5 Best Torrents Sites For Ebooks

There is nothing quite like thumbing through the pages with a physical book, smelling the paper, watching the distance from where you are reading to the end of the book shrink.

Unfortunately, physical books are more expensive than eBooks, and it’s harder to find them because some physical stores have closed. This is why many readers turn to eBooks.

EBooks are available online from most book retailers, but it can be a costly option for frequent readers. If you are worried about buying the eBooks legally, try torrenting them.

Many torrent sites offer free eBooks. The majority of these sites are fraudulent and may attempt to redirect you to dangerous sites maliciously.

This could be enough to deter you from downloading eBooks, but don’t let it scare you away. Some torrent sites are completely safe; you need to know where you are able to find them.

Here we have a rundown of the top 5 eBook torrent sites that are great options for downloading eBooks.

Best Ebook Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay For Ebook

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay supports peer-to-peer file sharing and magnet links. The website provides more than only eBooks, apps, games, songs, music, television shows, series, etc.

Though this site is not available in all parts of the world, it is still an excellent site for downloading torrents in un-restricted countries.

You’ve likely heard of this website because it has an enormous collection of movies and music but also offers an increasing collection of e-books.

The Pirate Bay one of the best torrent websites and is easy to use. Searching for a book in the search bar is all you need to do.

The platform also offers the Top 10 torrent for the best eBooks. So if you’re curious about the trend or bestseller list, this torrent website is perfect.

Manga fans know how expensive they are, yet The Pirate Bay can help you with easy torrent downloads. (Read Is Pirate Bay Blocked In Australia? And What to Do About it)

Please note that a strong VPN is necessary to access this service fully.

  • Content on offer: games, songs, movies, tv shows, series, eBooks, and more.
  • Availability: blocked in many countries
  • Working URL: https://thepiratebay.org/index.html

Free EBooks. net For Ebook

2. Free EBooks. net

Free E-Books.net does not have any annoying ads. Therefore, with no pop-ups or random ads, if you want to read your eBooks in peace, this is the perfect platform.

The Free eBooks .net website is available in different regions of the world. Another noteworthy thing to mention is that the library is split based on the genre, making it easier to search for a book.

Nearly any type of science, fiction, sci-fi, and horror can be found, as well as romantic eBooks as other genres.

The Free ebooks. net ebook torrent download available on this website are in PDF format.

Personal metrics, such as downloads and ebook size, are also possible. To find the most benefit from this website, you must first log in and create an account.

Just type the name in the search bar in the top right corner you want to download and enter. Only in this way can you download and read the books free of charge.

  • Content on offer: games, songs, movies, tv shows, series, eBooks, and more.
  • Availability: Available in most countries
  • Working URL: https://www.free-ebooks.net

Torlock For Ebook

3. Torlock

As it features only verified torrent files, the Torlock platform is unique. On top of all this, on this torrent website, you can enjoy many different entertainment categories.

You will find anime, films, TV shows, games, music, and software here, in addition to it being one of the best torrent sites for eBooks.

Torlock is only available in Australia and the United Kingdom. If you live in another part of the world, you can use Torlock. By using a VPN, it is possible to get around government restrictions on both these countries.

Using this website will allow you to quickly and easily find what you need due to its dedicated book section and the excellent user interface.

Just like the other websites, this also has a smooth user interface. Do not forget that it offers torrents that are verified, making life easier for all users.

However, Torlock is not adware free, which means you’ll be annoyed by many pop-ups and advertisements.

As you can download the books for free, it is a great place to fill up your digital library, but the only inconvenience is the advertisements.

  • Content on offer: eBooks, anime, movies, music, tv shows, software
  • Availability: Available in most countries except the UK and Australia
  • Working URL:https://www.torlock.com

1337X For Ebook

4. 1337X

1337X has an awe-inspiring interface. Everything on this best torrent site is divided into categories, making it easy to use.

In addition to eBooks, the best torrent site also provides content for anime, movies, shows, software, and games. If you prefer listening to audio format rather than reading, then Audible.com is a good option.

1337X is very popular for its incredibly smooth UI with no malware or adware.

So, you can say goodbye to annoying ads with the help of the best torrent site. Also, there is no fear of your eBook torrents contracting a virus. It is one of the most popular torrent websites due to its user interface.

  • Content on offer: eBooks, anime, movies, series, software, games
  • Availability: Available in most countries except Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom.
  • Working URL:https://www.1337x.tw

WikiBooks for Ebook

5. WikiBooks

WikiBooks is a massive book, and you can easily find your favourite eBook using the search engine.

Go to the verified torrents website, and start your search for your favourite eBook; enter the language you want, and you should have a list of torrents you can download from.

It’s one of the best torrenting sites thanks to verified torrents, so it’s safe to download.

It has a good UI, so you won’t have a problem finding what you want.

The website is pretty straightforward, so you shouldn’t have any problems and find the book you’re after.

  • Content on offer: eBooks
  • Availability: Available in most countries
  • Working URL:https://www.wikibooks.org

The Best eBooks Torrent Sites

Depending on which of the best torrent sites for eBooks you are downloading from can dictate how safe the torrent are.

You may find some books in the public domain and some outside of their copyright. However, you can find lots of free eBooks that are copyright protected, and you can be breaking the law as if you’re downloading movies.

Two other areas of concern when using eBook torrenting sites as you can see here:

Is downloading a free eBook safe?

Yes and no. We all know that torrent files are copyrighted material made available to people worldwide free of charge. It’s usually safe, but sometimes it might contain viruses or other malware like that.

So you might want to scan your computer after you download it, or better, just go to the verified torrent files. Solves all the anxiety.

Is Torrenting dangerous?

It is illegal, technically. As you are illegally distributing copyrighted material, you are in contempt of court order.

That doesn’t mean those sites aren’t used by anyone at all. The majority of people around the world use torrent sites to get content, so torrent sites are quite famous.

If you get caught for the same, you will likely be accused of illegal acts.

The issue with ebook torrenting is that many agencies are monitoring the eBook trackers. Once you head to the best torrent website full of the best eBook, your IP address can be seen.

It is even worse once in a torrent swarm as everyone can see your IP. In Australia, ISPs have to retain user metadata for two years, and in this time, you could download a large number of eBook torrents. (Read Music Torrenting Guide)

After a while, if you had a knock at the door, you could find yourself in trouble. Magnet links try to help solve this issue, yet it isn’t enough to stop your IP and location from being detected.

The best part about using a VPN is to hide your IP when looking for eBook torrenting or downloading files. (Find the Best VPN Australia)

ISPs, governments, and anyone else can’t see which torrent websites you visit or what files you download. VPN’s use military-grade encryption to keep you safe and secure while online.

VPNs offer much more than secure torrenting, and you can bypass the geo-blocks on some sites or access streaming platforms from another region. Using a VPN means you can use the best torrent site for all your needs, no matter where it is blocked.

5 Best Torrents Sites for ebooks