Opera VPN Stuck On Connecting – What To Do

Opera is a feature-packed web browser and used by many who are fed up with Chrome. In addition, the updated Opera browser is one of the few browsers offering a built-in VPN, unlike other browsers that don’t provide this feature.

Because of this, you could find you don’t need any additional VPN client software and can quickly connect to Opera’s VPN network.

However, Opera’ s VPN isn’t the most sophisticated VPN provider, and to top this; you can find the Opera VPN not working sometimes.

opera vpn

It can be frustrating when you need to connect, and the browser’s Virtual Private Network drop-down box shows the VPN is temporarily unavailable.

If you find the VPN not working, there are possible solutions to get it running before you try the ultimate solution and decide to use a premium VPN rather than use Opera’ s built-in VPN.

By the end of this guide, you can learn how to fix a not working Opera VPN and how best to keep yourself safe when online. (Learn How to Download SBS On Demand Chromecast)

Why is My VPN Stuck On Connecting?

When a regular VPN connection is launched from the Windows OS System Tray, you can see the connection hang status shows “Connecting.” and won’t connect to the server. The solution here is you can launch the VPN connection from the Windows VPN Settings window rather than the System Tray.

Opera’s free VPN is different since it is browser-based and won’t secure your system outside of your browser.

Here are some of the reasons your Opera VPN not working:

No VPN Connections

If the PC does not have internet access, the Opera browser VPN will not work. Try to connect with another browser to identify if it’s an ISP issue.

If you can connect using a secondary browser, then the problem is likely limited to your Opera browser. If you can’t connect, then it is a device or internet connection issue. If you’re unsure how to proceed, contact your ISP’s technical help.

Server Not available or Opera VPN Down

One drawback with the Opera connection problems is the limited number of VPN servers. The VPN only connects to a limited number of servers in three locations: Europe, Asia, or the Americas.

The Opera-free VPN can face lots of congestion, or if the server is down, you are limited in connection options. Another thing to note, particularly if you are in Australia, is your closest server could be a vast distance from you. (Read About SBS Shows)

Opera VPN Won’t Connect

Opera VPN connections can fail because of compatibility, as some software could restrict a connection to a VPN server. Should the Opera free VPN not work correctly or has stopped working, then another app could be the reason.

The VPN connection can be affected by anti-virus software or the Windows firewall. To fix problems, you may need to add the app as an exception in the firewall to fix VPN errors.

Is Opera VPN Still Working?

Over the past few years, a few things changed with Opera that went further than having a new Opera icon and mascot.

OperaVPN bought SurfEasy in 2015 to add VPN services to the mobile and browser app rather than use browser extensions.

The mobile app was discontinued in April 2018 where there was the release of the Opera-mini, a web browser for mobile devices on Android and iOS. This is still in use and continues with further development. However, this lightweight browser lacks the VPN yet does come with the effective Opera ad-blocker.

For mobile devices, you need to update Opera to the full-sized Opera browser, which does come with the VPN.

How Long Does It Take for VPN to Connect?

Any VPN, even the Opera free VPN, should only take around 15 to 25 seconds to connect in most conditions. Of course, server load can affect this, yet even with limited Opera servers, the time shouldn’t go much longer before a connection.

If Opera VPN is not working after this amount of time, check another server or restart Opera and check again. (Read our Puffin Browser Review)

If it’s the same, and the above solutions don’t help, you have a potential issue somewhere else.

How Do I Fix Opera VPN is Temporarily Unavailable?

Here is what you need to go through for troubleshooting Opera’s Free VPN issues.

Toggle VPN Icon Button On & Off

Turn your VPN ON and Off by using the icon on the address bar. It’s often enough to jump-start your VPN connection. You may need to select the disable button to return it off for all tabs rather than just the tab you have open.

Server is Unavailable

Switch Opera to use another VPN location. Click the Opera VPN drop-down menu to select a location that suits your needs. Select from three available locations, optimal location, and let the VPN decide which is the best location.

Update Opera Browser

Your Opera browser VPN automatically updates once a new version is available. To ensure you have the latest version:

  1. Click the Opera Menu button
  2. Select Help
  3. Select About Opera, and it will tell you if your browser is up to date.
  4. To be certain it’s updated, head to the Opera Menu – Update & Recovery – Check for Update.
  5. Relaunch your browser once it has updated.

Reset Browser to Default State

You can reset your browser to how it was initially. You can carry out a partial reset to preserve personal data or carry out a complete reinstall.

opera cache

Clear Opera Browser’s Cache

Clearing your browser’s cache may help fix some problems. To clear the cache:

  1. Click on menu
  2. Select History, then clear browsing data
  3. Select cached images and files
  4. Click on Clear Data and other site data
  5. Relaunch the browser once it has deleted all these files.

A quick way to access this is to press Ctrl + Shift + Del keys and check the Cached images and files box.

Disable Opera Extensions

Opera extensions could affect the VPN connection. To ensure it isn’t these, disable extensions and restart your browser. To disable your extensions:

  1. Click the Opera Menu
  2. Select Extensions
  3. Select Enabled and click Disable all, including the opera pop-up blocker and ad-blocker.
  4. Restart your browser.

Disable Anti-Virus or Security Software

A VPN is temporarily unavailable error can be caused by third-party anti-virus software. Disabling any anti-virus or third-party security software utility may fix your issue.

Typically, you can disable most anti-virus software by right-clicking the system tray and selecting the anti-virus icon. Here, it should let you temporarily disable all your security features.

firewall off

Switch Off the Windows Firewall

You can do this as a test, yet doing so shouldn’t be long-term as it can weaken your online security. For example, there are continual Windows updates in Windows 10, so you may not have VPN issues one day, yet with a new Windows 10 defender anti-virus update, you could find your VPN works no more.

These steps apply from Windows 7 to Windows 10:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel.
  2. Select System and Security.
  3. Click Windows Firewall or Windows Defender Firewall.
  4. Select Windows Firewall on or off.
  5. Toggle where it says, Turn off Windows Firewall.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Restart your browser and check if Opera VPN is now working.

You can add Opera to your Windows 10 firewall exceptions list, yet it may not be the solution you need.

If No Solutions Work to Clear VPN Issues

One or two of these remedies will usually restore Opera’s free VPN work. However, if you don’t fix it, it can lead you to a better solution of how to protect your online identity. (Find the Best Free VPN Australia)

Opera VPN isn’t as comprehensive as a dedicated VPN client and acts more of a proxy server. It can hide your IP address, yet you’ll find with a real VPN, your optimal location comes from a vast network of servers rather than three or four locations.

Besides this, a browser-based VPN such as this on your Windows 10 device won’t withstand anyone trying to access your system from another area. It is strictly browser only.

It would be down to Windows 10 to keep you safe in other areas, yet it only; does this with anti-virus and the Windows Defender firewall.

Windows 10 Opera users can gain benefits from the built-in VPN to mask their browser history. However, it doesn’t offer much for security that other VPN software Windows or other device users can use to fix VPN woes for daily use.

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