How to Use the Search Engine Privately in Australia used to be one of the largest and most popular meta search engine users could find. The free, fast and powerful meta-search was the first port of call to millions of users all over the world in the search for torrents.

It was well known because it was combining results from dozens of other torrent sites and putting them all in one place.

These were ranging from movies, TV shows, music and many other forms of content. Unfortunately, the domain was taken down, and the website was no longer accessible.

Stay Protected When Using the New Torrentz Site
The original Torrentz site has been shut down

But don’t despair they have a new site and it works great!

WARNING: Always use protection when torrenting especially with Torrentz

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The New Torrentz

Like many good popular torrent sites, it can be hard to keep some of them down for too long. This has happened to The Pirate Bay. It was down and resurfaced. is the successor to the old search engine. It looks almost identical to the powerful meta-search engine that so many users fell in love with.

This new incarnation is still a meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines.

It is bigger, and this torrent meta-search engine is indexing over 61 million torrents. The search engine is combining results from 82 domains, and this fast and powerful meta-search going through almost 300 million pages of the top torrent sites to find what you are looking for. the new torrentz

While this could be good times for users, the site is blocked in many countries, and Australia is one of them.

However, there is a workaround for this which will not only allow users to access the largest torrent site for torrents search, but it will prevent anyone from seeing what they are doing.

This includes ISP’s, or any agency tasked with taking down torrent sites or finding users who are accessing them.

Adding to Your Torrent Client

uTorrent is still a popular torrent client. One of its stand out features was the inclusion of a search bar that allows users to search directly from the software. This only looks at BitTorrent and Mininova as the default.

You can include in your uTorrent search engines. This makes it a very different beast when searching. You can download Torrentz2 files without any need to go to web pages to look for results.

This is one of the reasons, so many users fell in love with both Torrentz, and, movies are accessible within a couple of clicks.

recommended VPN to use

Using Anonymously in Australia

Any user who uses a torrent search engine needs to secure their connection. It can quickly lead to IP addresses being seen by ISP’s.

This will be the easiest way an ISP will block connections, but it is the copyright infringement notices users need to be wary of.

A torrent downloader lets anyone sees your IP address, so agencies working for the MPAA can easily see what files you are downloading.

Because of this, any torrent user, especially in Australia, should be using a VPN to encrypt all their traffic.

With this, you can use any torrent meta search, and your search results will not be seen because they are not just encrypted, but they will also appear to be from another country.

The problem is that not all VPN’s are suitable for downloading torrents. Some providers don’t allow it, while others deliver very slow speeds to Australia, so you can be waiting forever for your files to download.

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The top two recommendations allow torrenting. Even being number two in the world, NordVPN still on occasion has slow connections to this region.

While a decent VPN provider, some of the more recent reviews have been showing cracks in the service, so it may not be a top recommendation until things are clear.

The best option by far is that of ExpressVPN. It supports Australia and still manages to deliver speedy downloads with their optimised torrent servers.

With these, users can bypass the country’s block on, so they will have access to the millions of torrent files it delivers.

This VPN also has a money-back guarantee that allows users to try the service for 30-days. This, in effect, works as a free trial.

Over this time, you can access any blocked torrent sites and download to your heart’s content knowing you are safe from any bandwidth throttling, government restrictions on sites visited and from any agency looking to prosecute torrenters.

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