Is Seeding Necessary In Utorrent?

UTorrent is one of the best torrent clients you can use for downloading torrents from any of the best torrent sites. While many users set their downloads and forget about it, they may never see what happens once a download ends.

Once your file finishes downloading, it then reverts to what is known as seeding, and users would like to know what this is, and what it means for them. In the most basic form, it means giving back to the torrenting community.

If you want to know more, check here please to find out all there is about a seeded file, and what many people really don’t tell you about staying safe when you have finished sharing files.

Seeding In Utorrent

Is Seeding Necessary after Downloading?

Seeding isn’t necessary at all, yet there are reasons for doing so, as there are to stop seeding as soon as check you have downloaded your new movie.

Seeding occurs when you leave your torrent client running after you finish downloading your torrents.

When you do this, any other person who is after the same movie or TV show will be downloading from you.

You may know, you are uploading a file as you download, yet seeding lets you upload the full file to any number of people you will never know, as a thank you.

When you download from a peer, they will be seeding to you. For the good of the torrenting community, and to say thanks, it is a much nicer practice to let the file seed rather than stop seeding immediately.

What is the Point of Seeding in uTorrent?

As you share files with other peers after your current torrent finishes, you will upload to other peers.

There is no defined time for seeding, yet the recommendation is you share until the amount of data you upload will reach the same amount of data you download before you would like to stop.

This means you will get a 1.0 ratio. Leechers are users who click stop and leave a torrent swarm way before they get to reach this level.

As it is seen as unethical, some peers, private trackers or clients can block connections if you don’t seed fairly.

Best VPN for uTorrent

How Long Will Seeding Take on uTorrent?

UTorrent is the software that governs all this, besides the speeds of your network connection. It will also determine the download speed of the person downloading from content from you by way of your upload speed. (Read Install No Limits Magic)

Also, you have the file size to consider, and the number of seeds they are downloading from. If you are the only holder of a file, then it will take longer to seed than if the downloader is getting parts of the files from ten other users.

One other thing not often known is how the relation to your seed uploading volume can make a difference to your downloading speed.

The software does this so as not to make your connection choke, yet the fewer seeds or uploads, the slower your download. (Find the best torrent sites for Australia)

What Happens If I Stop Seeding in uTorrent

Suppose you use uTorrent or any other torrent client and stop seeding. It means you don’t share any of the torrent file you downloaded.

It can be unethical, yet there are security reasons some users like to do this, although, by this time, it is much too late if you are downloading illegal movies or TV shows.

Many government agencies take a keen interest in anyone torrenting off the internet, as do the movie studios. (Find the Best Torrent Clients For Mac)

ISP’s, particularly in Australia, automatically record activities and retain this data for two years. Any related agency can search for this information as they wish.

Any torrent client you are using, every file you seed or share, your IP address is visible in a torrent swarm in the same way your IP is seen visiting a torrent site.

It is advisable for all people using software such as uTorrent or another new client to get the best VPN for torrenting they can find and install it on their computer before using a torrenting site.

What a VPN does is end all your communication across an encrypted tunnel, so when you search for something, there is nothing available for onlookers to see.

Furthermore, the VPN takes your real IP address and changes it to one for the server you connect to and make you invisible on the internet.

There are no settings to change, as this is automatically taken care of. Pick a server and download any available content or carry on seeding until you have uploaded your quota.

You can continue sharing, and you’ll find out at the very least. Any link on a site you click on is done in private, and not the open where you could be spotted. (Read more: Best Torrents Sites for Music)

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