Which Country Has The Best Netflix

Many Australian Netflix users automatically head to the US Netflix library as it contains far more content than the one back home. In fact, Surfshark found Canada has the biggest Netflix Database of movies between the two and stands at 4,043 films.

One thing that affects this is that size isn’t everything, and having the most shows and movies doesn’t account for having the best library.

In our guide, you can learn more about where you will get the best Netflix search by country, and then you can watch trending shows and movies rather than what is set out right in front of you. 

However, to take advantage of the best country for Netflix, you will require premium VPN services that can bypass the geo-restrictions that are in place.

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Which Country Has the Best Netflix 2022?

At the time of compiling results, you can find the figures here from which countries had which. You can see it covers many regions, yet it doesn’t cover every country around the world.

The United States came in with the most titles and had 5,879, of which there were 4,035 movies and 1,844 TV series.

As we have seen, Canada has the biggest movie catalogue containing 4,043 films. At the other end of the scale, Georgia came in with the least number of titles out of any country in the world and had 2,116 comprising 1,388 movies and 728 TV shows. (Read our Guide to Getting US Netflix in Australia)

If you look at another angle, you can compare the movies and shows by how well they performed. The Oscars are the ultimate accolade any movie can have.

South Korea came top with 109 Oscar-winning films in its Netflix catalogue and was 24 films more than Switzerland, which came in second place as the next best country with 85 Academy Award winners.

Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore also offer several Emmy-winning titles in their Netflix library, standing at 35 TV shows.

Here we have compared 70 countries and their Netflix libraries to show their IMDb score and also their MetaCritic scores. One thing that jumps out is Canada, and the United States have a joint lowest average IMDb score of 6.95.

CountryTotal TitlesIMDB ScoreMeta Critic Score
United States5879 6.9562.90
Canada 5730 6.9561.40
United Kingdom5673 6.9761.70
India5591 7.1263.80
Australia5349 7.0262.20
Ireland5246 6.9661.60
Slovakia5077 7.0463.40
Japan5065 6.9863.10
Czech Republic5064 7.0563.40
Hungary5062 7.0863.20
South Africa4987 7.0962.70
Philippines4913 7.1163.10
Malaysia4898 7.1064.90
Russia4898 7.1363.00
Thailand 4864 7.0762.90
Lithuania 4841 7.1264.50
Iceland4781 7.1064.20
Singapore 4768 7.1163.30
Romania 4686 7.0863.00
Indonesia4684 7.1263.30
Croatia4652 7.0863.70
Ukraine4640 7.1365.30
New Zealand 4635 7.0362.70
Kenya4612 7.1163.10
Switzerland4593 7.0161.60
Latvia 4577 7.1264.80
Luxembourg4534 7.0962.80
Greece4438 7.1064.30
Israel4393 7.1064.10
Estonia4339 7.1264.80
Mexico4316 7.0563.90
Colombia 4282 7.0564.00
Chile4281 7.0564.00
Uruguay4215 7.0564.00
Brazil 4208 7.0763.70
Venezuela 4180 7.0564.00
Belgium 4121 7.0562.40
Peru 4118 7.0564.00
Guatemala4117 7.0564.00
Costa Rica 4115 7.0564.00
South Korea 4065 7.0064.50
Germany3995 7.0162.90
France3978 7.0763.60
Austria3878 7.0363.10
Hong Kong3861 7.0663.20
Slovenia3798 7.1063.70
Netherlands3655 7.0362.60
Taiwan3611 7.0663.30
Bolivia3607 7.0564.00
Sweden3579 7.0363.40
Italy3526 7.0563.70
Denmark3525 7.0363.60
Spain 3522 7.1264.30
Ecuador 3470 7.0564.00
Poland3398 6.9864.00
Finland3349 7.0363.60
Norway3203 7.0363.60
Portugal 3142 7.1364.90
Argentina3034 7.0463.50
UAE 2906 7.0664.30
Turkey 2812 7.0362.60
Egypt2494 7.0664.30
Serbia2339 7.0963.70
Bulgaria 2250 7.1164.10
Albania2242 7.1064.10
Bahamas2234 7.0964.00
Panama2234 7.0964.00
Moldova2145 7.1265.00
Azerbaijan2117 7.1365.30
Georgia 2116 7.1365.20

While the USA has one of the largest libraries, we see it has the joint lowest average IMDb rating (6.95) and Canada.

On the other end of the scale, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia tie for the top spot for IMDb audience ratings, and all offer an average score of 7.13.

Azerbaijan is also top of the list for MetaCritic scores at 65.3, which it shares with Ukraine. Azerbaijan’s catalogue is small with 2,117 titles which are one more than Georgia, which has the smallest library.

The library from India has the highest average IMDb ratings by the audience from the top-most 10 countries with the most titles. It has 5591 titles and an average score of 7.12.

Canada has the lowest MetaCritic score average at 61.4, yet they have 5,730 titles which are only bettered by the US.

Is US Netflix Better than UK?

Total titles 58795673
Movies 40353831
TV shows 18441842
Avg. IMDb Audience Rating6.956.97
Avg. MetaCritic Critics Score62.961.7
Academy Award- Winning Films6059
Emmy Award- Winning TV Shows3231

As you can see from the data, there isn’t much difference between the two countries of what is available on Netflix.

However, the US library leads in nearly every category besides the audience rating. Despite the slight difference, the cost for each library isn’t much different, and both countries pay roughly the same amount for a slight difference in the amount of content.

Watching Netflix using VPN

What is the #1 Netflix series?

You can forget all the 109 Oscar-winning films in the South Korea library and the numbers of films and TV series from all the countries.

As of late, the best or number one Netflix series comes in with a lower rating than many others. BoJack Horseman is an animated series that has run for 6 seasons and has 77 episodes. It beats Stranger Things into second place and sits above Ozark, The Crown, and many others.

Is Netflix Different in every country?

Netflix is available in many countries; however, the catalogues of shows and movies vary depending on the region. Besides having different titles available, some regions have a far smaller selection because of each region’s different licensing agreements.

You can see such differences between countries like Parasite, South Korea’s Best Picture winner at the Oscars. Surprisingly South Korea takes the top spot for the most Academy Award Winners being available to watch on Netflix.

If you move down the scale, you come to other Asian countries sharing top honours for the number of Emmy-winning shows at 35. Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia share these honors.

In the same way, you can see that number of Oscar-winners doesn’t mean much as Moldova maintains a respectable IMDb average of 7.12.

IMDb ratings are an excellent judge as these are from viewers and fans; however, movie and television industries invest hundreds of millions to create output. With business, they do their best to earn back their investment, and as such, they enforce copyright by country.

Netflix needs to comply and enforces geo-restrictions so users from one country can’t easily access content from another. You can find different demands for content, such as a British sci-fi classic from the UK that may not interest South Korean viewers.

Best Netflix in 2021

Studios charge Netflix higher rates for streaming rights on specific titles for certain countries compared to others.

Many Netflix users from many areas such as America, Australia, France already know they can use a VPN and bypass the restrictions set in place by Netflix.

Netflix is the toughest streaming service to access in America and other countries it is available. However, the one thing that makes it straightforward for subscribers is Netflix makes the payment option simple as you can subscribe in your home country.

Once you sign up, you can be in Australia or the British Isles and connect to a US-based VPN server. With a premium streaming VPN, you’ll be able to connect to US Netflix using your account details as you could if you were travelling to the USA.

Now, you have the ability to access Netflix by country, which is handy if you are a manga or anime fan. The Japan library is full of top-rated animated series, not available anywhere else.

Once you select a premium VPN, you can access any library from the 70 countries and check out their Netflix database. A quality VPN lets you access the service to watch any great content from around the world.

Many premium VPNs will offer a risk-free money-back guarantee, so you can try these and check if the IMDb rating for your chosen Netflix country is right or not.

Which Country Has The Best Netflix

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