyfriend and a boss restricting creative freedom. (Read Stan On Kodi)

Aidy Bryant stars as Annie Easton, and Luka Jones plays Ryan. Add in British comedian Lolly Adefope playing Fran, the queer hairdresser roommate, and you have all the makings of a must-watch TV series.

Dublin Murders on SBS On Demand

Dublin Murders

Fans of the genre love a good slow-burn murder mystery and can’t get enough. In this series, you see a near-perfect blend of the first two books from the Dublin Murders series by Tana French. It presents an 8-part series full of psychological mystery.

Dublin Murders follows two key investigations led by ambitious detectives Rob Reilly brought to life by Killian Scott and Cassie Maddox, played by Sarah Greene.

While the cases are unrelated on the surface, the woods where they found the child happens to be the same spot, three children went missing 20 years earlier. The one survivor being the charismatic detective Rob Reilly.

The Bureau

The fifth and possibly last season landed on SBS On Demand. Fans can’t get enough of this award-winning French series. Plots are intricate and based on real-life events.

The Bureau comes across as one of the most lifelike and addictive spy drama series that has ever been on TV.

It takes you on a roller coaster ride and is one of the top shows available. (Read British Open Live Stream)

Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill streaming now on SBS On Demand, you get fabulous costumes from the ’60s, ’80s and other decades. It is a dark comedy by Marc Cherry (creator of Desperate Housewives) and is led by Ginnifer Goodwin, Lucy Liu and Kirby Howell-Baptiste.

As in the title, there is murder, and the unique style of the show shows Beth Ann Stanton (Ginnifer Goodwin) in 63, and Simone Grove (Lucy Liu), who is deep in her third marriage, followed by Taylor Harding (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), who has an open marriage. (Read Hulu We’re Having Trouble Playing This)

You find many twists and turns and great acting. A second season is in production, so perhaps we need to wait for the outcome.

The Salisbury Poisonings

A 4-part BBC hit series based on real-life assassination attempts on double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the UK.

Quickly following, it was found a lethal nerve agent, Novichok, was used. A tiny amount of which could kill 20,000 people. Local police, Nick Bailey and Head of Public Health Tracy Daszkiewicz worked closely with the series producers to capture fear, uncertainty and heroism seen in the local community who rose to the challenge of defeating the contagion.

Reprisal on SBS On Demand


Reprisal follows a woman against a gang who tried to kill her. Doris (Abigail Spencer) re-emerged years later in a new life in Detroit. With an inheritance from the death of her husband, Doris takes on the gang. Plans are thrown off course as her inheritance is under threat; Doris takes matters into her own hands. Reprisal is a fantastic binge-watch.


Cardinal is one of the most-watched series available on SBS On Demand. It has been adapted from the crime novels by Giles Blunt.

The series follows Algonquin Bay City detectives John Cardinal played by Billy Campbell, and partner Lise Delorme portrayed by Karine Vanasse. Although last year saw the fourth and final season of Cardinal, now is the time to watch every series and every episode. In the final season, Cardinal and Delorme face challenges in the icy winter. Fans of Nordic noir will love this crime thriller.

Years and Years

Last on the SBS on Demand must watch list is Years and Years.’ It shows a terrifying dystopian future, which isn’t much different from the present.

The six-part series stars Emma Thompson and set in 2019 Britain. Central characters are traced right up to 2034, where viewers get a bleak glimpse of life in a world 15 years from now. It can be frightening while also fascinating.

Zero Zero Zero

Gabriel Byrne drama on SBS On Demand thrills many, and the narcotics drama Zero Zero Zero another addition to the great list. The crime drama is complex and dark. It stars Andrea Riseborough as Birdman and Dane DeHaan as Life. Together, they explore globalisation through three different worlds, all offering a unique perspective and taking part in a single shipment of cocaine.

Streaming SBS on demand from anywhere is straightforward with a premium streaming VPN. They can mask your location and change your IP address.

No matter where you’re located, you can select an Aussie server and watch any of the above shows or more from the 7,000 hours available in SBS on Demand TV shows.

Best Shows On SBS On Demand