How To Get Unbanned From Hypixel

Hypixel is a hosted Minecraft server that was created and is managed by Simon Collins-Laflamme and Philippe Touchette.

What began as two making Minecraft maps escalated to the pair hosting the server to showcase the maps.

New Minigames were added to the server, so players have something to like and do between waiting for another player.

The numbers of users like and began to grow, and now there are over 18 million unique like-minded Minecraft players. The site now has the Hypixel store and many other areas for players.

Unbanned From Hypixel

There were rules and regulations with such an expansion, and some users have found they face bans from the server for unknown reasons. You can find new information in the forums.

Here you can learn more about and how you can unblock yourself after your appeal.

You can also find joined member info in the forums regarding many other interesting bits of information. (Read About VPN Port Forwarding)

You can see how to get back and like playing Mega Walls Blitz Survival Games on Hypixel. net once you joined again

Why Was I Punished on Hypixel?

If a member has been punished, muted, or banned after they joined, the reason is the member has broken one of the server rules.

Hypixel has a number of different member server rules, and the reason for punishment may vary depending on the server rule you broke after you joined.

Here’s a quick list of mutes and reasons for Hypixel appeals. (Read About Opera Free VPN)


  • Media Advertising
  • Share repeat posts of unnecessary messages or content
  • Revealing info about other players
  • Misleading other players or the community
  • Make Rude or inappropriate gestures / Excessive Swearing
  • Talking about or promoting cheating to joined players


  • Cross teaming and working with another
  • Found negatively affecting fellow team members or community members
  • Well, misleading others that you are a YouTuber or staff
  • Well Encouraging cheating
  • Using inappropriate skins or capes
  • Talking of trying to share inappropriate content
  • Boosting account to improve stats on one or multiple SkyBlock profiles
  • Makes attempts to gain access to user accounts
  • Please don’t attempt to sell Minecraft accounts
  • Watchdog Cheat Detection

How long does it take to get unbanned from Hypixel?

A member will need to create a Hypixel ban appeal if the member thinks they are wrongfully muted or banned.

If guilty, the member will be denied accessing their account without exception.

Here’s the steps to create an appeal.

  1. Head to
  2. Enter the in-game name or Minecraft UUID
  3. Select punishment type (if banned, enter Ban ID; if muted, link your account to proceed)
  4. Answer following questions (Reason you have you been banned before and why should they unban you and they want to accept your appeal)
  5. Accept server rules
  6. Click submit

Appeals may not be responded to, and even if sent another way, admin won’t answer. A ban will typically last for 30 days. The second time ban is one year, and the third strike is permanent.

Does Hypixel Ban IP?

While you are not initially banned through the use of your IP address, please be aware IP will block you from the Hypixel store and server for evading bans. It does depend on the extent of the ban and repeat offences. (Read How to Get games Unblocked at School)

Unbanned on a Minecraft Server

How Do You Get Unbanned from a Minecraft Server?

Whether you got banned from your free Minecraft account for hacking, being rude in the community, or through a misunderstanding, you didn’t know when you joined.

Here’s how you would go about trying to get unbanned on a Minecraft server.

  1. Find the server’s website: Some are easy, such as the Hypixel IP, on the server website’s main pages.
  2. Understand the rules: When you joined, you should have read the rules; even another player could report you.
  3. Check forums for instructions: Search forums regarding new ‘Unban requests and Ban Appeals.’ You may make a new account to view these posts.
  4. Locate server operators: You will need to find the Ops, moderators, or administrators.
  5. Follow instructions to increase the chances of a response.
  6. Write correctly: Use correct spelling and grammar
    Explain yourself: Tell the admin your side of the story
  7. Apologize: If you broke the rules, acknowledge this, say please, and say sorry.

One way to be sure you can like your favourite joined server and get away from your failed appeal is to use a VPN. (Read Top VPN Choice for Australians)

In a matter of minutes, they can take your real IP address and change the IP for Hypixel, and thus they won’t know you had joined before and were banned.

A premium VPN has much to like, and they will care for online security well with military-grade encryption. Besides this, there are many other useful features for your online activities and keep you safe from others. (Learn How To Delete Posts On Instagram)

How To Get Unbanned From Hypixel