Is Friends On Netflix Australia

Friends have been one of the most-watched comedy shows ever to grace TV and have increased in popularity since it went off the air 16 years ago.

However, with the release of HBO max, Warner Media decided to end its licensing agreement with the world’s number one streaming service, US Netflix.

If you were hoping to catch all the episodes of Friends before looking for Peaky Blinders season 4 Netflix Australia release date, you don’t need to worry. Peaky Blinders Netflix Australia is up to season 5 already.

Watch Friends

Add to that; you may be wondering if there is the chance to watch Prison Break Netflix Australia, to tempt you to the service.

However, it is 10 seasons of Friends since leaving Netflix fans are keenest of watching. After a quick reminder of the cast, you will be able to answer the question, is Friends on Netflix Australia?

Cast of Friends

If you want to watch Friends, you will know all about the cast.

  • Matthew Perry as Chandler
  • David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston as Ross, Rachel
  • Matt LeBlanc starring as Joey
  • Courteney Cox & Lisa Kudrow as Monica, Phoebe

Since leaving Netflix in the US, it looks like it will be gone forever now that HBO has taken all the seasons for their streaming service.

Now, you can answer many of the questions about how and where you want to find Friends is available.

Is Friends on Disney Plus?

No, Friends is not on Disney Plus as this streaming service is a Disney service, and Time Warner have the rights to Friends.

Is Friends on Netflix?

You may be worried you would lose Friends Netflix Australia; however, the show never has been on there, and never will be.

Where Can I Watch Friends All Seasons?

In Australia, you have one home option where to watch all seasons of Friends. Because of complicated licensing agreements, you can find the show isn’t working its way to HBO Max (US Audiences only) any time soon.

You can find 10 seasons of the top TV shows of all time, available on the Stan streaming service.

Stan costs $10 per month for the basic, and up to $17 for Stan Premium. You do get a 30-day free trial.

However, if you don’t wish to sign up for another streaming service to watch one show, you may be wondering how to find Friends online Australia or other regions?

Watch Friends in Netflix Australia

How Can I watch Friends in Australia?

Many fans thought that with Friends leaving Netflix in the USA, it was going to affect everywhere. For whatever reason, it was never on Netflix Australia; it is still in other Netflix libraries.

Currently, the easiest way to watch Friends is by using a VPN service. The reason behind this is you can still find Friends in the UK or the Canadian Netflix catalogue, and you will need a VPN to access these with an Aussie Netflix account. (Read Netflix Country)

Both of these regions have every season available, so you don’t have to hunt for alternate places for some of the available seasons or episodes.

The best Australian VPN will offer an extensive network of VPN servers that covers a wide range of countries and Netflix regions. It will also comprise high download speeds for streaming to prevent buffering. (Read Netflix Australia Catalogue)

Any VPN for Australia needs to prevent ISP’s throttling connections when streaming or torrenting. Additionally, they need to offer military-grade levels of security to keep user data safe and secure.

  1. Sign up for your premium Netflix VPN.
  2. Download the VPN client and install it.
  3. Connect to a Netflix country that has friends (United Kingdom).
  4. Login to Netflix on your device and enjoy Friends or other shows you like.

The best VPN for Netflix is the one that can reliably get American Netflix in Australia as well as the UK library access without too much effort. Not every VPN can bypass the strict geo-restrictions the service imposes, and you will only find a handful of premium VPNs can do this.

Another good thing with a VPN, if you have a way to pay for Netflix in the UK, you can obtain a 30-day free trial, which the company decided to stop back home in Australia.

You now have the option to watch countless series of various popular entertainment that is not officially available to stream in Australia.

Is Friends On Netflix Australia