How to Watch Riverdale Online

One of the top shows which has viewers hooked in the US is the Riverdale TV show. This hit show is based on the classic Archie Comics.

The trials and tribulations of the characters Archie, Veronica and Josie among their many other friends, takes place in the small town of Riverdale.

It is now about or just has premiered its third season, so for Aussie viewers, there is a lot to catch up on. The question is how to watch the Riverdale full episodes before being up to date in Australia.

There are two options for Riverdale watch online now, although one is better than the other.

Riverdale TV showRiverdale Cast

Who are the characters in the top-rated show and what makes them so interesting that this teen drama is must-watch TV?

KJ Apa – Archibald “Archie” Andrews. This New Zealand born actor takes on the role of Archie and has best friends in Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper, he also has a passion for music and is on the high school football team.

Lili Reinhart – Betty Cooper. Having a long-time crush on Archie, she is smart and becomes friends with Veronica who brings a considerable contrast to town life.

Cole Sprouse – Jughead Jones. A bit of a social outcast, who so happens to be Archie’s best pal.

Camila Mendes – Veronica Lodge. A big city girl and former socialite from New York who moves into Riverdale and befriends Archie and Betty.

Skeet Ulrich – Forsythe “F.P.” Jones II – Jughead’s estranged father and the leader of the Southside Serpents, the local bunch of criminals which lives on the outskirts of Riverdale.

Riverdale on DirectTVWatch Riverdale Online – Option One

Riverdale is exclusive to CW TV although it does have many affiliates. DirecTV being one. This streaming services plenty of channels to choose from, although it can be challenging to create an account and it comes across as rather expensive.

This option for Aussie viewers isn’t really feasible, so for Riverdale watch series one and then catch up with season two. The second option is easier and more affordable.

Option Two for Watching Riverdale in Australia

The best and most accessible way of catching up on Riverdale episodes in full is by accessing the US Netflix. This though comes with a slight problem, but one which is easily remedied.

Users who sign up for Netflix, do have a global account, however, because of publishing rights, not all shows are broadcast in other regions, or they have a massive delay.

This plays havoc when trying to avoid spoilers or news on the top TV shows such as Riverdale.

When you use the second option for watching US Netflix and Riverdale, it is far easier, and you also have access to one of the largest geo-locked libraries of content from the USA.

This second option means you need to get a VPN. These virtual private networks will mask your location, so when you want to access US Netflix, you can easily do so by changing the server location you are connecting from.

Riverdale On NetflixWatch Season 3 of CW’s Riverdale On Netflix

The best VPN for watching the Riverdale TV show doesn’t really exist, it would, in fact, be the best VPN for US Netflix in Australia. Why? Because not all VPN’s are equal in what they offer or how they operate.

Some of them also find themselves blocked against Netflix, and give up trying to bypass these geo-locked content restrictions.

First up, here are four easy steps on how to watch CW’s Riverdale Using Netflix.

  1. Sign up to a VPN with high speeds and connect to a US server
  2. Register or sign in (30-day free trial available) to your Netflix account
  3. Search for Riverdale on Netflix
  4. Click play and enjoy

Best VPN’s For Riverdale On Netflix

There are a few contenders for the best VPN to access US Netflix in Australia. IPVanish was a contender, but it has recently succumbed to having its US servers blacklisted against accessing Netflix. For users who signed up hoping they would bypass this will be dismayed.

NordVPN is next up and is ranked number two. This offers plenty of coverage, although, for Aussie Riverdale viewers, it can suffer from intermittent speed problems on its network.

This leaves number three in a short list of hopefuls, and this is the Cyberghost VPN. This is okay. However, they had Netflix problems last year which are so far behind them.

One thing with Cyberghost is the fact, you can’t choose a server location for Unblock Streaming or Surf Anonymously, these are auto-assigned, and might not be the best for watching Riverdale episodes online.

Luckily, the best VPN to watch US Netflix in Australia isn’t one of the above three. The best tool for the job is ExpressVPN, and it continually gets voted for this, and also regularly manages to stay ahead of Netflix restrictions.