Is your current VPN service showing the Netflix Proxy Error? Here’s the Solution

Netflix is the biggest streaming service in the world at the moment, and for a good reason. It has hundreds of old and new classic movies and TV shows, and not to mention its productions like the Marvel’s Daredevil, upcoming Punisher and much much more have gained immense popularity with older fans as well as newcomers, which is easier said than done.

What is the proxy error?

An error saying something like “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” appears for many of us that are not in the US, and that is because of the of third party software’s that reroute your data through another server, giving you access to region-locked content.

You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy

But why would you need a software like that? Because accessing US Netflix library is bigger than all other Netflix libraries combined.

Mostly due to copyrights and other such limitations, many ordinary folks like you and me are left out of such a gold mine.

How to Change Netflix to American?

Through the use of a VPN service. If you are getting the error mentioned above, chances are you already were using a similar service that gave you the Netflix site error but got caught.

Although previously Netflix was pretty lax on these kinds of issues, they have since gotten extremely strict and have started to take action against all those that would try to access the US library from outside the country.

Watch American Netflix in Australia

This is because of the pressure from the studies they are partnered with when people from other regions start getting more content without any extra costs; it hurts their business.

How to Get American Netflix in Australia?

First you will need a VPN that beats the proxy block. The top choice right now are

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Cyberghost

The best VPN router is either ExpressVPN for speed or NordVPN for security depending on your personal preference.

A VPN that is used for streaming purposes has to has some qualities that are suitable for the task at hand. For instance, it has to be extremely fast.

VPN services work by rerouting your data through a server of their own, acting as a middleman between you and the internet.

VPN for Netflix

This third extra step slows down your connection speed by about 15 to 40% in most cases, so you will need to find a VPN provider that slows down your connection the least, and both of the services mentioned above are such.

Other than that, you, of course, have to keep your total cost low and get the most out of the deal.

Although using a proxy or an unblocker is an option as well but the chances are that will be detected by Netflix and will be right where you started.

These three VPN services are the only ones that seem to be still working to date.

They also have massive networks that will give you plenty of other options to choose from as well as protect your anonymity and data through various encryption and servers, allowing you to surf the internet in peace. Take a look here detailed and step by step guide on how to get Netflix USA in AUS.

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