How To Watch Eurosport In Australia

For sports like football, tennis, F1 or rugby as some of the more common sporting activities, there are many more to cover the Olympics.

Eurosport is your best destination. If you are a fan of lesser-known sports activities that don’t have such a large audience, the pan-European broadcaster can offer pretty much everything.

The sports network is known worldwide, especially in Europe. It provides live matches, news, posts, and updates in the sports world. You will catch it all by going to the website or by downloading the app.

You’ll need to subscribe to the paid service, Eurosport Player, to enable you to watch live matches, and you can also watch lots of on-demand sporting content on the platform.

Quick Guide to Watching Eurosport in Australia

  1. Download a secure VPN – We recommend ExpressVPN because it has high-speed European connections.
  2. Connect to an EU Server
  3. Head to Eurosport and watch unlimited sport!

Watch Eurosport with ExpressVPN

Unfortunately, the service is only available to cord-cutters in Europe, and anyone else needs to use a VPN to bypass these limitations. (Read our Best VPN Australia Reviews)

You can learn all you need about how to watch a UK Eurosport Australia live stream in our guide.

Watch Eurosport In Australia

Is Foxtel Dropping Eurosport?

Foxtel dropped Eurosport from January 31 2020. It was all part of a new deal with Discovery. Numbers for events were lower than expected across the board.

Only certain events could pull in decent viewers, Giro D’Italia and many other World and European Cycling tour races being the only ones.

Also, there was a deal for seven channels on Fetch TV to commence on March 1 2020. Sadly, Fetch wasn’t going to host Eurosport either. (Read How Much is Foxtel Go)

Is Eurosport Free with Amazon Prime?

If you sign up for Amazon Prime and reside in the UK, you can add Eurosport Player as one of your channels.

However, it isn’t free but comes with a reduced subscription (£0.99 per month) for 2-months before it reverts to the regular price of £6.99 per month. Amazon Prime, however, offers a 30-day free trial. (Read Australia Horse Racing Live)

How Do I Get Eurosport on My TV?

It is straightforward to download the Eurosport Player App from the app store directly to your TV.

However, for direct access to sports streaming channels, you need an active subscription to the service. It is possible to register and subscribe from a mobile or computer, yet it’s impossible to subscribe through the TV App. (Read Sky Sports Live Stream Free)

In Australia, you will need a VPN to access the app store in the UK and sign up for the sports streaming service to watch Eurosport players on your devices.

Eurosport and Eurosport Player are compatible with the following devices:

  • Windows and macOS
  • iPhone and Android

Eurosport Player can be found on:

  • Chromecast, Apple TV, AirPlay, Samsung TV, game consoles, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Unblock Eurosport in Australia

How Can I Watch Eurosport in Australia for Free?

If you head to the Eurosport website, you can find that they don’t geo-restrict all the sporting content. However, larger events are restricted, and much of what you can see free are snippets and news updates.

With this, you can access the site from anywhere outside Europe and access this free stuff, yet it is the restricted content that is most interesting.

Restrictions are in place because of licensing rights and promotion deals; hence the live content is geo-restricted.

What to watch on Eurosport

  • Football: Premier League, Europa League, and Bundesliga
  • Rugby: Including the World Cup, Six nations and Premiership
  • Tennis: Major competitions
  • Winter Sports: NHL and World Championships
  • Cycling: World Championships and Tour de France
  • Motorsport: Including F1, WRC, and MotoGP

To watch live streams, you need to use the Eurosport Player and trying to access this. If you connect to a server from outside the United Kingdom (most popular region), you’ll get the following error: “Sorry, Eurosport Player is not available in this country.”

It is here where you have to turn to a VPN to watch Eurosport abroad. Here you can see the necessary steps you need to gain access and start watching Eurosport in Australia.

  1. Select a premium streaming VPN that caters for use in Australia. There is a mere handful that delivers the best download speeds for buffer-free sporting action.
  2. Subscribe to your chosen VPN. You will obtain a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can use as a free trial.
  3. Download the appropriate VPN app to your streaming device.
  4. Run the VPN client and log in with your details.
  5. Connect to a server for the desired country you wish to access Eurosport. The UK is the top choice for access to many users who uses these services.
  6. If you don’t have an account, you can easily create one, and it only requires your first name, email address and password.

Eurosport Player offers subscription plans called Passes, and these can change through European countries. Another reason to stick to the UK as it is one currency and one language.

Eurosport costs are:

  • Monthly Pass: £6.99 per month.
  • Annual Pass: £39.99 per year.

It is possible to subscribe to the annual plan and pay via instalments. Eurosport then charges £4.99 per month. (Read Does Discord Work In China)

You’ll also discover you get a seven-day free trial on all subscription packages. When signing up, the one hurdle you need to overcome, like many other streaming services, is the payments. If you try to sign up using a non-UK address, as in this example, you receive an error “We encountered a problem processing your order.”

One of the only ways you can get around this is to purchase a virtual credit card online from such companies as Entropay or other providers.

Your VPN provider will mask your location as it takes your IP address and changes it with one from a UK server.

Try ExpressVPN Risk-Free

Once you connect this way, then you can easily watch Eurosport live online as if you were residing in the UK rather than on the opposite side of the world.

With the free trial from Eurosport and the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can sign up at the same time and watch from anywhere in any Australian location you may be.

All this allows you to select the time to sign up and watch sports you want to watch at any time. A VPN can do much more than unblock available sport or streaming services.

VPN providers offer the best way to secure online privacy from any country where they operate. This keeps all your different information secure on any device you have your VPN installed.

How To Watch Eurosport In Australia