5 Best Free Live Rugby Streaming Sites

It can be hard trying to locate any live streaming options for a large number of rugby fans. However, you can use a mix of live-streaming sites to cover most large international and national rugby matches.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you want to watch live stream Australia, The All Blacks, England, or even South Africa. With a little research and a VPN service, you can mix and match these services to live stream without needing to pay anything.

On most occasions, you will be accessing a rugby live stream from outside your country, so you will need a VPN to get full coverage.

You can find a mix of free live stream services covering much of the matches for the Six Nations, Super Rugby, Championship Rugby, and World Cup Rugby.

Quick Guide to Streaming Rugby Free in Australia

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  2. Connect to UK Server – the UK has the best range of live Rugby to watch
  3. Enjoy unlimited Rugby streaming!

Watch Rugby for Free with ExpressVPN

A couple is TV networks that offer coverage, one comes with a free trial, and two are free streaming sites that may take live streams from unknown sources. (Read What Channel Is The NRL Grand Final On)

No matter which live stream you use, you can get all your fill of live match content with the rugby streaming VPN without any compromise.

Best VPN for Live Streaming Rugby for Free

Why Use a VPN for Live Streaming Rugby for Free?

Geo-restrictions are the primary reason for using a VPN. The streaming platforms come from different countries, and they restrict rugby live TV to people inside that country.

A good example is that you can’t watch any free rugby in Ireland or New Zealand, and these two are the most significant countries in the sport.

The second reason is for protection. If you watch rugby online and don’t know where the streams come from, you could be treading close to copyright infringement.

With data retention from ISPs so rife, a VPN is the only way you can hide your online activities.

With a new IP address for the country in which you set the VPN server, you are out of site from your ISP. They can’t monitor what you are doing, and additionally, they won’t be able to throttle your connection.

How to Watch Available Rugby Live Streams

Starting in Australia, you have a fantastic option to watch a quality rugby stream today.


You can quickly access this streaming service for an international rugby stream, although it did begin in October with the All Blacks as the Home Team and the Wallabies as the away.

10Play is free, and you need to sign up with some basic details. Name, gender, date of birth, and Aussie postcode.

You can access the streaming platform on iOS and Android, Apple TV, Smart TV’s, browsers, and more. You have a choice of other channels from Network ten such as 10 Shake, 10 Peach and 10 Bold, and 10 HD to stream other content.

Follow the 10 Sport link, and you can find the upcoming matches on the platform. You will find the Wallabies vs South Africa Springboks and Wallabies vs Pumas are cancelled.

One thing to note is 9Now also has the NRL Premiership. You can sign up and access this with a VPN from anywhere like 10Play.

ITV Hub Streaming Rugby Live


Another free TV streaming site is the ITV hub. Besides all its other content, it has to available to share; the TV network is the official home of quality Rugby World Cup and 6 Nations rugby in the UK. (Learn How to Watch ITV in Australia)

With match dates not set in stone, these may change, yet it is easy to sign up for the ITV to access men and women’s 6 Nations action.

It may also be possible to find plenty of other International Rugby and some premiership rugby coverage.

You may need to check between ITV, ITV 4 to make sure which channel has the sports coverage you want to watch.

Anyone outside England will need to use a premium VPN and know the sports coverage time. ITV hub has device support for Android and iOS mobile devices, games consoles, browsers, and Smart TVs.

It is easy to watch all the high-quality action from England, France, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

LiveTV Rugby

When you watch any sports content on LiveTV you want, you will need to create a free account the first time you log in. All you need is your name, one email address, and a password.

There are plenty of sports available to watch, and these comprise football, ice hockey, F1, Moto GP American Football, and Rugby League.

It just takes a couple of clicks to find the latest action from the New Zealand All Blacks, France, or England.

Click the rugby link, and you have the upcoming matches the service offers. The streams may not be 100% legitimate as the site says they may change right up until kick-off. Some streams appear to be from Peacock and ESPN, depending on the sport.

The site is easy to navigate, and, on the left, it shows which sports are live today. You need to deal with a couple of popup ads before you get to the game, yet these are easy to deal with.

Rugby Webcast

Following on from the above site, you have Rugby Webcast. It is quite basic and has streams for Six Nations Live, Championship Rugby Live, Super Rugby Live, and NRL Live.

You have team emblems across the top of the page, and clicking on these may present you with different streams, though the majority are the same.

The claim of the streaming site is stream free live rugby games in HD and 4K. Watch on any device such as desktop, tablet, and Android and iOS mobile devices.

It doesn’t have plenty of other sports available to share, yet if you want quick access to rugby live from Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or even France, it could be a great backup solution.

Peacock TV

While Peacock TV is mainly free, you need to subscribe to Peacock premium to access live sports. You will find this is $4.99 per month, yet it includes the NBC Rugby Pass.

Now, it makes access to watch a great deal of rugby easier and more affordable. Peacock Premium has the Premiership, Six Nations, the Sevens World Series, and parts of the Olympics.

Depending on which games you wish to watch, be it New Zealand, Australia, or any of the other great teams, you can use the 7-day free trial to watch the rugby match live before cancelling. (Read How to Watch Peacock In Australia)

Many top VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This gives you enough chance to watch sports live stream on any of the above channels today, tomorrow, or a Saturday.

Watch Rugby for Free with ExpressVPN

One thing you will know is that you have the best sports stream VPN to watch rugby or any other game you desire from anywhere. (Find the Very Best VPN for Australia)

5 Best Free Live Rugby Streaming Sites