How to Watch Australian Horse Racing Live Stream

One of the oldest and still most exciting sports around the globe is horse racing. It isn’t called the Sport of Kings for little reason.

While Australia is remote, the country still producers some of the world’s best racehorses. Black Cavia, Pharlap and others spring to mind.

Watching the races live gives you a chance to dress up and hit the racetrack, although things aren’t as easy at present. Besides, you could be away from home and miss the opportunity to watch your favourite horse take part in its latest race.

Fans of the sport are in the same predicament, yet it’s much easier to watch Australian horse racing live than you imagine.

Here, you can learn how to catch every race from the Victorian & South Australian thoroughbred racing calendar.

Watch Australian Horse Racing Live Stream

What Channel is the Horse Races On?

You have two options to watch live TV racing horse racing on free to air TV. Channel 7 is the first, and it was top dog, yet it lost the rights to the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

However, there are still lots of South Australian racing action available here. Additionally, you can tune into the 7plus service to watch racing action broadcast online.

Second, you have Channel 10, and it is they who snatched the rights for the Melbourne Cup. With a range of events such as Derby Day, Melbourne Cup, Oaks Day and Stakes Day.

The 10 Network broadcasts horse racing in HD on 10HD. You can also tune into 10Play to continue the action online.

How Can I Watch Sky Racing for Free?

One easy to watch Sky racing without needing a subscription is to head to Sports Bet. com.

You can watch free Sky racing when you bet with The bookmaker will broadcast South Australian live racing on Sky 1 and including Sky 2. You can Sky racing watch via the Sportsbet. com website, on your computer or your mobile phone. (Learn How to Watch Sky Sports Live Streaming)

However, as you need to place best, you will need to gamble responsibly to watch Sky racing.

Using this method, you can watch any Sky racing stream from Sportsbet. Don’t forget to gamble responsibly.

Watch Live TV Horse Racing on free to air TV

How Can I Watch Horse Racing Online in Australia?

Even with all the above options offering easy access, the one service that offers the best broadcast of every race is

The service is free to sign up for, for any racing fan. All you need to enter is your first and last name, gender, date of birth and an Australian postcode. Once you add an email address, you can log in and gain access to any available broadcast.

You can watch live Victorian & South Australian racing any time you desire and on any device such as a mobile phone, including a desktop. The app is available to Racing+ members, which just takes a couple of minutes to sign up for, or you can watch live racing right from the website. (Learn How To Get Unbanned From Hypixel Without Appealing)

The service is 24/7 and is dedicated to racing. You can find the free-to-air digital TV service on channel 68/78 or through Foxtel Channel 529.

You can also find races from Hong Kong broadcast life on channel 68/78 and the digital platform. (Read Rai Italia Streaming) delivers more information than race day coverage. This comes with interviews, analysis, breaking news and tips.

You can also find a range of programs such as

  • Get On
  • Before The First
  • After the Last
  • That’s Racing
  • Spring Insiders
  • Autumn Insiders
  • The Good Oil
  • Turf Life
  • Track Work
  • Raceday Review and the Evening News.

How Can I Watch Horse Races Online?

If you are outside the country or just away from Australia, you can access racing live by using a VPN.

Using a VPN, you can change your IP address to be one inside Australia, and then you can access the webpage for easy access to Australia and watch the racing live, or you can access 7+ or 10 Play for all the content they provide.

You can use a VPN on your computer, or you can watch live racing via your mobile phone with a VPN app for Android or iOS.

Now, you never need to be without access to the Sport of Kings or any of the services that provide access to live racing.

How to Watch Australian Horse Racing Live Stream