How to Watch Eastenders Online in Australia

Eastenders and all the goings-on in Albert Square and Queen Vic keep millions of viewers enthralled every week. This makes it one of the most popular UK TV shows in the country.

Unfortunately for UK ex-pats or Aussie lovers of Waltham and its inhabitants of the square, it is geo-blocked in that region.

Even the global version of the BBC iPlayer in Australia isn’t enough to quell the thirst for EastEnders because it comes with a monthly subscription.

With all this in mind and watching Eastenders news that is up to date needs a different approach.

Eastenders Episodes

Unblock BBC iPlayer

UK BBC iPlayer

The only option which makes sense to watch Eastenders online is by using the original iPlayer, but as mentioned, this is geo-blocked for countries outside of the UK.

The workaround for this is straightforward, and you can be watching Eastenders catch up before you know it. First, though, we will look at the alternatives.

Smart DNS and proxies can be used to bypass these geo-blocking restrictions. However, for protecting your connection, these do nothing as the preferred method of a VPN.

There is also the fact the BBC continually block specific IP addresses in the same manner as US Netflix, so these proxies and Smart DNS could find they become blocked more often than not.


BBC iPlayer in UKVPN’s will be explained, but we should see what else you could look forward to using the UK iPlayer than just Eastenders streaming.

You can choose any of the following Channels:

  • BBC One
  • BBC Two
  • BBC Three
  • BBC Four
  • CBBC
  • CBeebies
  • News
  • Parliament
  • Alba
  • S4C – Welsh
  • BBC Radio Channels

Between them, there is a massive amount of world-class TV shows, documentaries, sporting events and movies you can watch for 30-days after they have been broadcast.

There is also the chance to watch them live or delve into some of the archives and watch a few episodes from the past.

Eastenders has been among the top viewing ever since it was first televised, and for soap opera fans, all this wealth of content that can be streamed to Australia is just the tip of the iceberg and a pure bonus. (Read Watch Legacies Online)

Using VPN’s to Watch Eastenders

The best way how to watch Eastenders in Australia is by use of a VPN. But this is only half of the path needed, and it is the most critical path.

watch Eastenders in Australia

Unblock BBC iPlayer

The first steps are to sign up for the iPlayer, which is simple and consists of the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the following page:
  2. At the bottom of the signing in the box is the option for “Don’t have a BBC account.”
  3. Click Register Now
  4. It will ask if you are under 13 or over 13. Click over 13
  5. Next, enter your date of birth
  6. On the following page, you will add your email and password
  7. Underneath there is country, select United Kingdom
  8. Next, add a UK postcode, use a friend or family or look on the internet for one
  9. Gender, choose your sex.
  10. This is followed by “Do you want email updates?” Yes or No, your choice.
  11. At the bottom, merely click on “Register.”

That is the first part of the process, and the next includes using a VPN to bypass the BBC geo-blocking restrictions.

At this stage, it is assumed you have completed the above steps.

  1. Choose the best VPN provider whose service meets all your needs.
  2. Sign up, receive the confirmation email with username and password, and click on the link for their VPN app.
  3. Install their VPN app, launch it, and log in (make sure the VPN is connected)
  4. Select a UK server from the VPN clients list
  5. Navigate to
  6. If the steps above aren’t yet complete, this is the time to do it.
  7. Select the Eastenders episode you wish to watch and click to play.
  8. Sit back and enjoy without you having seen any Eastenders spoilers.

Choosing a VPN can take some research, especially for viewers who reside in Australia. Because of the remote area, many VPN providers have low connection speeds. The faster your speed, the better your Eastenders experience.

The number one provider can be signed up for in minutes, and as soon as you click the link in the email and download VPN software from them, you can be up and running in less than 30-minutes. All you need to do is select a UK server from the list, and the BBC iPlayer will think you’re from the UK.

In less than an hour, you can be catching up with the Waltham gossip and find out what’s happening in Queen Vic.