Are There Any Good Movies On Stan?

Although there are two major streaming services in Australia, with Netflix and Disney Plus, Stan still manages to be one of the tops homegrown talents in the world of streaming.

It beat the rivals to the launch and offers a very competitive range of services with an all you can view coverage of programming.

Although there is still a considerable amount, viewers love numbers with no mention of the number of available titles.

Once you can see if you have value for money, it makes the signing up part much more accessible. The question for many still stands, and that is how many movies are there available to stream?

Here you can learn a little about the features of Stan and then take a look at the new streaming offers there are in the movie department. By the end, you will see what is available and if Stan is the top choice of streaming services for you.

Stan Streaming Service

Features of Stan

Stan offers an easy to use web interface, and it takes seconds to subscribe. Just enter a few personal details, email addresses, contact info, create a password, and then add your credit card details. Users also have the option to sign up via iTunes billing on Apple TV.

You will get genres grouped into categories: TV shows, Movies, and Stan Kids Movies.

You use the simple drop-down menus to find yourself among the popular sub-genres, such as sci-fi, high school, action, drama, and thriller. Alternatively, scroll through media image tiles of each title grouped by theme or category.

Stan will auto adjust picture quality depending on your internet connection bandwidth and play up to HD and 4K. You can also stream to 4 screens simultaneously.

You can also go back to where you were up to watching and carry on playing at another time.

With no ads and a wide range of device compatibility, all of which you can get with the 30-day free trial.

Movies on StanBest Movies on Stan

Here is a selection of the best films new on Stan at this time of year. There is something for everyone and can be enough reason to subscribe if you find something among the movie content you like.

Eagle Vs. Shark

A blend of Napoleon Dynamite and Flight of the Concord make up this rom-com. Director Taika Waititi kills his style of portraying tragedy and comedy at the same time. Jarrod and Lily have a story full of problems, but they are problematic people who have a soul mate.


Brooklyn is acted superbly, written skilfully, and shot brilliantly. If you want a movie to tug your heartstrings that not many movies can accomplish, this is the one. Set and cast in the glamour of high-fashion ’50s

In Bruges

A comedy-drama flick, which follows the story of two Irish gangland killers. Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson busy themselves hiding out in a quiet Belgium city. Martin McDonagh is superbly written and directed; it is full of genuine Irish style belly laughs and heartfelt moments. A movie you’ll never forget.


Bong Joon-ho delivers a worthy must-watch Academy Award-winning study of inequality. It is much better to know as little as possible before watching this tale of jealous necessity.

Being the first non-English-film to grab the Best Picture at the academy awards means it has to be something special.

The film blurs the lines between black comedy, heist, and thriller. It follows the Kims as they infiltrate the life of a wealthy, gullible family to find a better life. (Read Best Australian Movies On Netflix)

Mad Max: Fury Road

One of the best films in the action genre for a vast number of years. The George Miller reboot of his post-apocalyptic world franchise starring Tom Hardy as the anti-hero and Charlize Theron in a standout role as a feminist rebel for the millennium. It offers simply stunning views of Australia among all the action.


A spooky haunted house film that premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. It is stripped bare to the foundations in a gut-wrenching Australian offering from co-writer and director Natalie Erika James.

An older woman (Robyn Nevin) vanishes, and both her daughter and granddaughter, played by Emily Mortimer and Bella Heathcote, arrive at her home. The movie quickly descends into the ravages of family and the meaning of forgetting.

The Death of Stalin

Armando Iannucci knocks it out of the park with a satirical view of Stalin’s last days. Offering lots of razor-sharp dialogue, it delivers some hilarious performances from Steve Buscemi and Jason Isaacs.

I Am Woman

One of the best movies on Stan is an Original and tells the feel-good and inspiring story of Helen Reddy. She was an ambitious and passionate singer who penned and sang “I Am Woman.” The song went on to be an anthem for women’s movements during the 70s. (Read Best Australian Netflix Movies)

Bad Lieutenant

A thirty-year-old film that sits in the thriller genre. It shows excess and redemption mixed in a terrifying and ecstatic infamous crime drama starring Harvey Keitel cast as a corrupt New York Police Department detective. It must watch classic.


Here you have the best family-friendly movie that doesn’t come from either DreamWorks or Pixar.

The adventure-packed fairy tale for the young family sees love-torn Tristan searching for a falling star. He finds this in the form of an immortal princess, Yvaine, played by Claire Danes.

Unfortunately, the price of fallen stars is high, and the pair are on the run from pirates, princes, and three witches. (Read How to Get the American Netflix in Australia)

Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro cast to deliver some of their best outstanding performances. Stardust is tremendous fun for anyone of any age in the kid’s genre and is a must-watch.

There is more than enough content on Stan that can keep you going back to watch stuff you like. Here are just a sample of the movies, and it doesn’t include any TV shows.

The running time for everything is thousands of hours, which is impressive for a young independent streaming platform. However, you can quickly sign up for another service with a VPN and access a wealth of content free from other services in other countries.

VPN’s also make your activities throughout the day secure and safe as you work or play using any streaming service you decide to use.

Are There Any Good Movies On Stan