What Is SBS On Demand

SBS, the Special Broadcasting Service, is an Australian public broadcasting network. It is one of Australia’s five main free-to-air TV networks, and with this is

SBS Online, the network’s online gateway where it hosts SBS On Demand, their video streaming service.

With this, Australians can watch their favourite SBS programs anytime and without paying any fees. Users have thousands of hours of TV shows, doco’s, movies, and news and sport. (Read Update SBS On Demand App)

Here you can learn more about SBS streaming and how you create a new account for free.

SBS On Demand

How Do I Get SBS on Demand?

Once you head to the website of SBS, you will quickly see how quick you can create a free account by entering basic information.

  1. Click create account
  2. Enter first and last name
  3. Enter valid email and password
  4. You can edit your screen name here
  5. Enter your birth year and gender
  6. Click the ‘Blue’ create account button (By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy)

Besides this, you then have the devices you can use to access the SBS ON Demand app.

  • Apple TV – 4th gen and above
  • Games consoles – Xbox One and 360
  • Smart TV’s – Android TV’s, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony and HbbTV-enabled TVs and devices
  • Desktop PC’s
  • Mobile devices – iOS and Android devices

The new service lets you carry on viewing content from where you left off, unlike other streaming services.

You also find the TV guide for live streaming SBS; however, you can only watch the show content using SBS On Demand once the show ends. It also offers a popup box with a bit more information as you search through the TV guide to see what is available.

One other great feature is the entire SBS On Demand service acts as the SBS catch up service.

Is SBS on Demand Free TV?

The service is available and entirely free for anyone to watch inside Australia who has an internet connection.

As soon as you perform your SBS On Demand login, you are free to search for any movies or new SBS Demand shows that are listed.

What Channel is SBS On Demand?

SBS OnDemand doesn’t come on a regular TV, and anyone who doesn’t have a compatible TV for HD MPEG-4 will be happy to see they can get SBS Viceland, SBS Food, World Movies, SBSHD, NITV to get content from after the broadcast. (Read SBS On Demand Search Party)

How Do I Fix SBS On Demand?

If you do ever come across any errors, you can try these steps:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of any software
  2. Try uninstall or delete the SBS On Demand app and then reinstall it
  3. Turn off and restart your network connection (include unplugging your modem/ router from the power source for around two minutes)
  4. Try to connect your Smart TV directly to your router or modem
  5. Restart your network connection

If you still have issues, you can quickly contact SBS direct from the On-Demand site.

  1. Select Help from the menu, and it takes you to the Help page
  2. Add your email address and then select from the list of possible issues
  3. Tick the reCaptcha button and then ‘Submit.’

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